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Barnums Asiatic Caravan, Museum and Menagerie (Seth B. Howes)circus
Dales Brothers Circus (Mickey Dales)circus
International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)dealerRoyal Oak, Michiganhttp://www.internationalanimalexchange.com/
Mickey Dalesprivate
Ringling Brothers CircuscircusBaraboo, Wisconsin

There are 41 elephants with keyword Mickey mentioned in the database

Abdallah EMdead x Ringling Brothers Circus1895-00-00
Amos 52LAMwild1964dead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1972-06-07
Angel 427EMFwild1966dead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1969-10-01
Babar I LAFwild1973dead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1980-08-00
Babar II LAFwild1977dead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1982-08-00
Baldy 375EMMwild1878dead1916 x Ringling Brothers Circus1896-08-12
Bruno 631EMMwild1968dead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1969-09-08
Butch (Mickey) 442LAMwild1981FC x EARS (Elephants of Africa Rescue Society) 2001-04-00
Cincinnati wilddead1898-06-00 x Ringling Brothers Circus
Contessa 476EMFwilddead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1966-05-02
Cookie 464EMFwilddead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1977-07-22
Corsair EMFwilddead x Ringling Brothers Circus1895-00-00
Daba 598EMFwilddead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1975-09-09
Emperor EMMwilddead1885-05-17 x Ringling Brothers Circus1895-00-00
Fannie (Fanny) LAFwilddead1908-11-00 x Ringling Brothers Circus1888-00-00
Ginger 348LAFwild1969dead1979-04-27 x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1979-04-26
Gypsie (Gypsy) EMFdead1910-04-30 x Ringling Brothers Circus1908-00-00
Harry Lockhart EMMwilddead1907 x Ringling Brothers Circus1896-00-00
Hortense Fdead x Ringling Brothers Circus
Keddah EMwilddead1898-10-14 x Ringling Brothers Circus1897-00-00
Kidd 349LAFwild1969dead1979-04-27 x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1979-04-26
killed 378EMFcaptive-born1902-10-26dead1902-10-26Baldy x AliceRingling Brothers Circus1902-10-26
Mayla 100LAFwild1970dead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1978-04-13
Mia 101LAFwild1970dead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1978-04-13
Mickey EMFwild1978FC x Ichihara Elephant Kingdom (Ichihara Zounokuni)1983-03-18
Mickey LAMwildFC x Orion Safari Lodge (Hugo Ras)
Mickey EMMdead x Unknown
Mike LAMwilddead1907-12-19 x Ringling Brothers Circus1907-00-00
Moki 102LAFwild1970dead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1978-04-13
Ned (Nick) 377EMMcaptive-born1900-11-19dead1901-02-16Baldy x AliceRingling Brothers Circus1900-11-19
Pasha EMFdead x Ringling Brothers Circus
Prince EMMwilddead1906? x Ringling Brothers Circus1893-00-00
Reynolds Jennie (Queen Jumbo, Big Bingo) EMFwilddead1918-05-17 x Ringling Brothers Circus1896-08-12
Romeo EMMunknowndead1900-10-23 x Ringling Brothers Circus1900-00-00
Sells Babe EMFdead1915-12-25 x Ringling Brothers Circus1912-00-00
Sultan EMMdead x Ringling Brothers Circus
Tommy (Mickey) 333EMMcaptive-born1992-05-25PCVance (Matt) x BirkaEndangered Ark Foundation
Toto 346LAMwild1969dead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1976-03-10
Unknown 119LAFwilddead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1973-11-26
Yatima 152LAFwild1977dead x International Animal Exchange (Ferndale)1981-07-02
Zip LAFwilddead1893-01-02 x Ringling Brothers Circus1890-00-00

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