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Barnum and Bailey CircuscircusBridgeport, Connecticut
Buckleys Circuscircus
Charles JamrachdealerLondon
Circus Barlay (Olympia, Berolina)circusNeustadt an der Orla
Circus Belli (Harry Belli)circushttp://www.circus-belly.de/
Circus Corty-Althoffcircus
Circus Dominik AlthoffcircusFreialdenhoven
Circus Franz AlthoffcircusMaintal-Dörnigheim
Circus KronecircusMunichhttp://www.circus-krone.com
Circus Strassburgercircus
Circus WilliamscircusColognehttp://http://www.circus-williams.de/
Codys Circus (Harry Cody)circus
Cook and Whitby Shows (Ben Wallace)circusPeru, Indiana
Franz van den BrinkdealerGelderland
Gary Thomasprivate
George Lockhart Sr.circusBrighton
Harry Malter familyparkzooHeusden (Ghent) http://www.harrymalter.be/
Harry Malter Piste Circuscircus
Hunt Brothers CircuscircusNew Yersey
Knysna Elephant ParkorphanageKnysnahttp://www.knysnaelephantpark.co.za/
LaMont Brothers CircuscircusSalem, Illinois
Orrin Brothers Circus (Circo Teatro Orrin)circusMexico City
Polack Brothers Circuscircus
Rimberg & Fox (Harry Rimberg and Jack Fox)dealer
Samuel LockhartcircusLeamington
Two Tails Ranch (Patricia Zerbini)privateWilliston, Floridahttp://www.twotailsranch.com/
Wirth CircuscircusSydney

There are 155 elephants with keyword Harry mentioned in the database

4-Paw Babe EMFwilddead x Barnum and Bailey Circus
Aisha LAFwild1983FC x Circus Krone1985-00-00
Albert EMMdead x Buckleys Circus1868-00-00
Alfeld 3805 EMMwilddead1938 x Circus Barlay (Olympia, Berolina)
Alice LAFwilddead x Barnum and Bailey Circus1886-00-00
Alice EMFwilddead1887-11-20 x Barnum and Bailey Circus1881-00-00
Alice EMFunknown1891?dead1956-07-04 x Wirth Circus1952-12-01
Alice (Princess Alice) EMFwild1876dead1941-11-25 x Wirth Circus1908-00-00
Annie EMFunknowndead1929-10-00 x Wirth Circus1923-00-00
Ashanti LAFcaptive-born2006-01-17FCAmarula x ThandoraKnysna Elephant Park2006-01-20
Assam EMMwilddead1942-05-20 x Circus Krone1913-00-00
Bafana LAMcaptive-born2010-03-00FC x NandiKnysna Elephant Park
Bambina EMFwild>1907dead1927 x Circus Strassburger
Bara EMFwild1975FC x Circus Krone1976-10-00
Bara EMFwild1948dead1968-03-00 x Circus Krone1953-09-15
Beco 657EMMcaptive-born2009-03-27FCCoco (Sultan) x Phoebe (Washti, Vahdi)Columbus Zoo and Aquarium2009-03-27
Betty EMFunknowndead1950 x Wirth Circus
Bhutan 3002 EMMwilddead1939-02-00 x Circus Barlay (Olympia, Berolina)1935-00-00
Bibi LAFcaptive-born2009-06-20dead2009-08-06Harry x ToshaKnysna Elephant Park2009-06-20
Big Burma (Virginia) EMFwilddead x Gran Circo Union1965-00-00
Big Samson EMMwilddead1887-11-20 x Barnum and Bailey Circus
Bijoya EMFwild1964dead1991-09-02 x Circus Krone1965-00-00
Bonnie LAFwild1993-00-00FC x Knysna Elephant Park
Bosco EMMwilddead1953 x Circus Barlay (Olympia, Berolina)
Brahma EMMwilddead1940-11-00 x Circus Krone
Bulelo LAMwild2003-01-00FC x unknownKnysna Elephant Park2004-01-18
Bunny II 726EMFwild1972FC x Two Tails Ranch (Patricia Zerbini)
Burma EMFwild1975FC x Circus Krone1976-10-00
Butscha EMFcaptive-borndead x MaryWirth Circus1923-04-13
Cardigan (Cardie) EMMdead1923-07-00 x Wirth Circus1902-00-00
Ceylon EMFwild1942dead1977 x Circus Krone1949-00-00
Ceylon EMFwilddead1951-04-01 x Circus Belli (Harry Belli)
Cha-Cha 219EMFwild1967dead2012-01-04 x San Diego Zoo2009-04-25
Charlie (Big Charlie) 690EMMwilddead1901-01-26 x Great Wallace Brothers1900-00-00
Charly EMFwilddead x Circus Krone1900-00-00
Charly EMMwilddead x Circus Krone1915-00-00
Clyde LAMwild1993-00-00FC x Knysna Elephant Park
Coco (Sultan) 81EMMwild1971dead2011-02-16 x Columbus Zoo and Aquarium1974-09-12
