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Arthur WirtzprivateChicago
Brookfield ZoozooChicago
Carl Hagenbecks Wild Animal Circuscircus
Dailey Brothers Circuscircus
Dang Nang Long (Đặng Vân Long)privateLak District
Elephant IslandsanctuaryLamplaima, Isan
Gangala-na-Bodio Elephant Domestication CentercampFaradje
Glen Oak Zoo, PeoriazooPeoria, Illinois
Hagenbeck-Wallace CircuscircusPeru, Indiana
Hanoi ZoozooHanoi
Hawthorn Mellody ZoozooLibertyville, Illinois
James Brothers Circus (Sid Kellner)circus
John Robinson CircuscircusTerrace Park, Ohio
Kata Noi elephant campcampKata Noi, Phuket
Kelly Morris CircuscircusOak Hill, Florida
Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)zooKolmarden
LaMont Brothers CircuscircusSalem, Illinois
Lincoln Park ZoozooChicago, Illinois
Marriotts Great AmericazooGurnee, Illinois
Niabi ZoozooIllinois
Nois Elephant CampcampPai
Palmer Brothers Wild Animal Circuscircus
Rice Brothers Circuscircus
Seabury Foundation (Charles Ward Seabury)private
Selig Zoo and Movie Studio (Griffith Park Zoo, Luna Park Zoo)zooLos Angeles
Shelbys Circus (Dan Shelby)circus
Stockholm Zoo (Skansen)zooStockholm

