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Bailey Brothers Circuscircus
Chipperfield organisation stationdealer
Circus Corty-Althoffcircus
Forepaugh-Sells Showcircus
Lion Country Safari, Inc - Laguna HillszooIrvine
Mike Glasscockcircus
Mike La TorresprivateBartow, Florida
Mike Riceprivate
Ringling Brothers CircuscircusBaraboo, Wisconsin
Sells Brothers CircuscircusColumbus, Ohio
Stebbing Royal European Circuscircus
Sterling & Reid Brothers Circus (Toby Tyler Circus)circus

There are 63 elephants with keyword Mike mentioned in the database

Abdallah EMdead x Ringling Brothers Circus1895-00-00
Alice EMFwild1882dead1912-08-27 x Forepaugh-Sells Show1909-00-00
Alice EMFwilddead x Ringlands Circus (Big Tom Fosset)1941-00-00
Annie EMFdead1952 x Belle Vue Zoological Gardens1941-00-00
Baby EMFdead1963 x Fossett Brothers Circus (Fossetts Circus)
Baldy 375EMMwild1878dead1916 x Ringling Brothers Circus1896-08-12
Benny (Dumbo) 330EMMcaptive-born1991-12-19dead2016-12-26Vance (Matt) x Josky (Patne)Toluca Zoo (Zoologico de Zacango)2002-00-00
Betts EMFwilddead x Forepaugh-Sells Show1910-00-00
Blanche EMFwilddead1941-11-05 x Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus1939-00-00
Broken Tusk LAFwildwild x Kunene Region
Carrie EMFunknown1938dead1996-06-12 x Wild Adventures1995-00-00
Casey 503EMMwild1971PC x Fort Worth Zoo2005-11-14
Ceasar 274EMMcaptive-born1987-04-02dead2006Vance (Matt) x MinyakBowmanville Zoo2001-05-11
Cincinnati wilddead1898-06-00 x Ringling Brothers Circus
Corsair EMFwilddead x Ringling Brothers Circus1895-00-00
Dick 691EMMwilddead1900-04-21 x Forepaugh-Sells Show1896-00-00
Dusty LAMwildwild x Broken TuskKunene Region
Emperor EMMwilddead1885-05-17 x Ringling Brothers Circus1895-00-00
Fannie (Fanny) LAFwilddead1908-11-00 x Ringling Brothers Circus1888-00-00
Grumpy 168EMFwild1971dead2002-10-03 x Bronx Zoo1977-03-21
Gypsie (Gypsy) EMFdead1910-04-30 x Ringling Brothers Circus1908-00-00
Hagenbeck Jennie EMFdead x Forepaugh-Sells Show1910-00-00
Harry Lockhart EMMwilddead1907 x Ringling Brothers Circus1896-00-00
Himba LAMwilddead x unknownKunene Region
Hortense Fdead x Ringling Brothers Circus
Janice (Jaz, Bashful) 151EMFwild1972FC x B and C Ranch (Bret Carden)2006-00-00
John EMMwilddead x Sells Brothers Circus
Keddah EMwilddead1898-10-14 x Ringling Brothers Circus1897-00-00
Kenya 335LAFwild1965dead1982-06-12 x Louisville Zoo1969-02-05
killed 378EMFcaptive-born1902-10-26dead1902-10-26Baldy x AliceRingling Brothers Circus1902-10-26
Margaret 708EMFwilddead x Circus Zoppe (Circo Zoppe)1948-00-00
Mary EMFdead x Unknown
Mike LAMwilddead1907-12-19 x Ringling Brothers Circus1907-00-00
Mike EMMdead x Circo Hermanos Fuentes Gasca
Mike LAMwilddead x Clyde Brothers Circus (Donnie Johnson)
Mike 765EMMcaptive-born2013-06-27dead2015-01-25Romeo x AngelicaRingling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation2013-06-27
Ned (Nick) 377EMMcaptive-born1900-11-19dead1901-02-16Baldy x AliceRingling Brothers Circus1900-11-19
noname LAMcaptive-born1982dead1982Congo x CitaLion Country Safari, Inc - Laguna Hills1982-00-00
Pasha EMFdead x Ringling Brothers Circus
Prince EMMwilddead1906? x Ringling Brothers Circus1893-00-00
Rajah 504EMMwild1970PC x Two Tails Ranch (Patricia Zerbini)2011-12-29
Rajee EMFwilddead x Bailey Brothers Circus1959-00-00
Rex (Bimbo, Barney) 263EMMwild1968PC x Oklahoma City Zoo2011-12-13
Reynolds Jennie (Queen Jumbo, Big Bingo) EMFwilddead1918-05-17 x Ringling Brothers Circus1896-08-12
Romeo EMMunknowndead1900-10-23 x Ringling Brothers Circus1900-00-00
Romeo EMMwilddead x Sells Brothers Circus1902-00-00
Rosa LAFwildwild x Kunene Region
Ruth (Linco) 732EMFwilddead1944 x Bailey Brothers Circus1944-00-00
Samama 512LAFwild1969dead x Lion Country Safari, Inc - Laguna Hills1970-06-00
Sells Babe EMFdead1915-12-25 x Ringling Brothers Circus1912-00-00
Sid EMMwilddead1904-12-20 x Forepaugh-Sells Show1896-00-00
Sleepy 730EMFwilddead1972 x Lion Country Safari, Inc - Laguna Hills1972-00-00
Sneezy 160EMMwild1973PC x Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum1977-07-29
stillborn 385LAMcaptive-born1980dead1980Congo x CitaLion Country Safari, Inc - Laguna Hills1980-00-00
Sultan EMMdead x Ringling Brothers Circus
Tano 511LAFwild1969dead x Lion Country Safari, Inc - Laguna Hills1970-06-00
Tommy EMMunknowndead1947 x Bailey Brothers Circus1946-00-00
Tyke (Mike) 133LAFwild1974dead1994-08-20 x Hawthorn Corporation1988-07-18
Ukali 510LAFwild1969dead x Lion Country Safari, Inc - Laguna Hills1970-06-00
unknown LAFwild x RosaKunene Region
Vance (Doc) 272EMMwild1971dead2008-02-00 x Bowmanville Zoo1988-09-21
Vic EMwilddead x Sells Brothers Circus
Zip LAFwilddead1893-01-02 x Ringling Brothers Circus1890-00-00

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  1. Mike Waxman (elephant home page website) www.mikewaxman.com/
    Svenske Mike Waxman har arbetat med elefanter på Skansen och Cirkus Scott och har en trevlig sida med bilder på elefanter.

  2. Follow this link to search this site www.elephant.se with google for keyword Mike
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