Colonel Joe (Dillinger, Wise Guy) 679EMMwild1964dead2012-05-01? x Circus Krone2002-00-00
Columbia (Young America) 3EMFcaptive-born1880-03-10dead1907-11-08Mandarin x Hebe (Babe)Barnum and Bailey Circus1881-00-00
Congo 424LAFwild1946dead2000-08-00 x Two Tails Ranch (Patricia Zerbini)1995-00-00
Cookie 217EMFwild1955dead2012-01-06 x San Diego Zoo2009-04-25
Cosi (Bud) 116LCMwild1971dead1991-11-10 x Columbus Zoo and Aquarium1972-06-19
Dehli (Delhi) EMFwild1972dead2017-12-02 x Circus Krone1974-00-00
Delhi EMFwild1920dead1967-10-00 x Circus Krone1924-00-00
Dicky EMMwilddead1931 x Circus Krone1918-00-00
Dolly EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Dua EMFwild1923dead1967-10-00 x Circus Krone1924-00-00
Editha 0602 EMFcaptive-born1906-12-18dead1907-01-12Harry x Kalifa (Toni)Berlin Zoo1906-12-18
Eiley (Eileen) EMFunknowndead1959 x Wirth Circus
Ellie EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Fatima EMFwilddead x Circus Franz Althoff
Fiela LAFcaptive-born2013-03-05dead2013-06-03 x ThandiKnysna Elephant Park2013-03-05
Gertie EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Ghuni Sah (Ghunah Sah) EMFdead1906-03-10 x Wirth Circus1899-00-00
Gracie EMFwilddead1887-11-21 x Barnum and Bailey Circus
Gyp EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Harry LAMwild1989FC x Elephants of Eden (EOE)2012-03-22
Harry EMMwild1880dead1934 x Berlin Zoo1905-06-08
Harry Lockhart EMMwilddead1907 x Ringling Brothers Circus1896-00-00
Jabari LAFwild2003-11-00FC x unknownKnysna Elephant Park2004-01-18
Jenny EMFwilddead x Circus Strassburger
Jess EMFwilddead1887-11-20 x Barnum and Bailey Circus
Jessie EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Jo-Dee (Jodie) EMFwilddead1950-07-16 x Wirth Circus1949-00-00
Julia EMFwilddead x Polack Brothers Circus
Jumbo 301LAMwild1861dead1885-09-15 x Barnum and Bailey Circus1882-04-09
Jumbo II EMdead x Wirth Circus1923-00-00
Kae EMFwilddead x Polack Brothers Circus
Kalifa II 2801 EMFcaptive-born1928-09-20dead1939Harry x Toni II (Mary)Berlin Zoo1928-09-20
Kathy EMFwilddead1966-02-18 x Polack Brothers Circus1953-00-00
Katschie EMFwilddead x Circus Krone1913-00-00
Keisha LAFwild2003-12-00FC x Knysna Elephant Park2004-01-18
Kenia LAFwild1983FC x Circus Krone1985-00-00
Kitty EMFunknown1923dead1980-00-00 x Circus Krone1926-00-00
Kumari EMFwilddead x Circus Krone
Lena EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Lizzie EMFdead1920-10-24 x Wirth Circus
Loni EMFwild1935dead1968 x Circus Krone1938-00-00
Luke (Sabu) 261EMMcaptive-born1985-11-24FCVance (Matt) x TillyTwo Tails Ranch (Patricia Zerbini)1990-06-28
Löcky (Lukhi) 0301 EMMwild1898dead1945 x Circus Krone1928-00-00
Mala EMFwild1965FC x Circus Krone1967-07-00
Malaika LAFwild2003-10-00FC x unknownKnysna Elephant Park2004-01-18
Malaya 4201 EMFcaptive-born1942-03-20dead1951-04-01Piccolo (Picolo) x PunchaCircus Belli (Harry Belli)1945-01-01
Margie EMFwild1954dead1979-06-08 x Clyde Brothers-Carden-Johnson Circus1978-00-00
Mary EMFwilddead1941-05-00 x Circus Krone
Mary 214EMFwild1964PC x San Diego Zoo2009-04-25
Mary EMFdead x Wirth Circus1923-00-00
Mashudu LAMwild2007FC x Knysna Elephant Park2008-05-07
Millie EMFwilddead x Polack Brothers Circus
Mohini EMFwild1953dead2000-08-00 x Circus Krone1955-00-00
Molly EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Muni EMFwild1972dead2000-12-00 x Circus Krone1974-00-00
Mustard EMFwilddead1902 x George Lockhart Sr.1902-00-00
Nandi LAFwild1993FC x Knysna Elephant Park2002-02-11
Nellie EMFdead x Circus Corty-Althoff1913-00-00
Parvarti EMFunknown1950dead1991-09-00 x Circus Krone1955-00-00