There are 110 elephants with keyword Noi mentioned in the database

Affie (Jenny) 86LAFwild1969dead2009-05-15 x Brookfield Zoo1979-03-31
Anna Mae T2104EMFwild1904dead1939-08-23 x Selig Zoo and Movie Studio (Griffith Park Zoo, Luna Park Zoo)1920-00-00
Babe (Baby Brookfield) 75EMFwild1946dead1990-02-18 x Brookfield Zoo1966-09-10
Baby EMFcaptive-borndead1913-04-00 x Mom (Moms)Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Bambina 3710 EMFwild1937dead1967-01-22 x Stockholm Zoo (Skansen)1939-04-27
Basil EMMwilddead x John Robinson Circus1906-00-00
Bedelia EMFdead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Betty EMdead1935-09-12 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1925-00-00
Billy Sunday (Baby Bill) T2025EMMwild1907dead1939-10-16 x Selig Zoo and Movie Studio (Griffith Park Zoo, Luna Park Zoo)1939-00-00
Bookburg EMMunknownFC x Siam Safari Khao Sok
Bounnoi EMFunknown1984FC x Ayutthaya Royal Elephant Kraal (Wang Chang Ayutthaya Lae Paniat)
Brahma (Paremeshwara) 9404 EMMwild1982dead2002-09-29 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1994-03-30
Bua 9711 EMFunknown1997PC x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2004-04-07
Chang Jiew (Dante) EMMcaptive-born2010-02-15dead2017-04-22Plai Jok x KamnoiFAE Elephant Hospital2010-02-00
Chiwit Dee EMMcaptive-born2013-12-17FC x BounnoiAyutthaya Royal Elephant Kraal (Wang Chang Ayutthaya Lae Paniat)2013-12-17
Christy 203LAFwild1980dead2009-12-22 x Brookfield Zoo1984-12-07
Cookie 455EMFwild1961dead1963-10-11 x Brookfield Zoo1962-05-10
Donkey 6701 EMFwild1965dead2003-05-26 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1965-00-00
Ellie EMFwilddead x James Brothers Circus (Sid Kellner)
Fatima (Bamula) 5008 EMFwild1947dead1972-01-31 x Aalborg Zoo (Aalborg Zoologiske Have)1972-01-29
Gipsy (Gypsie) LAFwild1972dead1984-09-14 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1973-04-18
Hattie (Joyce II) 177EMFwild1970dead1996-08-07 x Hawthorn Corporation1990-05-18
Honey (Arsali) 7LAFwild1934dead1958-09-11 x Brookfield Zoo1934-06-13
Ja Na EMFunknown2006FC x Phang Nga Elephant Park2018-00-00
JannNoi EMFwild1972FC x Maesa Elephant Camp
Jap (Japeno) EMFwilddead1948 x Dailey Brothers Circus1943-00-00
Jenny EMFwilddead x Dailey Brothers Circus1940-00-00
Josky EMMwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Joyce 289EMFwild1948dead1996-08-03 x Hawthorn Corporation1970-00-00
Judy 450EMFwilddead1971 x Lincoln Park Zoo1943-00-00
Jumb (Jumbo II) LAFwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
KamNoi EMMwild1961FC x Maesa Elephant Camp
Kamnoi EMFwildFC x Jumbo elephant camp2013-04-07
Kate 469EMFwild1962dead1968-07-02 x Lincoln Park Zoo1963-07-12
Kay EMFwild1936dead1994-10-21 x Carson and Barnes Circus
Kham Noi EMFunknown1971FC x Maetaman Elephant Camp
Kham Noi (Kham-Noi) EMFdead x Thai National Elephant Institute (Thai Elephant Conservation Center, TECC)
Kongo LAFdead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Lerato (Deneo) LAFcaptive-born2011-03-21dead2011-04-11Charley (Charlie) x PumbiPretoria Zoo2011-03-21
Little John (Bung-noi) T2037EMMwild1958dead1978 x Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus (Blue Unit)1969-00-00
Lizzie EMFwild1888dead1913-03-31 x John Robinson Circus
Lunkentuss (Rani) 2304 EMFwild1928dead1941-02-18 x Stockholm Zoo (Skansen)1931-06-07
Mame 107LAFwild1971dead2003-06-17 x Brookfield Zoo1972-06-07
Mary EMFunknowndead1925-10-27 x John Robinson Circus1923-00-00
Melinda 451EMFwild1951dead1953-10-30 x Brookfield Zoo1952-05-10
Mida 8511 EMFwild1975dead2002-02-11 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1985-02-16
Minnie 454EMFwild1929dead1976-09-22 x Brookfield Zoo1934-11-03
Mom (Moms) EMFdead1923 x Rice Brothers Circus1923-00-00
Mtoto 108LAFwild1971dead1992-06-11 x Brookfield Zoo1980-02-03
Namsai 201308 EMMcaptive-born2013-07-27PCRaja x BuaKolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2013-07-27
Nancy EMFwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Nancy 449EMFwild1920dead1951-01-19 x Brookfield Zoo1933-11-10
Nemo EMMwilddead1947-06-12 x Dailey Brothers Circus1940-00-00
Nobi EMMdead x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1963-00-00
