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Circus RosairecircusBillericay
Derrick Rosairecircus
Eisfeldts menageri (Circus Leonard)circus
Gainesville Community Circuscircus
Long Island Game FarmzooNew York
Sole Brothers Circuscircus
Western Plains ZoozooDubbo

There are 49 elephants with keyword Linda mentioned in the database

Arna (Arnah) EMFwild1958dead2012-09-14 x Western Plains Zoo2008-01-14
Belinda EMFwild1963FC x Joy Gärtner2005-11-26
Belinda 82LAFwild1969dead2002-11-13 x Riverbanks Zoological Park2001-12-15
Belle 206LAFwild1981PC x Riverbanks Zoological Park2001-12-13
Betty EMFunknowndead x Sole Brothers Circus1935-00-00
Burma (Birma) EMFwild1959?FC x Western Plains Zoo2005-05-18
Cheri LAFwild1974dead2007-06-10 x Western Plains Zoo1977-12-12
Congo 322LAMwild1958dead2000-11-10 x Western Plains Zoo1983-02-10
Cuddles LAFwild1973dead2017-03-22 x Western Plains Zoo1977-12-12
David LAMwild1968dead1987-06-30 x Western Plains Zoo1977-12-12
Dolly EMFdead x Sole Brothers Circus1965-12-00
Gigi EMFwild1958PC x Western Plains Zoo2008-01-14
Ginni EMFunknowndead x Sole Brothers Circus
Gung (Prawn) EMMunknown2000FC x Western Plains Zoo2018-02-09
Heeman (Heman) EMMwild1956dead2006-12-28 x Western Plains Zoo2005-11-05
Inul EMFcaptive-born2003-06-20FC x LindaTaman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)2003-06-20
Jodee II (Jo-Dee) EMFunknowndead1968-08-23 x Sole Brothers Circus1963-00-00
Lana EMFwilddead x Sole Brothers Circus
Linda 8601 LAFwild1986PC x Poznan Zoo2009-08-20
Linda 455LAFwild1982dead2001 x Elephant Encounters (Bill Morris)1987-00-00
Linda EMFwilddead1958 x Barcelona Zoo (Park Zoologic de Barcelona)1956-00-00
Linda EMFwild1971FC x Taman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)
Linda EMFcaptive-born2001-05-17FC x Chiang Mai Night Safari2004-10-10
Linda LAFwild1969dead x Cuba unspecified location
Linda EMcaptive-born2017-03-20FC x RiskaTegal Yoso elephant respons unit (ERU)2017-03-20
Linda (Riga) EMFunknown2000FC x Surin elephant kingdom (Ban Ta Klang elephant village)2010-00-00
Luk Chai EMMcaptive-born2009-07-04FCGung (Prawn) x Thong DeeWestern Plains Zoo2015-04-30
Melinda 451EMFwild1951dead1953-10-30 x Brookfield Zoo1952-05-10
Milinda (Melinde) EMMcaptive-born2008?FC x MeenaTokuyama Municipal Zoo2013-09-18
Noy EMMwilddead x Xayabouri Elephant Conservation Centre (ECC)2013-05-00
Nyla 513LAFwild1969dead x Western Plains Zoo1983-02-10
Pathi Harn EMMcaptive-born2010-03-10FCBong Su x PorntipWestern Plains Zoo2015-04-24
Penny 192LAFwild1979dead2017-05-04 x Riverbanks Zoological Park2001-12-10
Porntip EMFunknown1992FC x Western Plains Zoo2015-04-24
Princess Monice EMFdead x Circus Rosaire1939-00-00
Rill EMFunknowndead x Sole Brothers Circus
Rolinda 124LAFwild1972PC x Caldwell Zoo1978-06-22
Sabai EMMcaptive-born2016-11-02unknownGung (Prawn) x Thong DeeWestern Plains Zoo2016-11-02
Star (Timba) 490LAFwild1982PC x Montgomery Zoo2004-12-17
Susie (Malinda) LAFwild1971-00-00dead1987-00-00 x Heidelberg Zoo1982-00-00
Tara EMFunknown1958dead1987-10-00 x Sole Brothers Circus1965-12-24
Thong Dee EMFunknown2000FC x Western Plains Zoo2015-04-30
Toto 63LAFwild1968dead1984-10-14 x Western Plains Zoo1983-02-10
unknown EMcaptive-born2009-01-04FC x LindaTaman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)2009-01-04
unknown EMcaptive-born1995FC x LindaTaman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)1995-00-00
unknown LAunknownwilddead x Cuba unspecified location
unknown LAunknownwilddead x Cuba unspecified location
unknown LAunknownwilddead x Cuba unspecified location
Yum Yum LAFwild1969dead2010-10-03 x Western Plains Zoo1977-12-12

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There are 1 books which contain the word Linda in the database

Hansa: The True Story of an Asian Elephant Baby

Clare Hodgson Meeker, Linda Feltner, Woodland Park Zoo

Hansa: The True Story of an Asian Elephant Baby by Clare Hodgson Meeker, Linda Feltner, Woodland Park Zoo
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