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Belfast Zoo (Bellevue Gardens)zooBelfast, Northern Ireland
Charles JamrachdealerLondon
Gladys Porter ZoozooBrownsville, Texas
Greenville Zoozoo Greenville
Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)privateOcala, Florida
Kodanadu Elephant training centrecampErnakulam District

There are 62 elephants with keyword Lady mentioned in the database

Annie EMFdead1952 x Belle Vue Zoological Gardens1941-00-00
Asha EMFunknown2004FC x Kodanadu Elephant training centre
Aswathy EMFcaptive-born2007dead2007-12-28 x Kodanadu Elephant training centre2007-00-00
Bharati (Parvathy) EMFwild2006FC x Kodanadu Elephant training centre2007-00-00
Birma (Bierma, Bolette) 8601 EMFwild1963dead1988-09-30 x Belfast Zoo (Bellevue Gardens)1988-03-24
Casey 14LAMwild1951dead2003-09-23 x Kansas City Zoo1955-07-20
Daisy EMFwilddead1935? x Belfast Zoo (Bellevue Gardens)1934-03-27
Dunja 7314 EMFwild1973PC x Belfast Zoo (Bellevue Gardens)2009-04-04
Eleanor LAFwild1958wild x Tsavo National Park1996-06-00
Ganesh EMMunknownunknown x Kodanadu Elephant training centre
Gayathri EMFwild2011FC x Kodanadu Elephant training centre2011-12-21
Jenny 8306 EMFwild1961dead2013-08-23 x Belfast Zoo (Bellevue Gardens)2009-04-04
Joni (Joy) 91LAFwild1970dead2014-06-15 x Greenville Zoo1999-03-01
Jubilee 7702 EMMcaptive-born1977-05-08dead2003-08-13Nobby x JudyBelfast Zoo (Bellevue Gardens)1998-06-10
Juju 67LAFwild1968dead1993-03-25 x Gladys Porter Zoo1971-09-21
Katchalertfaa EMMdead2016-03-17 x Ayutthaya Royal Elephant Kraal (Wang Chang Ayutthaya Lae Paniat)
Kuka EMMwilddead1939? x Belfast Zoo (Bellevue Gardens)1934-00-00
Lady 576EMFwild1937dead x Paul Kelly1955-04-07
Lady 65LAFwild1968PC x Kansas City Zoo1994-07-16
Lady EMFwild1895-1900?dead x Wroclaw Zoo (Zoo Breslau)1905-00-00
Lady EMFwild1939dead2012-03-10 x Parque Zoológico de Santa Fe1981-00-00
Lady EMFFC x João Pessoa Arruda Camara Zoo (Parque Zoobotânico Arruda Câmara)
Lady A 13LAFwild1951dead1971-02-16 x Kansas City Zoo1955-08-20
Ladybird 115LAFwild1971dead2014-03-03 x Greenville Zoo2006-09-02
Lene (Lena) 5002 EMFwild1950dead2001-04-22 x Belfast Zoo (Bellevue Gardens)1988-03-22
Luella 375LAFwild1979dead2000-03-18 x Gladys Porter Zoo1998-10-25
Lulu 8904 EMFwild1966dead2006-09-01 x Belfast Zoo (Bellevue Gardens)1994-01-21
Macho (Tantar) 45LAMwild1962dead2005-03-09 x Gladys Porter Zoo1971-10-21
Megan 172LAFwild1978PC x Kansas City Zoo1994-07-18
Millie (Lady Millie) EMFwild1972dead1996-11-13 x Cricket St Thomas Wildlife Park1981-05-01
miscarriage 502LAMcaptive-born1983-08-31dead1983-08-31Macho (Tantar) x JujuGladys Porter Zoo1983-08-31
Mohan (Gyro, Gyro-Moe) 530EMMcaptive-born1960-05-12dead1967-06-26 x Calgary Zoo1964-11-29
Mona 96LAFwild1970dead1994-07-18 x Kansas City Zoo1974-07-18
Neelakandan EMMunknown1996FC x Kodanadu Elephant training centre
Neena EMFwilddead1982-02-00 x Howling Wolf Lodge and Wild Animal Sanctuary1978-00-00
Niranjan EMMunknown2006-00-00dead2007-12-26 x Kodanadu Elephant training centre2006-00-00
Rajah EMMunknowndead1941 x Belfast Zoo (Bellevue Gardens)1937-00-00
Sheila EMFwild1933dead1963 x Belfast Zoo (Bellevue Gardens)1941-00-00
Shilpa EMdead2003 x Kodanadu Elephant training centre
Sri Utama EMFcaptive-borndead1999-07-00Palong x JamilahSingapore Night Safari
stillborn 501LAcaptive-born1981-10-17dead1981-10-17Macho (Tantar) x JujuGladys Porter Zoo1981-10-17
stillborn 518LAcaptive-born2001-09-19dead2001-09-19Casey x LadyKansas City Zoo2001-09-19
Sunitha EMFunknown1969FC x Kodanadu Elephant training centre
Taj (Tadji, Trixie) 157EMFwild1940dead2011-01-17 x Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Six Flags Marine World)1986-00-00
Tanya (China, Cheena) 51LAFwild1964dead1988-05-04 x Gladys Porter Zoo1971-10-21
Tara EMFunknownFC x Kipling Camp 1989-00-00
Tiani 149LAFwild1977dead1998-09-13 x Gladys Porter Zoo1996-06-00
Tina 6613 EMFwild1965dead2017-11-05 x Belfast Zoo (Bellevue Gardens)1966-06-14
Toug-Toulog (Toung-Taloung, Buddha) 843 EMdead1887-11-20 x P. T. Barnum1885-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown EMF2010FC x Kodanadu Elephant training centre2011-03-03
unknown dead x Charles Jamrach
Yhetoo (Yheet thoo) 8006 EMFunknown1977PC x Belfast Zoo (Bellevue Gardens)2009-01-23

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Life is a Circus: Das leben ist ein Zirkus

Hugh Schmitt

Life is a Circus: Das leben ist ein Zirkus by Hugh Schmitt
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