Nobi (Noby) LAFwild1972dead1978-08-16 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1973-04-18
Noi EMMunknown1983FC x Maesa Elephant Camp
Noi EMFwildFC x unknown
Noi EMFunknownFC x Baan Kwan Chang (Klong Son Elephant Camp)
Noi EMFunknown1981FC x Maetaman Elephant Camp
Noi EMFunknownFC x Siam Safari Khao Sok
Noi EMMdead x Ban Ta Klang unspecified owner
Noi EMMFC x Surin unspecified Elephant Camp2013-04-00
Noi (พังน้อย) EMFcaptive-born1991FC x Surin elephant kingdom (Ban Ta Klang elephant village)
Noi (Helene) 6415 EMFwild1964dead1986-07-15 x Rostock Zoo1981-12-17
Noi (Surus) EMMwilddead x Valencia Zoo (Zoo de Valencia)
Noi 1 EMFwild1970FC x Maesa Elephant Camp
Noi 2 EMFwild1974FC x Maesa Elephant Camp
Noia (Juno) EMFwilddead1958-05-00 x Barcelona Zoo (Park Zoologic de Barcelona)1954-00-00
NoiMai EMFunknown1983FC x Maesa Elephant Camp
Noirie EMFwild1934dead1965 x Paris Zoo Vincennes1937-00-00
Nok Noi EMFunknowndead2010-05-20 x Elephant Island
noname 201721? EMcaptive-born2017-10-03deadTonsak x BuaKolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2017-10-03
Pang Kam Noy (Noi) EMFunknowndead1996 x Chiang Mai Zoo1979-00-00
Pang Kumnoi EMFunknown1946dead2006-07-17 x Doi Pha Muang Wildlife Sanctuary1998-02-10
Pang Noi EMFunknownFC x BLES (Boon Lotts Elephant Sanctuary)
Peaches 12LAFwild1950dead2005-01-17 x Lincoln Park Zoo2003-04-14
Pearl 301EMFcaptive-born1988-12-07dead1991-09-02Thai (Thailand) x InduLincoln Park Zoo1991-04-25
Peter Pan 21LAMwild1956dead1969-05-28 x Brookfield Zoo1957-05-07
Phet Tae (Lil BK, BK Noi) EMM1993unknown x unknown
Phungnoi EMFunknown1973FC x Surin elephant kingdom (Ban Ta Klang elephant village)
Pinky EMFwilddead x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1962-00-00
Putschie (Putscher, Butscha) 7001 EMFwild1971dead2001-10-31 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1990-05-02
Rosie EMFwilddead1943 x Dailey Brothers Circus1940-00-00
Saba 7318 EMFwild1968PC x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2007-11-07
Sandai (Sita II) 8807 EMFwild1985dead2003-05-14 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2000-08-23
Sanoi (Saonoi) 9612 EMFunknown1996PC x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2004-04-07
Satan EMMdead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Sompong EMMdead2013-04-18 x Na Jomtien Elephant Camp (Khao Chi Chan elephant center?)
Sri Noi EMFFC x Patara Elephant Farm
stillborn EMMcaptive-born2003-05-14dead2003-05-14Brahma (Paremeshwara) x Sandai (Sita II)Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2003-05-14
Sybil EMF1964dead1971-03-01 x Emerson wild animal farm (Ralph Emerson)
Tanya II EMFwilddead1974 x Jenda Smaha1972-00-00
Tatima (Deteema) 74LAFwild1969dead2004-10-15 x Lincoln Park Zoo2003-04-21
Teddy (Villi, Vermouth, Nat) 9602 EMMcaptive-born1996-05-24unknownMotek x WardaJerusalem Zoo (Tisch family zoological gardens)2001-09-10
Tembo 6LAFwild1930dead1943-07-14 x Brookfield Zoo1934-06-13
Tembo (Tempo) LAFwild1972dead1974-11-27 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1973-04-18
Tillie EMFwilddead1947 x Dailey Brothers Circus1940-00-00
Tonsak 9815 EMMunknown1998PC x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)2015-00-00
Tony EMFwilddead x John Robinson Circus1911-00-00
Trilby T2306EMFwild1920dead1952 x Kelly Morris Circus1950-00-00
Trilby EMFwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Unknown 457EMFwild1964dead1965-09-30 x Brookfield Zoo1965-09-28
Valerie 444LAFwild1982FC x Wildlife Safari2017-03-00
Widget 19LAFwild1954dead1977-03-14 x Brookfield Zoo1955-05-14
Woodah unknowndead x John Robinson Circus1878-00-00
Y Ghen EMMunknown1974FC x Buon Don Eco Tourism Company (Cty Tourism sinh thái Buôn Đôn)2008-00-00
Zeffa EMFwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Ziggy (Herman) 453EMMwild1919dead1975-10-27 x Brookfield Zoo1936-07-28
Zombie 8LCFwild1934dead1943-07-04 x Brookfield Zoo1939-09-09
Zombini 10LCFwild1936dead1944-09-19 x Brookfield Zoo1939-09-09

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Becoming Charlemagne: Europe, Baghdad, and the Empires of A.D. 800

Jeff Sypeck

Becoming Charlemagne: Europe, Baghdad, and the Empires of A.D. 800 by Jeff Sypeck
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