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FAE Elephant HospitalhospitalLampang

There are 61 elephants with keyword Fien mentioned in the database

Auan EMFwildFC x FAE Elephant Hospital1998-12-30
Baanyen EMFwild1969dead2008 x FAE Elephant Hospital2008-07-09
Baby Zeno EMFcaptive-born2008-09-24dead2010 x Kamprai FAE Elephant Hospital2008-09-24
Boon Lott EMMcaptive-born2003dead2004-06-26 x Pang TongFAE Elephant Hospital
Boon Ma EMFunknown1963FC x Anantara Golden Triangles Elephant Camp
Boonkong EMMwilddead2016-08-24 x FAE Elephant Hospital
Boonmee EMFcaptive-born2000FC x MokaymaeFAE Elephant Hospital2010-09-00
Boonnum EMMwilddead2005-10-12 x FAE Elephant Hospital2005-10-12
Cat EMunknowndead2015-08-26 x FAE Elephant Hospital2015-06-00
Chang Jiew (Dante) EMMcaptive-born2010-02-15dead2017-04-22Plai Jok x KamnoiFAE Elephant Hospital2010-02-00
Dui-Dui (Tiny, Plai Tini) EMFcaptive-born2003dead2004-07-07 x Pang PaitoonFAE Elephant Hospital2004-07-07
Dumbo EMMunknowndead2009-11-22 x FAE Elephant Hospital2009-11-21
Ekachai EMMunknowndead2018-10-11 x FAE Elephant Hospital
Fien 8107 LAFwild1981FC x Tallinn Zoo1985-07-28
Ikhe (Phung Ekhe) EMFwilddead2012-12-07 x FAE Elephant Hospital1998-02-00
Jathong (Ja Thong) EMFunknown1991FC x Anantara Golden Triangles Elephant Camp
Kaewkam EMwilddead2015-05-07 x FAE Elephant Hospital2015-01-00
Kahmee EMFwilddead2002-07-07 x FAE Elephant Hospital1997-04-28
Kam Sao (Nong Pleum) EMFcaptive-born1998-02-00FC x Anantara Golden Triangles Elephant Camp2005-11-01
Kamsri EMFwilddead2006-05-07 x FAE Elephant Hospital2006-05-06
Kum Saen (Kumsane, Nong Dah) EMFcaptive-born2002-04-00FC x Anantara Golden Triangles Elephant Camp2006-04-27
Look Odd EMFunknown1972FC x Anantara Golden Triangles Elephant Camp
Mae Ka Pae EMF1988FC x FAE Elephant Hospital2010-08-04
Manguaylow (Ma-nguay-low) EMFwild1978dead2006-05-23 x FAE Elephant Hospital2003-02-17
Mee Chok EMMcaptive-born2017-09-10FC x Anantara Golden Triangles Elephant Camp
Meena EMF2006-01-03FCNum Sek x Pang Num AoyAnantara Golden Triangles Elephant Camp2016-00-00
miscarriage: EMMcaptive-born2006-05-07dead2006-05-07 x KamsriFAE Elephant Hospital2006-05-07
Mopator EMFwilddead2018-05-23 x FAE Elephant Hospital
Mosha (Mo Cha) EMFcaptive-born2005FC x MoghreyFAE Elephant Hospital2006-06-11
Motala EMFwildFC x FAE Elephant Hospital
Naka EMMcaptive-born2013-01-00dead2014-03-12 x KampanFAE Elephant Hospital2013-01-04
Namchoke EMM2002dead2012 x FAE Elephant Hospital2012-02-26
Namfon EMFcaptive-born2009-04-26dead2009-12-18 x Boon Dee (Pang Boontan)FAE Elephant Hospital
Noi EMFunknown1998FC x Anantara Golden Triangles Elephant Camp
noname EMMdead2012-10-04 x ThongFAE Elephant Hospital
Nong Yui EMFcaptive-born1992FC x Anantara Golden Triangles Elephant Camp2017-00-00
Pa Hae Po EMMunknowndead2011 x FAE Elephant Hospital2011-09-13
Pa-Lor-Aa (Riang Ngun) EMMunknown1977FC x Anantara Golden Triangles Elephant Camp
Pan Prae EMFunknown1987FC x Anantara Golden Triangles Elephant Camp
Pang Kwang EMFwilddead x FAE Elephant Hospital2004-02-12
Plai Bobo EMMwildFC x FAE Elephant Hospital2010-11-00
Plai Tour EMMwilddead2004-01-21 x FAE Elephant Hospital
Pochi EMFunknown1987?FC x FAE Elephant Hospital2018-04-15
Pooh-Pah EMFcaptive-born1999-02-17dead2002 x AuanFAE Elephant Hospital
Poon Larb (Poonlarp) EMFunknown1986FC x Anantara Golden Triangles Elephant Camp2006-04-27
Poung Petch EMFunknown1971FC x Anantara Golden Triangles Elephant Camp
Pumpui EMFunknown1977FC x Anantara Golden Triangles Elephant Camp
Pung Kammee EMFwilddead2000-07-08 x FAE Elephant Hospital1997-00-00
Somwang EMwilddead2017-02-25 x FAE Elephant Hospital
stillborn EMcaptive-borndead x Nong YuiSurin unspecified Elephant Camp
Tahnee EMFwilddead2009-12-07 x FAE Elephant Hospital
Tanthong EMFwilddead2010-10-04 x FAE Elephant Hospital1997-04-00
Thong EMF1987dead2012-10-04 x FAE Elephant Hospital2012-09-30
Thongbai EMMdead2012-02-04 x FAE Elephant Hospital
Thongkum (Thong Kham) EMFunknown1957FC x Anantara Golden Triangles Elephant Camp
Thongmee EMMwild1949dead2009-01-29 x FAE Elephant Hospital2009-01-29
Thongsri EMFunknownFC x FAE Elephant Hospital
Toansai EMMcaptive-borndead2008 x NoiFAE Elephant Hospital2008-00-00
Yooyee EMFunknown1994dead1996-03-30 x FAE Elephant Hospital
Yui EMFunknown1991FC x Unknown
Yuki EMFcaptive-born1986FC x Anantara Golden Triangles Elephant Camp

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