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Carl Hagenbecks Wild Animal Circuscircus
Charles JamrachdealerLondon
Circus Carl Hagenbeck - Stellingen (Lorenz Hagenbeck)circusHamburg
Circus Medrano (Cirque Medrano, Cirque Fernando)circus
Circus RosairecircusBillericay
Circus Strassburgercircus
Cook and Whitby Shows (Ben Wallace)circusPeru, Indiana
Dailey Brothers Circuscircus
Duke Alfred of EdinburghprivateLondon,_Duke_of_Saxe-Coburg_and_Gotha
Edward VII of the United Kingdomprivate
George Wombwells Travelling Menageriecircus
Great Wallace BrotherscircusPeru
Hagenbeck-Wallace CircuscircusPeru, Indiana
Jayachamaraja Wadiyar BahadurprivateMysore
John Robinson CircuscircusTerrace Park, Ohio
King Naresuan Sanphet II of AyutthayaprivateAyutthaya
Lucknow ZoozooLucknow
Monarto Zoological ParkzooMonarto
Mummadi Krishnaraja WodeyarprivateMysore
Nay Aug Park ZoozooScranton
Palace Roc Agel (Grimaldi)privateLa Turbie
Ringling Brothers CircuscircusBaraboo, Wisconsin
Sandringham ZoozooNorfolk
Wallace and Co CircuscircusPeru, Indiana

There are 105 elephants with keyword Prince mentioned in the database

Abdallah EMdead x Ringling Brothers Circus1895-00-00
Alice (Princess Alice) EMFwild1876dead1941-11-25 x Wirth Circus1908-00-00
Anura EMMwild1953PC x Tama Zoological Park1958-04-28
Baby 6908 EMFwild1968unknown x Palace Roc Agel (Grimaldi)2013-07-12
Baby EMFcaptive-borndead1913-04-00 x Mom (Moms)Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Baldy 375EMMwild1878dead1916 x Ringling Brothers Circus1896-08-12
Bambina EMFwilddead1927 x Circus Strassburger
Basil EMMwilddead x John Robinson Circus1906-00-00
Bedelia EMFdead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Belle 41EMFwild1952dead1997-04-22 x Portland Zoo (Metro Washington Park Zoo)1961-10-27
Betty EMdead1935-09-12 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1925-00-00
Biligiriranga EMMwild1911dead x Jayachamaraja Wadiyar Bahadur
Bimbo Jr 319EMFwild1956FC x George Carden Circus International1980-09-01
Boby EMMwilddead1937-09-07 x Rome Zoo (Bioparco - Giardino Zoologico di Roma)
Charlie (Big Charlie) 690EMMwilddead1901-01-26 x Great Wallace Brothers1900-00-00
Cincinnati wilddead1898-06-00 x Ringling Brothers Circus
Corsair EMFwilddead x Ringling Brothers Circus1895-00-00
Dell EMFwild1956dead x Brazil unspecified location1975-00-00
Diamond EMMwilddead1898-03-00 x Great Wallace Brothers1895-00-00
Ein She Min 200907 EMMcaptive-born2009-05-23PCRadsch (Radza, Mysore) x Ma Ya YeeEmmen Zoo2009-05-23
Ella EMFwilddead1901-06-28 x Great Wallace Brothers1899-07-04
Emperor EMMwilddead1885-05-17 x Ringling Brothers Circus1895-00-00
Fannie (Fanny) LAFwilddead1908-11-00 x Ringling Brothers Circus1888-00-00
Gypsie (Gypsy) EMFdead1910-04-30 x Ringling Brothers Circus1908-00-00
Harry Lockhart EMMwilddead1907 x Ringling Brothers Circus1896-00-00
Hazel EMFdead1904 x Great Wallace Brothers1901-00-00
Hortense Fdead x Ringling Brothers Circus
Iravatha EMMwilddead1952-07-00 x Jayachamaraja Wadiyar Bahadur1940-00-00
Jap (Japeno) EMFwilddead1948 x Dailey Brothers Circus1943-00-00
Jenny EMFwilddead x Dailey Brothers Circus1940-00-00
Jenny 324EMFwild1965FC x George Carden Circus International1981-10-01
Jenny EMFwilddead x Circus Strassburger
Josky EMMwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Jumb (Jumbo II) LAFwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Kamala (Camilla, Kamella) EMFwild1966unknown x Circus Medrano (Cirque Medrano, Cirque Fernando)
Keddah EMwilddead1898-10-14 x Ringling Brothers Circus1897-00-00
killed 378EMFcaptive-born1902-10-26dead1902-10-26Baldy x AliceRingling Brothers Circus1902-10-26
Kongo LAFdead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Lechmee (Letchmai, Lechemee) EMFwild1966FC1998 x Circus Medrano (Cirque Medrano, Cirque Fernando)
Lizzie EMFwild1888dead1913-03-31 x John Robinson Circus
Mary EMFunknowndead1925-10-27 x John Robinson Circus1923-00-00
Maude EMFdead1903-08-07 x Great Wallace Brothers
