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Beto Carrero WorldzooPenha, Santa Catarina (SC)http://www.betocarrero.com.br/
Carl Hagenbecks Wild Animal Circuscircus
Denise AustinprivateBelfast
Houston ZoozooHoustonhttp://www.houstonzoo.org

There are 53 elephants with keyword Pira mentioned in the database

Ashwathama EMMwild2009dead2017-10-00 x Bannerghatta Biological Park Zoo2011-05-00
Babu LAMwild1993dead2018-01-08 x Brasilias Zoo Garden (Jardim Zoológico de Brasília)1995-00-00
Barack (Rocky) 656EMMcaptive-born2009-01-19FCDoc x BonnieRingling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation2012-00-00
Barnum Nellie 678 / T2083EMFwild1914dead1941 x Houston Zoo1924-00-00
Baylor 671EMMcaptive-born2010-05-04unknownThai (Thailand) x ShantiHouston Zoo2010-05-04
Bella 552EMFcaptive-born2004-08-17dead2005-04-15Thai (Thailand) x ShantiHouston Zoo2004-08-17
Bud (Budweiser) 228LAMwild1984dead2018-03-19 x Grants Farm1986-04-00
Cora (Kura) 500LAFwilddead2000-08-04 x Shambala Preserve
Duncan 760EMMcaptive-born2014-02-08FCThai (Thailand) x ShantiHouston Zoo2014-02-08
fetus (twin) 761EMcaptive-born2014-06-30dead2014-06-30Thai (Thailand) x TessHouston Zoo2014-06-30
fetus (twin) 762EMcaptive-born2014-06-30dead2014-06-30Thai (Thailand) x TessHouston Zoo2014-06-30
Hans 435EMMwild1916dead1979-04-27 x Houston Zoo1925-08-05
Jamuna EMFunknown~1974dead2018-06-20 x Nehru Zoological Park
Jenny (Siam) EMFwild1965dead1995 x William Buckles Woodcock1991-00-00
Joca LAMwild1975dead1995-10-03 x Belo Horizonte (Jardim Zoológico de Belo Horizonte)1977-08-00
Joy +771? (N/A)EMFcaptive-born2017-07-12FC x ShantiHouston Zoo2017-07-12
Kenya 435LAFwild1974dead1997-01-15 x Peter Luvas1976-09-00
Kimba 311EMFcaptive-born1991-07-17dead2004-09-05Thai (Thailand) x Methai (Me Thai)Houston Zoo1991-07-17
Komala EMFcaptive-born1996dead2004-10-08Gajalaxmi x JayaprakashMysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)1996-00-00
Mac 645EMMcaptive-born2006-10-01dead2008-11-09Thai (Thailand) x ShantiHouston Zoo2006-10-01
Manyula EMFwild1950dead2010-09-21 x San Salvador Zoo (Parque Zoológico Nacional de San Salvador)1955-06-29
Methai (Me Thai) 127EMFwild1969FC x Houston Zoo1981-05-08
Mugsy 224LAFwild1983dead x Riddles Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary1986-07-31
noname (wild) EMFwilddead2012-04-09 x Kaeng Krachan National Park
none 550EMFcaptive-born2003-12-28dead2003-12-29Thai (Thailand) x Methai (Me Thai)Houston Zoo2003-12-28
Oba 367LAMwild1974dead1978-07-30 x Houston Zoo1976-12-09
Piper (Kalu, Katu) 436EMFwild1971dead1977-07-24 x Houston Zoo1971-09-04
Pira EMFwild1969FC x Joy Gärtner2005-11-26
Princess EMFunknownFC x Beto Carrero World
Pumbi LAFwild1985?dead2012-04-03 x Pretoria Zoo1987-04-28
Rocco EMMwild1984-00-00dead2011-02-21 x Lok Kawi Wildlife Park (Sabah Zoo)2006-00-00
Roxy 464LAFwild1983dead1999-08-31 x Gee Gee Engesser1985-03-00
Sabai EMMcaptive-born2016-11-02PCGung (Prawn) x Thong DeeWestern Plains Zoo2016-11-02
Shani 143EMFcaptive-born1983-04-21dead1983-05-17Thai (Thailand) x InduHouston Zoo1983-04-21
Shanti 308EMFcaptive-born1990-10-11FCOnyx (Big Mac) x BozieHouston Zoo2001-04-09
Shara 319LAFwild1955dead1969-03-05 x Detroit Zoo1956-06-27
Sheila EMFwild1933dead1963 x Belfast Zoo (Bellevue Gardens)1941-00-00
Singgah 352EMFcaptive-born1993-12-29dead2000-01-01Thai (Thailand) x Methai (Me Thai)Houston Zoo1993-12-29
stillborn 329EMFcaptive-born1991-10-25dead1991-10-25Thai (Thailand) x InduHouston Zoo1991-10-25
stillborn 373EMFcaptive-born1984-12-18dead1984-12-18Thai (Thailand) x InduHouston Zoo1984-12-18
stillborn 374EMcaptive-born1993-07-27dead1993-07-27Thai (Thailand) x InduHouston Zoo1993-07-27
stillborn 388EMcaptive-born1995-07-28dead1995-07-28Thai (Thailand) x InduHouston Zoo1995-07-28
stillborn 410EMMcaptive-born1997-04-26dead1997-04-26Kiba x KimbaHouston Zoo1997-04-26
Tanya 331EMFcaptive-born1992-04-04FCVance (Matt) x Mala (Lalea)Beto Carrero World
Tess 288EMFwild1981FC x Houston Zoo2008-09-12
Thai (Thailand) 6507 126EMMwild1965PC x Houston Zoo1980-06-12
Tilly EMFcaptive-born2018-06-17FCThai x TessHouston Zoo2018-06-17
Timbo 37LAMwild1960dead1985-01-04 x Oklahoma City Zoo1963-07-23
To Timba 9LAMwild1934-01dead1934-10-28 x St Louis Zoo1934-10-12
Tucker 632EMMcaptive-born2005-05-12unknownTusko (Sobik) x TessHouston Zoo2008-09-12
Tupelo 735EMFcaptive-born2010-10-03FCThai (Thailand) x TessHouston Zoo
Unknown EMFunknownFC x Beto Carrero World
Zooella (Gayle) EMF1955?dead1978 x John Ball Zoo1965-00-00

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There are 1 books which contain the word Pira in the database

Love, War, and Circuses: The Age-Old Relationship Between Elephants and Humans

Eric Scigliano

Love, War, and Circuses: The Age-Old Relationship Between Elephants and Humans by Eric Scigliano
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