There is presently 13 locations which may match your search Missouri in the elephant database.

Abilene ZoozooAbilenehttp://www.abilenetx.com/zoo/zoo.htm
ARC (Murray Hill-Arlan Seidon)sanctuaryFordland, Missourihttp://www.aepif-arc.org/
B and C Ranch (Bret Carden)circusSpringfield, Missouri
Cameron Park Waco ZoozooWacohttp://cameronparkzoo.com/
Carl Hagenbecks Wild Animal Circuscircus
Dickerson Park ZoozooSpringfield, Missourihttp://www.dickersonparkzoo.org
George Carden Circus InternationalcircusSpringfield, Missourihttp://www.georgecardencircus.com/
Grants FarmzooSt Louis, Missourihttp://www.grantsfarm.com/
Kansas City ZoozooKansas Cityhttp://www.kansascityzoo.org/
Oklahoma City ZoozooOklahoma City, Oklahomahttp://www.okczoo.com/
Ralph and Dotty OlsonprivateSebeka, Missouri
St Louis ZoozooSt Louishttp://www.stlzoo.org/
William P Hall Animal FarmprivateLancaster, Missouri

There are 71 elephants with keyword Missouri mentioned in the database

aborted 707EMcaptive-born2010-07-08dead2010-07-08Raja x EllieSt Louis Zoo2010-07-08
Achara 764EMFcaptive-born2014-12-22unknownRex (Bimbo, Barney) x AshaOklahoma City Zoo2014-12-22
Ahmed 186LAMwild1979dead1992-03-31 x Abilene Zoo1981-11-24
Alice 582EMFwild1953dead1968-12-12 x St Louis Zoo1955-04-15
Amali 514LAFcaptive-born2000-03-06dead2003-06-03Dale x KubwaIndianapolis Zoo2000-03-06
Asha 365EMFcaptive-born1995-02-02PCOnyx (Big Mac) x Connie (Pinky)Oklahoma City Zoo2010-10-18
Bamboo 245EMFwild1966-11-00FC x Oklahoma City Zoo2015-05-00
Bibbitt 699EMFwild1961dead1979 x Cameron Park Waco Zoo1962-00-00
Billy Sunday (Baby Bill) T2025EMMwild1907dead1939-10-16 x Selig Zoo and Movie Studio (Griffith Park Zoo, Luna Park Zoo)1939-00-00
Bisi 131LAFwild1973dead1996-03-10 x Cameron Park Waco Zoo1993-10-22
Carolyn 237EMFwild1968dead2000-04-11 x St Louis Zoo1991-09-26
Casey 14LAMwild1951dead2003-09-23 x Kansas City Zoo1955-07-20
Celeste 589EMFwilddead1964-09-03 x St Louis Zoo1964-05-22
Chai 246EMFwild1979dead2016-01-30 x Oklahoma City Zoo2015-05-00
Chandra 385EMFcaptive-born1996-07-02PCOnyx (Big Mac) x MoolaOklahoma City Zoo2010-10-18
Clara 236EMFwild1953dead2007-03-14 x St Louis Zoo1955-04-15
Clara Belle 25LAFwild1955dead1977-11-01 x St Louis Zoo1957-07-28
Columbia (Victoria) EMFwilddead1933 x William P Hall Animal Farm1932-00-00
Dale 374LAMwild1978dead2003-11-03 x Kansas City Zoo1994-05-25
Don EMMwilddead1923-09-23 x William P Hall Animal Farm1923-00-00
Donna 235EMFwild1971PC x St Louis Zoo1971-09-28
Ellie 130EMFwild1971PC x St Louis Zoo2001-07-15
Haji 520EMMcaptive-born1999-11-28dead2002-06-07Onyx (Big Mac) x MoolaDickerson Park Zoo1999-11-28
Herman 24LAMwild1956dead1972-09-17 x St Louis Zoo1957-07-28
Honey 553EMFwild1938dead1953-07-16 x St Louis Zoo1942-06-06
Jade 646EMFcaptive-born2007-02-25FCRaja x RaniSt Louis Zoo2007-02-25
Judy 172EMFwild1945dead1997-10-08 x Oklahoma City Zoo1949-07-19
Kandula 538EMMcaptive-born2001-11-25PCCalvin (Chanda) x ShanthiOklahoma City Zoo2015-10-00
Kenzi 737EMFcaptive-born2011-06-24dead2018-02-24Raja x RaniSt Louis Zoo2011-06-24
