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Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)zooCopenhagen
Franz van den BrinkdealerGelderland
Jacksonville Zoo and GardenszooJacksonville, FL
Mysore Palace TempletempleMysore
Pyongyang Korea Central ZoozooPyongyang

There are 66 elephants with keyword Kim mentioned in the database

Ruby 1964 x Mysore Palace Temple
Ali 477LAMwild1991PC x Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens1997-02-20
Andrea 705EMFwild1971dead1973-10-23 x Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens1972-04-26
Ang Kao (Kungrao) 9816 EMFunknown1998PC x Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)2001-11-27
Baby 953 EMwild1894dead1899-09-25 x Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)1896-10-22
Boon 5011 EMMwild1950dead1965-08-08 x Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)1959-10-13
Buag Hah (Pang Yang) 6210 512EMFwild1958dead1996-12-16 x Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)1962-06-22
Chanchal EMFwildFC x Mysore Palace Temple2001-00-00
Chang 8112 EMMcaptive-born1981-11-10PCSak (Chieng Mai) x Ida (Danida, Rani)Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)2017-11-03
Chang 721 EMMwild1872dead1918-12-22 x Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)1878-11-28
Coco 8603 EMFcaptive-born1986-01-22dead2003-09-21Sak (Chieng Mai) x Buag Hah (Pang Yang)Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)1986-01-21
Dinah 7007 EMFwild1946dead1984-06-06 x Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)1970-07-08
Ellen 952 EMFwild1894dead1929-10-09 x Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)1896-10-22
Eng 722 EMFwild1872dead1893-05-25 x Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)1878-11-28
Gemini (Jamini) EMFwild1964FC x Mysore Palace Temple2001-00-00
Hannibal EMMcaptive-born1997-02-17dead1997-06-19Sak (Chieng Mai) x CocoCopenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)1997-02-17
Hugo 685EMMwild1971dead1978-09-30 x Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens1976-02-13
Ida (Danida, Rani) 7110 EMFwild1970dead2011-03-10 x Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)1971-07-03
Indra EMFwildFC x Mysore Palace Temple1994-00-00
Julius 1203 EMMcaptive-born1912-04-06dead1921-09-17Chang x EllenCopenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)1912-04-06
Jumbo 0702 EMMwild1907dead1953-03-10 x Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)1919-06-08
K 2303 EMFwild1923-10-09dead1964-11-26 x Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)1929-05-30
Kanto (Konto) EMMwild1981FC x Seoul Grand Park Zoo1985-00-00
Kao Sok (Khao Sok) 201304 EMMcaptive-born2013-02-25dead2014-11-24Sak (Chieng Mai) x Ang Kao (Kungrao)Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)2013-02-25
Kim 7803 EMMcaptive-born1978-06-21unknownSiam x BillyFrejus Safari Park1990-00-00
Kima (Achima) EMFwild1981FC x Seoul Grand Park Zoo1985-00-00
Kimana LAMwild2008-05-00FC x David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Voi2010-05-18
Kimba 211LAFwild1982FC x Lee Richardson Zoo2006-12-13
Kimba 311EMFcaptive-born1991-07-17dead2004-09-05Thai (Thailand) x Methai (Me Thai)Houston Zoo1991-07-17
Kimba LAFwild1989FC x Rene Casselly
Kimba 150LAFwild1977PC x Cheyenne Mountain Zoo1981-01-23
Kimbo 167EMFwild1970dead2014-10-10 x Denver Zoo2012-12-20
Kimi 429EMFwild1964dead1978-01-18 x Oakland Zoo (Knowland Park)1964-10-00
Lakshman Prasad EMMdead x Prabhu Narayan Singh of Benares
Lauritz (Laurits) 1601 EMMcaptive-born1916-04-03dead1916-04-25Chang x EllenCopenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)1916-04-03
Lokimala EMFwildFC x Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Education Centre
Maia 8003 EMFcaptive-born1980-03-31dead1984-09-08Sak (Chieng Mai) x Buag Hah (Pang Yang)Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)1980-03-30
Malaika 240LAFwild1986PC x Cheyenne Mountain Zoo2008-12-13
Miss Chic 704EMFwild1923dead1963-11-09 x Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens1926-07-12
Missy 81LAFwild1969FC x Lee Richardson Zoo2006-12-13
Mokala 217LAFwild1982FC x Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens2006-12-06
Mong Tine 201102 EMMcaptive-born2011-02-06PCRadsch (Radza, Mysore) x Htoo Yin AyePlock Zoo2016-05-31
Msichana 213LAFwild1982FC x Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens2006-12-06
noname 9101 EMFcaptive-born1991-10-28dead1991-10-28Sak (Chieng Mai) x Ida (Danida, Rani)Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)1991-10-28
Plaisak 201712? EMMcaptive-born2017-05-17PC x Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)2017-05-17
Preeti EMFwildFC x Mysore Palace Temple2001-00-00
Punjab EMMcaptive-born2001-12-02dead2003-10-06Sak (Chieng Mai) x Ida (Danida, Rani)Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)2001-12-02
Rajendra EMMwilddead x Mysore Palace Temple1974-00-00
Rajeshwari EMFwildFC x Mysore Palace Temple1999-00-00
Raji EMMwildFC x Mysore Palace Temple
Sak (Chieng Mai) 6209 513EMMwild1959dead2017-06-28 x Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)1962-06-22
Sheena 226LAFwild1983FC x Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens1985-10-03
Shwe Myarr 201109 EMMcaptive-born2011-08-08PCRadsch (Radza, Mysore) x Mingalor OoPlock Zoo2016-05-31
Siam EMFwild1968dead1994-07-22 x Circus Benneweis (Cirkus Benneweis)1968-00-00
Sikkim 20046 LAFwild1979dead2007-07-17 x Osnabruck Zoo2003-08-19
Sita EMFwildFC x Mysore Palace Temple2001-00-00
stillborn 201312 EMFcaptive-born2013-08-26dead2013-08-26Sak (Chieng Mai) x SurinCopenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)2013-08-26
stillborn 201500 EMMcaptive-born2015-09-04dead2015-09-04Sak (Chieng Mai) x SurinCopenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)2015-09-04
Supan 4704 EMFwild1947dead1966-10-21 x Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)1954-05-24
Surin 9817 EMFunknown1998PC x Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)2001-11-27
Tembo LAMwild1934dead1970-05-05 x Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)1936-06-05
Thandi 195LAFwild1980PC x Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens2015-11-13
Toto 3301 EMFwild1933-08-04dead1947-06-28 x Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)1937-06-03
Tyke (Mike) 133LAFwild1974dead1994-08-20 x Hawthorn Corporation1988-07-18
unknown EMFunknownunknown x Pyongyang Korea Central Zoo1959-00-00
unknown EMMunknownunknown x Pyongyang Korea Central Zoo1959-00-00

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