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There is presently 3 locations which may match your search Gita in the elephant database.

C. Paulsens menageriecircus
Oakland Zoo (Knowland Park)zooOakland, CA
Sabi Sands game reserve wild

There are 28 elephants with keyword Gita mentioned in the database

Alex? EMdead x C. Paulsens menagerie
Arly EMFwild1996dead x Luján Zoo1999-07-29
Babbette T2027EMFwilddead1964-01-29 x Oakland Zoo (Knowland Park)1962-09-15
Bua Ngern EMFFC x Maha Wang Chang Elephant Village
Daisy EMFwilddead1935? x Belfast Zoo (Bellevue Gardens)1934-03-27
Dohani 517LAMcaptive-born2001-08-30dead2001-09-02Smokey x LisaOakland Zoo (Knowland Park)2001-08-30
Donna (Eloise) 199LAFwild1980PC x Oakland Zoo (Knowland Park)1990-04-24
Dunda (Medundamelli) 72LAFwild1969PC x Oakland Zoo (Knowland Park)1993-12-09
Elma EMFunknowndead1966 x Rhenen Zoo (Ouwehands Dierenpark Rhenen)1948-00-00
Gita EMFwild1958dead2006-06-10 x Los Angeles Zoo1959-00-00
Gitana (Chitana, Schitana) LAFwildFC x Parc Paradisio (Pairi Daiza)2013-05-08
Kijana 479LAMcaptive-born1995-11-03dead1996-10-07Smokey x LisaOakland Zoo (Knowland Park)1995-11-03
Kimi 429EMFwild1964dead1978-01-18 x Oakland Zoo (Knowland Park)1964-10-00
Kongo (Congo) EMdead x Stockholms Tivoli1892-00-00
Lisa 369LAFwild1977PC x Oakland Zoo (Knowland Park)1979-08-24
noname 498LAMcaptive-born1998-05-21dead1998-05-21Smokey x LisaOakland Zoo (Knowland Park)1998-05-21
Notnamed 507LAFcaptive-born1999-09-18dead1999-09-18Smokey x Donna (Eloise)Oakland Zoo (Knowland Park)1999-09-18
Osh 9402 541LAMcaptive-born1994-05-24PCYossi x Shara (Sara)Oakland Zoo (Knowland Park)2004-03-24
Samba EMFdead2016-05-08 x Circo de Renato
Sharima EMFunknown1995FC x Luján Zoo1999-07-29
Smokey 365LAMwild1973dead2001-03-11 x Oakland Zoo (Knowland Park)1975-09-16
Sonja EMFwild1949dead1981-04-25 x Budapest Zoo1965-07-19
Tara (Fanny) T2080EMFwild1952dead2003-08-16 x Fund for Animals Black Beauty Ranch1993-00-00
unknown dead x Cirque du Nord (Cirkus du Nord)
unknown dead x Cirque du Nord (Cirkus du Nord)
unknown dead x Cirque du Nord (Cirkus du Nord)
unknown dead x Cirque du Nord (Cirkus du Nord)
Unnamed 480LAMcaptive-born1995-11-21dead1995-11-21Smokey x Donna (Eloise)Oakland Zoo (Knowland Park)1995-11-21

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