There is presently 16 locations which may match your search Moti in the elephant database.

Auckland ZoozooAuckland
Bangladesh Forest Industries Development Corporation (BFIDC)campDhaka
Carl G. FisherprivateMiami
Carl Hagenbecks Wild Animal Circuscircus
Charles JamrachdealerLondon
Diano Brothers CircuscircusCanton
Hagenbeck-Wallace CircuscircusPeru, Indiana
Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)zooKolmarden
Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (KTWR)wild
Mary ChipperfieldcircusChilworth
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)private
Rajaji National ParkwildHaridwar
Selig Zoo and Movie Studio (Griffith Park Zoo, Luna Park Zoo)zooLos Angeles
Sonepur Mela Haathi Bazaar (Harihar Kshetra Mela)dealerOrissa
Tom Packs CircuscircusSt. Louis
Zoomotion (Bret Bronson)private

There are 63 elephants with keyword Moti mentioned in the database

Alice LAFwilddead x Barnum and Bailey Circus1886-00-00
Anna Mae T2104EMFwild1904dead1939-08-23 x Selig Zoo and Movie Studio (Griffith Park Zoo, Luna Park Zoo)1920-00-00
Anna May 768? (unconfirmed)EMFcaptive-born2015-05-04FCJohnson x OpalAfrican Lion Safari2015-05-04
Annie EMFdead1952 x Belle Vue Zoological Gardens1941-00-00
Aranya EMMwild2009dead2009-08-15 x Dhupjhora elephant camp (Gorumara Central Pilkhana)
Baby EMFcaptive-borndead1913-04-00 x Mom (Moms)Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Bedelia EMFdead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Betty EMdead1935-09-12 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1925-00-00
Billy Sunday (Baby Bill) T2025EMMwild1907dead1939-10-16 x Selig Zoo and Movie Studio (Griffith Park Zoo, Luna Park Zoo)1939-00-00
Bookburg EMMunknownFC x Siam Safari Khao Sok
Bosco EMMdead x Unknown
Brahma 9404 EMMwild1982dead2002-09-29 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1994-03-30
Bridgeport (Punk, America) 6EMFcaptive-born1882-02-02dead1886-04-11Chieftain (Big Chief) x QueenBarnum and London Circus1882-02-02
Bua 9711 EMFunknown1997PC x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2004-04-07
Buffy 450LAFwild1982FC x EARS (Elephants of Africa Rescue Society) 2001-04-00
Champa Kali EMFFC x Nature Safari Camp
Delhi EMFwilddead x Diano Brothers Circus1952-00-00
Donkey 6701 EMFwild1965dead2003-05-26 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1965-00-00
Ganesh Maharaja EMMwildwild x Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (KTWR)
Gipsy (Gypsie) LAFwild1972dead1984-09-14 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1973-04-18
Gonzales EMMcaptive-born2010-12-20FCDoa x LembangSurabaya Zoo (Kebun Binatang Surabaya)2010-12-20
Hercules (Tempo) LAMwild1973dead1979? x Mary Chipperfield1977-05-00
Josky EMMwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Jumb (Jumbo II) LAFwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Jumbo 301LAMwild1861dead1885-09-15 x Barnum and Bailey Circus1882-04-09
Kongo LAFdead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Lembang EMFwild1990FC x Surabaya Zoo (Kebun Binatang Surabaya)
Letzie EMFunknown1924dead x Circus Berny (Cirkus Berny)
Mary (Big Mary, Murderous Mary) EMFwild1886dead1916-09-13 x Sparks Circus1898-00-00
Meena EMFunknowndead x Dudley Zoo
Mida 8511 EMFwild1975dead2002-02-11 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1985-02-16
Moti EMMwildunknown x Kankaria Kamla Nehru Zoo1992-00-00
Moti EMMFC x Indore Zoo (Kamal Nehru Prani Sangrahalaya)
Moti (Mohti) 6203 751EMMwild1948dead1973-05-24 x Hannover Zoo1962-04-17
Motilal EMMcaptive-born2000FC x ManakaJaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary (WLS camp)2000-00-00
Motirani EMFcaptive-born2000FC x MuktiraniDhupjhora elephant camp (Gorumara Central Pilkhana)
Mutti (Moti) EMFwilddead1915? x Circus Kludsky (Cirkusu Kludských)1905-00-00
Nackatala (Mackatella?) LAFwilddead x Diano Brothers Circus1951-00-00
Namsai 201308 EMMcaptive-born2013-07-27PCRaja x BuaKolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2013-07-27
Nancy EMFwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Nina 9305 EMFcaptive-born1993-10-01PCSiam x Kaveri (Cauvery)Dompierre Le Pal Zoo2005-03-31
Nobi EMMdead x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1965-00-00
Nobi (Noby) LAFwild1972dead1978-08-16 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1973-04-18
noname 201721? EMcaptive-born2017-10-03deadTonsak x BuaKolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2017-10-03
Pinky EMFwilddead x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1962-00-00
Putschie (Putscher, Butscha) 7001 EMFwild1971dead2001-10-31 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1990-05-02
Saba 7318 EMFwild1968PC x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2007-11-07
Sandai 8807 EMFwild1985dead2003-05-14 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2000-08-23
Sao Noi (Saonoi) 9612 EMFunknown1996PC x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2004-04-07
Satan EMMdead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Siam EMFwilddead x Diano Brothers Circus1952-00-00
stillborn EMMcaptive-born2003-05-14dead2003-05-14Brahma x SandaiKolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2003-05-14
Teddy EMMwilddead1941-10-17 x World of Mirth Shows1939-00-00
Tembo (Tempo) LAFwild1972dead1974-11-27 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1973-04-18
Tippoo Sahib (Tippoo Saib) EMMwilddead1871-04-07 x Van Amburg Circus1848-00-00
Tonsak 9815 EMMunknown1998PC x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2015-00-00
Tribhuvankali EMFwilddead2010-01-13 x Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (KTWR)1952-00-00
Trilby EMFwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Tsavo 412LAMwild1987dead1993-12-27 x Zoomotion (Bret Bronson)1989-08-00
Uganda (Gandy) LAFwilddead x Diano Brothers Circus1951-00-00
unknown dead x Charles Jamrach
Womba LAFwild1965dead x Mary Chipperfield1981-00-00
Zeffa EMFwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00

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There are 2 books which contain the word Moti in the database

Jumbo Ghosts: The Dangerous Life of Elephants in the Zoo

Michael Schmidt

Jumbo Ghosts: The Dangerous Life of Elephants in the Zoo by Michael Schmidt
Click for more info

Wild Orphans

Gerry Ellis

Wild Orphans by Gerry Ellis
Click for more info

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  1. The Species Survival Network (SSN) (elephant organisation website)
    An international coalition of over seventy non-governmental organizations (NGOs) committed to the promotion, enhancement, and strict enforcement of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

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