Peggy 122EMFwild1952dead2003-01-24 x Two Tails Ranch (Patricia Zerbini)
Peggy EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Pepper EMFwilddead1902 x George Lockhart Sr.1902-00-00
Petie EMdead x Circus Corty-Althoff1913-00-00
Phoebe (Washti, Vahdi) 8707 353EMFcaptive-born1987-05-15FCMotek x WardaColumbus Zoo and Aquarium2002-01-29
Pierrette EMFdead x Circus Corty-Althoff1913-00-00
Pilate EMMdead1883-04-05 x Barnum and Bailey Circus1877-00-00
Pilot (Pilate) EMMdead1918-10-27 x Barnum and Bailey Circus1902-00-00
Pluto Mwilddead1888-00-00 x Circus Krone1886-00-00
Prince EMMdead x Wirth Circus
Rajah 504EMMwild1970PC x Two Tails Ranch (Patricia Zerbini)2011-12-29
Rana EMFwild1953dead1995-01-01 x Circus Krone1955-00-00
Ranchipur 218EMMwild1966dead2016-08-23 x San Diego Zoo2009-04-25
Roma 191EMFwild1960dead2004-10-08 x Two Tails Ranch (Patricia Zerbini)
Romey EMFdead x Cook and Whitby Shows (Ben Wallace)1893-00-00
Rosa EMFdead x Circus Corty-Althoff1913-00-00
Roxie 447EMFwild1965FC x Two Tails Ranch (Patricia Zerbini)2008-00-00
Safari LAMwilddead1996 x Knysna Elephant Park
Sally LAFwild1989FC x Knysna Elephant Park1994-10-26
Sally EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Samba (Chamba, Tjampa) EMFwilddead2001-05-23 x Harry Malter familypark
Sandra EMFwilddead x Hunt Brothers Circus
Sandrie EMFwild1959dead1974 x Circus Krone1961-04-00
Sandrin LAFwild1983dead2012-06-18 x Circus Krone1984-00-00
Sarina EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Satara LAMwilddead2001-11-14 x Knysna Elephant Park
Satu EMFwilddead x Circus Krone
Seetna 137EMFcaptive-born1966-07-10dead1996-05-22 x Two Tails Ranch (Patricia Zerbini)1992-09-11
Shaka LAMwild2001-06-00FC x Knysna Elephant Park2004-01-18
Shungu LAMcaptive-born2007-01-01FCHarry x ThambileKnysna Elephant Park2007-01-01
Siam EMFwilddead1951-04-01 x Circus Belli (Harry Belli)
Siam II EMMwild1949dead1958 x Circus Krone1950-00-00
stillborn LAcaptive-borndead x Knysna Elephant Park
stillborn LAcaptive-born2013-03-09dead2013-03-09 x NandiKnysna Elephant Park2013-03-09
Suraja EMFunknown1935dead1981 x Circus Krone1938-00-00
Susie EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Suzy (Susy) LAFwild1988FC x Parc Paradisio (Pairi Daiza)2010-08-28
Taku LAMwild1953-00-00dead1965-09-26 x Circus Krone1957-00-00
Tena EMFwilddead1968 x Orrin Brothers Circus (Circo Teatro Orrin)1964-00-00
Thambile LAFwild1991FC x Knysna Elephant Park2002-02-11
Thandi LAFcaptive-born2003-10-16FC x NandiKnysna Elephant Park2003-10-16
Thato LAFwild2007FC x Knysna Elephant Park2008-05-07
Tiga EMFwilddead x Circus Krone
Tilly 250EMFwild1960dead2010 x Two Tails Ranch (Patricia Zerbini)1993-08-01
Tiry EMFwild1924dead1974 x Circus Krone1926-00-00
Tobe EMMwilddead1893-03-15 x Cook and Whitby Shows (Ben Wallace)1892-00-00
Toby EMFdead1915 x Wirth Circus1904-00-00
Toby II EMdead x Wirth Circus
Tom Lockhart EMMwilddead x Barnum and Bailey Circus1903-00-00
Tommy 136EMMwild1944dead2002-12-21 x Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus - Retirement Farm1998-10-06
TomTom EMMunknowndead1902-04-27 x Samuel Lockhart1902-00-00
Topsy LAFwilddead x Barnum and Bailey Circus1908-00-00
unborn 387EMMcaptive-born1996-05-22dead1996-05-22Dahlip (Dalip) x SeetnaTwo Tails Ranch (Patricia Zerbini)1996-05-22
unknown dead x Charles Jamrach
unknown EMFdead x Wirth Circus1953-04-01
Waudo EMFunknowndead x LaMont Brothers Circus
Zetta 445EMFwild1937dead1992-08-07 x Waldo Wild Animal Retirement Village1988-00-00
Zooella (Gayle) EMF1955?dead1978 x John Ball Zoo1965-00-00

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