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Arthur WirtzprivateChicago
Basel ZoozooBaselhttp://www.zoobasel.ch
John HagenbeckdealerColombo
Neverland Ranch (Michael Jackson)privateLos Olivos
San Francisco Zoozoo San Francisco, Californiahttp://www.sfzoo.org
Sri Lanka National Zoological Gardens (Dehiwela Zoo)zooDehiwala, Colombo www.nationalzoo.gov.lk
Tarzan Zerbini CircuscircusWebb City, MO

There are 53 elephants with keyword Michael mentioned in the database

Babe T2030EMFwild1906dead1965-12-28 x San Francisco Zoo1929-00-00
Babe (York, Chief) EMMwild1877dead1943 x Toledo Zoo1912-00-00
Baby EMFdead1963 x Fossett Brothers Circus (Fossetts Circus)
Bindu 7103 EMMwild1968PC x Cologne Zoo (Zoo Köln)2004-09-10
Bong EMF1967FC x Elephant village (Tiger trails, XL camp)2012-09-00
Bounthem EMFcaptive-born2001FC x Elephant village (Tiger trails, XL camp)2012-00-00
Buakham EM1973FC x Elephant village (Tiger trails, XL camp)2009-10-00
Calle 340EMFwild1967dead2004-03-06 x San Francisco Zoo1997-03-19
Candy 9502 EMFcaptive-born1995-03-02dead2008-09-12Jimmi (Jimmy) x Pregolia (Pregolja)Erevan Zoo (Yerevan)2007-12-01
Charlie Ed T2031EMMwild1910dead1937-06-19 x San Francisco Zoo1936-03-16
Dolly EMFwilddead1950-03-29 x Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus1939-00-00
Enorma I T2033EMFwild1964dead1965-03-16 x San Francisco Zoo1965-02-00
Enorma II T2034EMFwild1965dead1966-05-10 x San Francisco Zoo1965-04-05
Flora 378LAFwild1982PC x The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee2004-03-02
Frida EMFwilddead2011-09-06? x Quilpue Zoo (El Parque Zoológico de Quilpué)1998-00-00
Frieda (Freida, Taffy) 407EMFwild1966dead2015-03-09 x The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee2006-02-09
Gypsy EMFwilddead2001? x Neverland Ranch (Michael Jackson)1991-12-25
Judy 36LAFwild1960dead1967-11-16 x San Francisco Zoo1962-05-22
Junot (Jeannot, Michael) 230LAMwild1983PC x Hemmingford Parc Safari1993-04-14
Kham EMFwild1963FC x Elephant village (Tiger trails, XL camp)2003-06-00
Kham Khoune EMFFC x Elephant village (Tiger trails, XL camp)2011-00-00
Khamheuang EMF1982FC x Elephant village (Tiger trails, XL camp)
Khammang EMunknown1980FC x Elephant village (Tiger trails, XL camp)
Khampang EMF1976FC x Elephant village (Tiger trails, XL camp)
Kong Ngeun (Kongngeung) EMFFC x Elephant village (Tiger trails, XL camp)2012-11-00
Lilly (Lilli) EMFwild1860dead1911-05-00 x Dresden Zoo1863-07-08
Loomis LCMwild x Mount Cameroon National Park
Mae Uak EMFcaptive-born1965FC x unknownElephant village (Tiger trails, XL camp)2004-00-00
Makonga LAFwild1982dead2005 x Circus Carl Busch
Marguerite T2028EMFwild1921dead1955-05-14 x San Francisco Zoo1929-00-00
Mashibi LAFwild1985FC x Circus Carl Busch
May 434EMFwild1928dead1980-12-30 x San Francisco Zoo1930-08-23
Maybelle 32LAFwild1960dead2004-04-22 x San Francisco Zoo1962-05-22
Michael LAMwild1985FC x Pilanesberg Elephant Back Safaris2002-00-00
Minyak EMFwilddead2009-12-00 x Perry Brothers circus
Misty 295EMF1964dead2016-04-13 x The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee2004-11-17
Moja 215LAFcaptive-born1982-05-24FCChico x Wankie (Wanki)Wildlife Safari2015-02-00
noname EMcaptive-borndead x KhamLaos unspecified location
Nyaka Nyaka LAMunknown1973dead2000-05-05 x Elephant Back Safaris (Abu Camp)
Penny (Pennie) 229EMFwild1954-08dead1995-04-02 x San Francisco Zoo1955-06-08
Piyanut (Michaela) 8906 EMFwild1989FC x Jerusalem Zoo (Tisch family zoological gardens)1997-09-23
Pua EMFunknown1992FC x Unknown
Sam (Sammy) 134EMMwild1967dead1989-11-10 x Fort Worth Zoo1986-03-20
Samson 561LAMcaptive-born2008-03-19FCWillie x Lil FelixMaryland Zoo2008-03-19
San EMFunknown1978FC x Elephant village (Tiger trails, XL camp)
Soliman (Suleiman) EMMwild1540dead1553-12-18 x Menagerie Schloss Kaiserebersdorf1552-03-06
Somnuk EMMunknownFC x Unknown2013-01-00
Stoney 61EMMcaptive-born1973-06-17dead1995-08-28Thonglaw x PetMike La Torres1975-04-00
Sunisa (Avigail, Abigail) 8716 EMFwild1987dead2009-07-31 x Jerusalem Zoo (Tisch family zoological gardens)1997-09-23
Targa 8711 EMFwild1955FC x Augsburg Zoo1987-11-04
Thandi (Tandi) LAFwild1981PC x Pretoria Zoo2001-07-30
Toni 2904 EMFwild1929dead1986-11-11 x Osnabruck Zoo1961-04-15
Virginia T2029EMFwild1921dead1964-02-11 x San Francisco Zoo1929-00-00

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There are 1 books which contain the word Michael in the database

Jumbo Ghosts: The Dangerous Life of Elephants in the Zoo

Michael Schmidt

Jumbo Ghosts: The Dangerous Life of Elephants in the Zoo by Michael Schmidt
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