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Eisfeldts menageri (Circus Leonard)circus
Moscow Zoo (Moskovskii Zoopark)zooMoscowhttp://www.zoo.ru/moscow/defengl.htm

There are 35 elephants with keyword Olga mentioned in the database

Alisa LAFwild1983dead2001-01-29 x Moscow Zoo (Moskovskii Zoopark)1985-07-30
Chandrama 3507 EMFwilddead x Moscow Zoo (Moskovskii Zoopark)1937-08-21
Chin Chang EMMwilddead1900 x Moscow Zoo (Moskovskii Zoopark)1882-00-00
Djindan EMMwilddead1943 x Moscow Zoo (Moskovskii Zoopark)1931-00-00
Dora 0203 EMFwild1902dead1941-03-03 x Poznan Zoo1910-05-25
Dumbo (Bo, Sabitri) 4900 EMFwild1948-08-00dead1962 x Moscow Zoo (Moskovskii Zoopark)1958-09-03
Ed 8405 LAMwild1984dead2007-10-11 x Moscow Zoo (Moskovskii Zoopark)1985-07-30
Erna 8509 LAFwild1985PC x Warsaw Zoo (Ogrod Zoologiczny Warsaw)2009-04-16
Flora 9910 LAFwild1982dead2007-02-10 x Moscow Zoo (Moskovskii Zoopark)2002-11-19
Jas 2602 EMMwild1926dead1939-09-02 x Warsaw Zoo (Ogrod Zoologiczny Warsaw)1929-05-00
Jas (Jasio Partyzant, Bao-Phay) 1002 EMMwild1910dead1956-11-11 x Warsaw Zoo (Ogrod Zoologiczny Warsaw)1955-09-05
Jenny EMFwilddead1917 x Moscow Zoo (Moskovskii Zoopark)1910-00-00
Jenny 3207 EMF1932dead x Unknown1939-04-00
Kaska 912 EMFwilddead x Unknown1891-12-31
Kaska II (Kasia, Katschi) 1802 EMFwild1918dead1939-09-00 x Warsaw Zoo (Ogrod Zoologiczny Warsaw)1928-06-00
Kinga 8709 LAFwild1987PC x Poznan Zoo2009-11-24
Kinga 5401 EMFwild1952dead2003-10-08 x Poznan Zoo1955-09-08
Kizia (Kizi, Kizior) 8710 LAFwild1987PC x Poznan Zoo2009-11-24
Linda 8601 LAFwild1986PC x Poznan Zoo2009-08-20
Little Cohn (Maly Kohn, Chonor) 531 EMMwild1853dead1924-08-22 x Poznan Zoo1913-05-00
Mallicka 3506 EMFwilddead x Moscow Zoo (Moskovskii Zoopark)1937-08-21
Mawljuk EMMwilddead1903 x Moscow Zoo (Moskovskii Zoopark)1870-00-00
Molly EMFwilddead x Moscow Zoo (Moskovskii Zoopark)1946-05-00
Nekli 3407 EMFwild1935dead x unknown1944-04-07
noname 8604 EMFcaptive-born1986-02-18dead1986-03-16John (Jonny) x ZitaMoscow Zoo (Moskovskii Zoopark)1986-02-18
Olga 8508 LAFwild1985dead2009-08-20 x Beekse Bergen Safaripark1988-05-26
Olga 68LAFwild1968dead1998-06-30 x Riverbanks Zoological Park1974-10-11
Pamir 8001 EMMunknown1980unknown x Moscow Zoo (Moskovskii Zoopark)1985-01-22
Pipita (Pepita) 8509 EMFunknown1981-00-00unknown x Moscow Zoo (Moskovskii Zoopark)1985-01-22
Pobeda 200905 EMFcaptive-born2009-04-22unknownPamir x Pipita (Pepita)Moscow Zoo (Moskovskii Zoopark)2009-04-22
Prima 8508 EMFwild1981-00-00dead2013-12-00 x Moscow Zoo (Moskovskii Zoopark)1985-01-22
Rhanee 8714 EMFwild1970dead2011-07-30 x Wroclaw Zoo (Zoo Breslau)2007-10-24
Sarra EMFwilddead1913 x Moscow Zoo (Moskovskii Zoopark)1910-00-00
Shango EMMwilddead x Moscow Zoo (Moskovskii Zoopark)1940-00-00
Tuzinka 3702 EMFcaptive-born1937-04-16dead1944Jas x Kaska II (Kasia, Katschi)Unknown

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