Lady 65LAFwild1968PC x Kansas City Zoo1994-07-16
Lady A 13LAFwild1951dead1971-02-16 x Kansas City Zoo1955-08-20
Lea 176LAFwild1978PC x Kansas City Zoo1982-09-17
Lois 177LAFwild1978PC x Kansas City Zoo1982-09-17
Louis EMMwilddead1923 x William P Hall Animal Farm1923-00-00
Luna 557EMFwild1900dead1949-02-16 x Oklahoma City Zoo1930-04-25
Major EMMwilddead1936-02-10 x Cole Brothers Circus1935-11-00
Malee 736EMFcaptive-born2011-04-15dead2015-10-01Sneezy x AshaOklahoma City Zoo2011-04-15
Maliha 642EMFcaptive-born2006-08-02PCRaja x EllieSt Louis Zoo2006-08-02
Marie 233EMFwild1953dead1995-07-06 x St Louis Zoo1955-04-15
Martha 564EMFwilddead1933-07-31 x St Louis Zoo1919-01-02
Mary EMFwilddead x William P Hall Animal Farm1913-00-00
Megan 172LAFwild1978PC x Kansas City Zoo1994-07-18
Miss Jim 561EMFwild1878dead1948-10-01 x St Louis Zoo1916-04-05
Missouri T2318EMFwilddead1928 x Sells-Floto Circus1910-06-00
Mona 96LAFwild1970dead1994-07-18 x Kansas City Zoo1974-07-18
Pearl 234EMFwild1971PC x St Louis Zoo1991-09-26
Penney (Penny) 43LAFwild1961-09-00dead2012-01-24 x Kansas City Zoo1971-07-19
Penny 350LAFwild1970dead1981-02-24 x Abilene Zoo1971-07-01
Pollock EMwilddead x William P Hall Animal Farm1909-07-00
Priya 749EMFcaptive-born2013-04-26PCRaja x EllieSt Louis Zoo2013-04-26
Pumie 543EMFwild1953dead1983-03-09 x St Louis Zoo1955-04-15
Queenie 587EMFwilddead1963-12-25 x St Louis Zoo1963-12-17
Raja 339EMMcaptive-born1992-12-27PCOnyx (Big Mac) x PearlSt Louis Zoo1992-12-27
Rani 386EMFcaptive-born1996-07-05PCIndy (Butch) x EllieSt Louis Zoo2001-07-15
Rex (Bimbo, Barney) 263EMMwild1968PC x Oklahoma City Zoo2011-12-13
Ruth EMFdead x William P Hall Animal Farm1917-00-00
Sri 247EMF1980PC x St Louis Zoo2002-07-12
stillborn 518LAcaptive-born2001-09-19dead2001-09-19Casey x LadyKansas City Zoo2001-09-19
stillborn fetus still in utero 636EMFcaptive-born2005-11-19dead2005-11-19Raja x SriSt Louis Zoo2005-11-19
Tamani 544LAMcaptive-born2005-10-17PCBulwagi x EllieKansas City Zoo2015-10-05
Tanya 185LAFwild1979PC x Cameron Park Waco Zoo2007-10-00
Tanzy 29LAFwild1958dead2007-08-13 x Abilene Zoo1998-10-30
Tattoo (Tatu, Tatoo) 169LAFwild1978PC x Kansas City Zoo1995-05-30
Tembo 144LAFwild1977PC x Cameron Park Waco Zoo1979-01-05
Timbo 37LAMwild1960dead1985-01-04 x Oklahoma City Zoo1963-07-23
To Timba 9LAMwild1934-01dead1934-10-28 x St Louis Zoo1934-10-12
Trudie 544EMFwild1953dead1979-07-06 x St Louis Zoo1955-04-15
Tusko (Ned) T2242EMMwild1890dead1933-06-10 x Woodland Park Zoo1932-10-08
Wallace Babe T2111EMFwilddead x Cameron Park Waco Zoo1974-00-00
Young Tusko 620EMMwild1948dead1962-08-03 x Oklahoma City Zoo1961-00-00
Zoe (Zoey) 466LAFwild1984PC x Kansas City Zoo2007-10-23

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There are 1 books which contain the word Missouri in the database

Hansa: The True Story of an Asian Elephant Baby

Clare Hodgson Meeker, Linda Feltner, Woodland Park Zoo

Hansa: The True Story of an Asian Elephant Baby by Clare Hodgson Meeker, Linda Feltner, Woodland Park Zoo
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