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Charles JamrachdealerLondon
Cocos Island Animal Quarantine Stationcamp
Phnom Tamao Zoo and Wildlife Rescue Center (PTWRC)zooPhnom Tamao
Royal Melbourne Zoological ParkzooMelbourne
Taronga ZoozooSydney
TECC (Thai Elephant Conservation Center Hospital and National Elephant Institute)hospitalLampang

There are 59 elephants with keyword Mao mentioned in the database

Beong Kok (Boek Ku, Bakkuk) EMMwilddead2018-04-21 x Putang elephant camp
Betty EMFwild1931dead1973-09-25 x Royal Melbourne Zoological Park1939-01-01
Betty EMFunknowndead1963-05-28 x Taronga Zoo1963-05-14
Bong Su EMMwild1974-08-03dead2017-10-09 x Royal Melbourne Zoological Park1977-02-01
Cauveri EMFunknown1955dead1958-11-16 x Taronga Zoo1958-09-04
Chaba (Dokkoon) EMFcaptive-born1993FC x Royal Melbourne Zoological Park2006-11-06
Chamroeun EMFwildunknown x Phnom Tamao Zoo and Wildlife Rescue Center (PTWRC)2003-00-00
Cheena LAFwilddead x Taronga Zoo
Chenkalloor Dakshayani EMF1930?FC x Chengannur Mahadevar Temple (Chenkalloor Mahadeva Temple)
Chhouk EMMwild2011FC x Phnom Tamao Zoo and Wildlife Rescue Center (PTWRC)2007-00-00
Chinni EMFunknown1917dead1922-05-22 x Taronga Zoo1922-05-15
Chocky EMMdead2001-04-05 x Phnom Tamao Zoo and Wildlife Rescue Center (PTWRC)
Chori LAFwilddead1979-04-18 x Taronga Zoo
Doll EMFdead1963-05-28 x Taronga Zoo1963-05-00
Dumbo LAMwild1941dead1947-07-14 x Taronga Zoo1947-01-00
Dundry (Jumbo?) EMMwilddead1923-05-14 x Taronga Zoo1918-00-00
Gandhi EMMwild1912dead1968-04-19 x Taronga Zoo1950-05-15
Ithithanam Guruvayoorappan EMMdead2016-11-23 x Raveendran Nair
Jai Dee EMMcaptive-born2017-05-26unknownGung (Prawn) x Pak BoonTaronga Zoo2017-05-26
Jenny EMFunknown1917dead1922-05-22 x Taronga Zoo1922-05-15
Jessie EMFunknown1875dead1939-09-26 x Taronga Zoo1916-00-00
Jill EMFunknown1913dead1977-02-28 x Taronga Zoo1935-11-25
Joan EMFwild1958dead1976-07-10 x Taronga Zoo1962-11-01
Kulab EMFcaptive-born2000FC x Royal Melbourne Zoological Park2006-11-06
Lucky EMFwild1998FC x Phnom Tamao Zoo and Wildlife Rescue Center (PTWRC)1998-00-00
Mali EMFcaptive-born2010-01-16FCBong Su x Chaba (Dokkoon)Royal Melbourne Zoological Park2010-01-15
Man Jai EMMcaptive-born2013-12-08FCBong Su x Chaba (Dokkoon)Royal Melbourne Zoological Park2013-12-08
Mao LAFcaptive-born2002-06-13unknownTamao x Ai (Ako)Morioka Zoological Park
Maouzy (Maouzie) 6405 EMFwild1945dead1995-02-26 x Lyon Zoo (Jardin zoologique de la Ville Lyon)1964-04-15
Mek Kapah EMFwild1973FC x Royal Melbourne Zoological Park1978-05-11
Mohan (Gyro, Gyro-Moe) 530EMMcaptive-born1960-05-12dead1967-06-26 x Calgary Zoo1964-11-29
NamAoy EMFwild1970FC x Maesa Elephant Camp
Narann (Aram, Naram, Orang) EMFwild1999FC x Phnom Tamao Zoo and Wildlife Rescue Center (PTWRC)2001-00-00
Nellie EMFunknowndead1949-05-21 x Taronga Zoo1948-08-16
Num-Oi EMFcaptive-born2001FCNum Sek x LampoonRoyal Melbourne Zoological Park2006-11-06
Pak Boon EMFunknown1992PC x Taronga Zoo2006-11-02
Peggy EMFwild1931dead1988-10-30 x Royal Melbourne Zoological Park1939-01-01
Queenie EMFwild1900dead1945-06-22 x Royal Melbourne Zoological Park1902-03-03
Ranee EMFwild1955dead1998-11-29 x Taronga Zoo1962-11-01
Ranee I EMFunknown1909dead1971-07-06 x Taronga Zoo1938-11-08
Rani (Rhanee, Ranee) EMFwild1881dead1903-12-15 x Royal Melbourne Zoological Park1883-03-00
Sakor EMMwild1996NC x Phnom Tamao Zoo and Wildlife Rescue Center (PTWRC)2012-08-28
Sambat EMMwild1990unknown x Seoul Childrens Grand Park2010-07-08
Sambo EMFunknowndead2001 x Wildaid Cambodia (Military camp)2001-00-00
Sambo EMMunknown1961dead2011-02-16 x Phnom Tamao Zoo and Wildlife Rescue Center (PTWRC)2010-12-25
Sanook EMMcaptive-born2013-01-17dead2013-12-03Bong Su x Num-OiRoyal Melbourne Zoological Park2013-01-17
Sarina EMFwild1933dead1971-06-06 x Taronga Zoo1938-12-04
Seima EMwild2001dead2004-05-06 x Phnom Tamao Zoo and Wildlife Rescue Center (PTWRC)2002-00-00
Seshadri EMMunknown1992dead2018-03-21 x Guruvayur Devaswom Aanathavalam (Punnathur Kota)
Srey Pao (Srey Pov) EMF1965dead2013-05-12 x Phnom Tamao Zoo and Wildlife Rescue Center (PTWRC)2001-00-00
Tamao LAMwilddead2006-08-08 x Tama Zoological Park1971-08-09
Tang Mo EMFunknown1999PC x Taronga Zoo2006-11-02
Thiruvambadi Sivasundar (Thiruvambadi Shivasundar, Pookkodan Sivan) EMMwilddead2018-03-11 x Thiruvambadi Devaswom temple2007-02-15
Tukta EMFcaptive-born2010-11-02PCGung (Prawn) x Pak BoonTaronga Zoo2010-11-02
unknown EMFunknowndead1956-07-04 x Taronga Zoo1947-04-22
unknown EMFunknown1983unknown x Seoul Childrens Grand Park2010-07-08
unknown dead x Charles Jamrach
Valiyaveettil Manikandan EMM1976dead2016-11-23 x V. K. Sudhi
Willow EMFcaptive-born2016-06-15dead2016-08-02Putra Mas x Num-OiRoyal Melbourne Zoological Park2016-06-15

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