There is presently 11 locations which may match your search Dale in the elephant database.

Boswell-Wilkies CircuscircusRandvaal, Gautenghttp://www.circus.co.za/
Bullens Lion Safari ParkzooSydneyhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/African_Lion_Safari_(Warragamba)
Clyde Beattys Jungle Zoo and Wild Animal Circus zooFort Lauderdale Florida
Dale Madden Circuscircus
Dales Brothers Circus (Mickey Dales)circus
International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)dealerRoyal Oak, Michiganhttp://www.internationalanimalexchange.com/
Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)privateOcala, Floridahttp://www.jumbolair.com/
Mickey Dalesprivate
Pagels Circus (William Pagel)circus
Randall Mooreprivate
Sedgwick County ZoozooWichita, Kansashttp://www.scz.org/

There are 53 elephants with keyword Dale mentioned in the database

Amos 52LAMwild1964dead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1972-06-07
Angel 427EMFwild1966dead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1969-10-01
Babar I LAFwild1973dead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1980-08-00
Babar II LAFwild1977dead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1982-08-00
Bruno 631EMMwild1968dead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1969-09-08
Bubbles 719EMFwild1963-11dead x Catskill Game Farm1982-05-06
Cinda (Cynda, Mzuri) 117LAFwild1971dead2014-11-05 x Sedgwick County Zoo1972-09-03
Contessa 476EMFwilddead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1966-05-02
Cookie 464EMFwilddead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1977-07-22
Daba 598EMFwilddead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1975-09-09
Dale 374LAMwild1978dead2003-11-03 x Kansas City Zoo1994-05-25
Emma (Wally) 423EMFwild1971FC x Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation
Frieda (Bama, Miss Fancy) EMFwild1871?dead1954 x Cole Brothers Circus1934-00-00
Genny C (Timba) 153LAFwild1977FC x Seneca Park Zoo1979-05-29
Ginger 348LAFwild1969dead1979-04-27 x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1979-04-26
Gollmar Palm EMFwilddead1953-11-00 x Wallace and Clark Circus1952-00-00
Hannolore 3701 EMFcaptive-born1938-09-05deadOmar x Birma I (Hamburg, Hamburk)Firma Ruhe (Tierhandelsfirma Ruhe)1943-00-00
Ibala 189LAFwild1979dead2005-05-13 x Disneys Animal Kingdom1997-10-04
Jack (Jackson) 368LAMwild1976PC x International Conservation Center2008-12-18
Janet EMFwild1965dead1992-02-01 x Great American Circus1985-00-00
Jenny (Siam) EMFwild1965dead1995 x William Buckles Woodcock1991-00-00
Kidd 349LAFwild1969dead1979-04-27 x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1979-04-26
Lilac (Anjue) 174LAFwild1978FC x Seneca Park Zoo1979-05-29
Lois 177LAFwild1978PC x Kansas City Zoo1982-09-17
Mayla 100LAFwild1970dead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1978-04-13
Mia 101LAFwild1970dead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1978-04-13
Minnie 667EMFunknown1966dead x Roger Williams Park Zoo
Moki 102LAFwild1970dead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1978-04-13
Moyo 205LAFwild1981dead2014-09-29 x National Elephant Center U.S.A.2013-05-15
Sally EMFwild1935dead1960-04-17 x Bullens Circus
Samantha (Nekhanda) 242LAFwild1988PC x North Carolina Zoo2007-09-25
Samson (Sammy) 342LCMwild1969dead1987 x Randall Moore1987-00-00
Sandalee (Sandali) EMFunknownFC x Pinnawala elephant orphanage
Stephanie 118LAFwild1971FC x Sedgwick County Zoo1972-09-03
Thandi 195LAFwild1980PC x Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens2015-11-13
Topsy EMFwilddead1966 x Birnam Brothers Circus1965-00-00
Toto 346LAMwild1969dead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1976-03-10
Tsavo 562LAMcaptive-born2008-06-28PCJack (Jackson) x MoyoDisneys Animal Kingdom2015-11-13
Tshombe 504LAMwild1965dead x Randall Moore1980-00-00
Tufani 538LAMcaptive-born2003-05-22dead2014-01-00Maclean (Mac) x MoyoNational Elephant Center U.S.A.2013-05-15
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead1993 x Randall Moore1993-00-00
Unknown 119LAFwilddead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1973-11-26
Yatima 152LAFwild1977dead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1981-07-02

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Cleopatra's Journey

Iain Macdonald

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