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Burgula Ramakrishna Raoprivatehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burgula_Ramakrishna_Rao
Charles JamrachdealerLondon
Circus AlexcircusPrague 9http://www.cirkusalex.cz/
Danga Bay Pet Zoo (Teluk Danga)zooJohor Bahru, Johor
Hannover ZoozooHannoverhttp://www.zoo-hannover.de/
MA Haridas and MA ParameswaranprivatePalakkad
Tirupati Venkateswara Temple (Tirumala temple)templeTirumalahttp://www.tirumala.org/
Vaitheeswaran Koil temple (Pullirukkuvelur)templeVaitheeswaran Koil

There are 60 elephants with keyword Elu mentioned in the database

Alamelu EMFwild~1956dead1996 x Madras Vandalur Zoo (Arignar Anna Zoological Park)
Anna May (May) 605EMFwild1947dead2004-12-21 x Riddles Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary2004-05-21
Anton 851 EMMwild1884dead1895 x Hannover Zoo1887-07-00
Anton II 951 EMFwilddead1912-01-01 x Hannover Zoo1897-00-00
Ayyappankutty EMMwildFC x MA Haridas and MA Parameswaran1978-00-00
Bee (Burma) EMFwilddead2010-04-28 x Toluca Zoo (Zoologico de Zacango)1980-00-00
Beira 7405 LAFwild1952dead1980-07-19 x Hannover Zoo1974-11-00
Benny (Dumbo) 330EMMcaptive-born1991-12-19dead2016-12-26Vance (Matt) x Josky (Patne)Toluca Zoo (Zoologico de Zacango)2002-00-00
Burma EMFwild1945dead1982-08-21 x Hannover Zoo1962-04-17
Califa 200301 EMFcaptive-born2003-02-02FCCalvin (Chanda) x ManariHannover Zoo2003-02-02
Chandrasekharan EMMwildFC x MA Haridas and MA Parameswaran
Elu EMFwild1950lost x Unknown2009-04-00
Ganesh Vijay 200913 EMMcaptive-born2009-08-06dead2011-04-13?Emmett (Tundi) x Noor JahanTwycross Zoo2009-08-06
Indra 7304 EMFcaptive-born1973-01-23FCMoti (Mohti) x BurmaHannover Zoo1973-01-23
Iringa LAFwild1952dead1974-09-10 x Hannover Zoo1963-05-00
Jenny 201513? (nr N/A) EMFcaptive-born2016-12-23FCNikolai x CalifaHannover Zoo2016-12-23
Karthik EMMcaptive-born1976?dead2011-02-25 x AlameluTop Slip Kozhikkamuthy Elephant camp (Annaimalai)
Kibo 7704 LAMcaptive-born1977-11-27PCTembo x BeiraBioparc Valencia2013-09-00
killed 6815 EMFcaptive-born1968-11-10dead1968-11-10Moti (Mohti) x MapalayHannover Zoo1968-11-10
Lakshmanan EMMwildFC x MA Haridas and MA Parameswaran
Lollo 6206 EMFwild1949dead1965-10-30 x Hannover Zoo1962-05-22
Manari 9012 EMFunknown1990FC x Hannover Zoo1998-08-26
Mangalamkunnu Ganapathy EMMwildFC x MA Haridas and MA Parameswaran
Marly 741 EMFwild1874dead1905 x Hannover Zoo1881-05-16
Meena 201703? EMFcaptive-born2017-01-19unknownNikolai x ManariHannover Zoo2017-01-19
miscarriage LAFcaptive-born1974-09-18dead1974-09-18Tembo x IringaHannover Zoo1974-09-18
Monty LAMcaptive-born2006-05-30unknownPancho x PanchaParque Zoológico La Pastora (The Shepard)2006-05-30
Moti (Mohti) 6203 751EMMwild1948dead1973-05-24 x Hannover Zoo1962-04-17
Nicole 196EMFunknown1976FC x San Antonio Zoo2016-06-00
Nikolai 9310 346EMMcaptive-born1993-05-02PCTusko (Sobik) x Kitty (Mookee)Hannover Zoo2010-03-30
Pelusa EMFwild1971unknown x La Plata Zoo
Ramos 652EMMwild1974PC x Africam Safari (Puebla Zoo)2007-10-10
Ravi 201710? EMMcaptive-born2017-05-05unknownNikolai x SayangHannover Zoo2017-05-05
Sabu EMFwild1948dead1982-08-09 x Hannover Zoo1962-04-17
Saphira (Zafira) 201005 EMFcaptive-born2010-05-07FCNikolai x SayangHannover Zoo2010-05-07
Sayang 9507 EMFunknown1995FC x Hannover Zoo1998-08-26
Siporex 6610 EMMcaptive-born1966-06-21dead1999-11-23Frank x Lene (Lena)Hannover Zoo1973-10-03
Sitara 201315 EMcaptive-born2013-10-27FCNikolai x SayangHannover Zoo2013-10-27
stillborn 8512 EMFcaptive-born1985-02-18dead1985-02-18Siporex x JennyHannover Zoo1985-02-18
stillborn 6406 EMMcaptive-born1964-06-07dead1964-06-07Moti (Mohti) x SabuHannover Zoo1964-06-07
Subramaniam EMMwildFC x MA Haridas and MA Parameswaran
Tangi LAFcaptive-born1968-06-04dead1968-06-18Tembo x IringaHannover Zoo1968-06-04
Ted (Teddy) EMMwild1962PC x Toluca Zoo (Zoologico de Zacango)1987-00-00
Tembo 5102 LAMwild1951dead1977-08-30 x Hannover Zoo1963-05-31
Thambi 201512? (nr N/A EMMcaptive-born2016-12-22FCNikolai x Saphira (Zafira)Hannover Zoo2016-12-22
Tibur 6803 EMMcaptive-born1968-02-18dead1968-04-07Moti (Mohti) x BurmaHannover Zoo1968-02-18
Tippoo Sahib (Tippoo Saib) EMMwilddead1871-04-07 x Van Amburg Circus1848-00-00
unknown LAFwild1870dead1873-12-00 x Hannover Zoo1872-00-00
unknown LAFwild0dead1875-03-00 x Hannover Zoo1874-00-00
unknown LAFwild0dead1891 x Hannover Zoo1874-00-00
unknown EMwildFC x MA Haridas and MA Parameswaran
unknown EMwildFC x MA Haridas and MA Parameswaran
unknown EMwildFC x MA Haridas and MA Parameswaran
unknown EMwildFC x MA Haridas and MA Parameswaran
unknown EMwildFC x MA Haridas and MA Parameswaran
unknown EMwildFC x MA Haridas and MA Parameswaran
unknown EMwildFC x MA Haridas and MA Parameswaran
unknown EMwildFC x MA Haridas and MA Parameswaran
unknown dead x Charles Jamrach
Yumi 201404 EMFcaptive-born2014-03-17FCNikolai x CalifaHannover Zoo2014-03-17

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There are 2 books which contain the word Elu in the database

Elephantoms: Tracking the Elephant

Lyall Watson

Elephantoms: Tracking the Elephant by Lyall Watson
Click for more info

PONS Wörterbuch für Schule und Studium Lateinisch-Deutsch

Rita Hau, Eberhard Kulf

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