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Bullens Circuscircus

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Adel EMFwilddead x Jungleland Thousand Oaks animal farm (Louis Goebel)
Aimboon (Pang Imboon, อิ่มบุญ) EMFcaptive-born2010-02-01FC x Nongmam (Mem, พลายโพธิ์แก้ว)Maetaman Elephant Camp 2012-02-18
Baby Betty EMFdead x Bullens Circus1957-00-00
Bimbo LAMwilddead1977-00-00 x Boras Zoo1962-00-00
Bimbo EMMwild1969dead x Josef Gärtner1980-00-00
Bimbo EMFwild1959dead2013-09-00 x Australia Zoo2003-00-00
Bimbo EMMwilddead1972 x Pierry Zoo (Zoo Saint-Julien de Pierry, Parc animalier Pierry)1970-00-00
Bimbo T2125EMFwild1970dead x Oakland Baby Zoo1971-11-00
Bimbo LAMwild1949-02-00dead1949-07-10 x Trefflichs Bird and Animal Company (Henry Trefflich)1949-07-10
Bimbo II T2126EMFwilddead x Marine World Africa (Redwood shores)1969-10-00
Bimbo Jr 319EMFwild1956FC x George Carden Circus International1980-09-01
Bubba Bimbo EMFunknowndead x Ridgeways circus
Bullens Alice EMFdead x Bullens Circus
Casey 503EMMwild1971PC x Fort Worth Zoo2005-11-14
Dolly (Bimbo) EMFunknowndead x Ridgeways circus
Dzimbo 30LCMwild1958dead1976-09-28 x Lion Country Safari, Inc - Florida1976-06-15
Hannibal EMMwilddead1985-12-24 x Josef Gärtner
Harmoni Rimbo (Har) EMMcaptive-born2017-11-21FC x RiaTesso Nilo WWF-BKSDA Flying Squad camp2017-11-21
Imbo 2902 EMMwild1928dead1942-05-08 x Kharkiv Zoo (Kharkov Zoo)1929-05-01
Imbo EMMcaptive-born2011-01-31unknown x LisaTesso Nilo WWF-BKSDA Flying Squad camp2011-01-31
Jennie EMFdead x Bullens Circus1947-00-00
Jimbo LCMwild1969dead1976-07-27 x Prague Zoo (Zoo Praha)1972-10-27
Jimbo (Baby Jimbo) 1402 EMMwilddead1917-10-24 x London Zoo1914-04-01
Kassala EMFwild1945dead x Bullens Circus1957-12-30
Kimbo 167EMFwild1970dead2014-10-10 x Denver Zoo2012-12-20
Lara (Amy) 7702 LAFcaptive-born1977-11-17dead2011-09-06Timbo x AtariPort Lympne Zoo2006-06-15
Limbo 9101 LAMcaptive-born1991-01-13dead2017-04-08Yossi x Lara (Amy)ZooParc de Beauval2003-03-12
Mandy EMFdead x Bullens Circus
Mollie EMFunknown1944dead1957 x Bullens Circus
Nancy 18LAFwild1953dead2000-08-23 x Smithsonian National Zoological Park1956-09-18
Rex (Bimbo, Barney) 263EMMwild1968PC x Oklahoma City Zoo2011-12-13
Sally EMFwild1935dead1960-04-17 x Bullens Circus
Shiva 8404 EMFwild1972dead1993-09-21 x Cricket St Thomas Wildlife Park1992-06-07
Timbo LAMwild1970?dead2016-05-24 x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)1976-00-00
Timbo 6101 552LAMwild1961dead1978-05-03 x Ramat Gan Zoo
Timbo 37LAMwild1960dead1985-01-04 x Oklahoma City Zoo1963-07-23
Timbo 508LAMwild1956dead2005-07-16 x Shambala Preserve1972-00-00
Timbo 321LAMwild1958dead1967-08-04 x Cheyenne Mountain Zoo1962-10-10
Topsy EMFwild1943dead1961-10-00 x Bullens Circus
unknown EMdead1961 x Bullens Circus1961-00-00
Vance (Doc) 272EMMwild1971dead2008-02-00 x Bowmanville Zoo1988-09-21
Zambi (Jambi) LAFwild1965dead2009-03-09 x Mysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)1976-00-00
Zara EMFdead x Bullens Circus1947-00-00

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