Mike LAMwilddead1907-12-19 x Ringling Brothers Circus1907-00-00
Mina (Meena) EMFwild1966unknown x Circus Medrano (Cirque Medrano, Cirque Fernando)
Molly EMFwilddead1977-06-19 x Brazil unspecified location1975-00-00
Muenlan EMFcaptive-born2006-09-29FCPlai Wang x Rasameeunknown
Nancy EMFwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Nauke EMMdead1916 x Circus Carl Hagenbeck - Stellingen (Lorenz Hagenbeck)
Ned (Nick) 377EMMcaptive-born1900-11-19dead1901-02-16Baldy x AliceRingling Brothers Circus1900-11-19
Nemo EMMwilddead1947-06-12 x Dailey Brothers Circus1940-00-00
Nepal 6909 EMFwild1968unknown x Palace Roc Agel (Grimaldi)2013-07-12
Nidirah (Nadirah) 546LAFcaptive-born2005-12-19PCJack (Jackson) x DonnaDisneys Animal Kingdom2005-12-19
Nila Utama EMMcaptive-born2010-11-23dead2013Chawang (Lasah) x Sri NandongSingapore Night Safari2010-11-23
Old John (John L. Sullivan, Othello, Tiny, Light of Asia) EMMwilddead1932-01-16 x Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus1919-00-00
Pasha EMFdead x Ringling Brothers Circus
Phukhao Thong (Chao Phraya Chayanuprab, Chao Phraya Prab Hongsawadi) EMMdead x King Naresuan Sanphet II of Ayutthaya
Pilate (Pilot) EMMwilddead1899-04-11 x Great Wallace Brothers1895-00-00
Pinky EMFwilddead x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1962-00-00
Prince 490EMMwild1913dead1937-09-19 x San Diego Zoo1936-11-06
Prince EMMwilddead1898-07-03 x Great Wallace Brothers1895-00-00
Prince EMMwilddead1906? x Ringling Brothers Circus1893-00-00
Prince EMMdead x Wirth Circus
Prince (Chang Dee) 72EMMcaptive-born1987-05-24PCHugo x Me-TuPerforming Animal Welfare Society / ARK 2000 (PAWS)2011-07-21
Prince (Putra, Gua) EMMwild2000dead2014-10-00 x Tashkent Zoo2005-00-00
Prince (Tommy) 671 EMMwilddead1882 x Dublin Zoo
Prince Obert (Dilip) T1231EMMcaptive-born1961-09-20dead1963-01-19 x Fairyland Circus1962-12-06
Prince Utah 14EMMcaptive-born1918-04-29dead1919-03-15Snyder x Princess AliceHogle Zoo (Salt City Zoo)1918-04-29
Princess EMFunknownFC x Beto Carrero World
Princess EMFwilddead2010-06-12 x Elephant Valley Project2008-11-00
Princess LAFwilddead x Unknown
Princess T2092EMFwild1973dead1981-10-30 x Henry Vilas Zoo1974-02-13
Princess EMFwilddead x Brazil unspecified location1975-00-00
Princess (Putri, Sejuk) EMFwild2001unknown x Tashkent Zoo2005-00-00
Princess Alice 8EMFwild1884dead1953-03-30 x Hogle Zoo (Salt City Zoo)1916-08-25
Princess Monice EMFdead x Circus Rosaire1939-00-00
Princess Penny T2253EMFwilddead1971-07-01 x Nay Aug Park Zoo1966-06-00
Queenie EMFwilddead1935-05-04 x Nay Aug Park Zoo1924-06-16
Reynolds Jennie (Queen Jumbo, Big Bingo) EMFwilddead1918-05-17 x Ringling Brothers Circus1896-08-12
Robert EMFwilddead1867 x Berlin Zoo1862-00-00
Roma I 1803 EMFwild1905-1910dead x Circus Carl Hagenbeck - Stellingen (Lorenz Hagenbeck)1932-09-00
Romeo EMMunknowndead1900-10-23 x Ringling Brothers Circus1900-00-00
Romey EMFdead x Cook and Whitby Shows (Ben Wallace)1893-00-00
Rosie EMFwilddead1943 x Dailey Brothers Circus1940-00-00
Ruth T2267EMFwilddead x Nay Aug Park Zoo1941-00-00
Satan EMMdead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Sells Babe EMFdead1915-12-25 x Ringling Brothers Circus1912-00-00
Siam EMFwild1957dead2013-02-00 x Australia Zoo2003-00-00
Snyder 7EMMwild1897dead1920-09-13 x Sells-Floto Circus1906-00-00
Soliman (Suleiman) EMMwild1540dead1553-12-18 x Menagerie Schloss Kaiserebersdorf1552-03-06
Sultan EMMdead x Ringling Brothers Circus
Tikka LAFwild1980dead2010 x Circus Medrano (Cirque Medrano, Cirque Fernando)
Tillie EMFwilddead1947 x Dailey Brothers Circus1940-00-00
Tillie T2296EMFwild1924dead1966 x Nay Aug Park Zoo1935-05-31
Tobe EMMwilddead1893-03-15 x Cook and Whitby Shows (Ben Wallace)1892-00-00
Toni 279EMF1965dead2006-01-25 x Smithsonian National Zoological Park1989-10-25
Tony EMFwilddead x John Robinson Circus1911-00-00
Trilby EMFwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
unknown EMFwilddead x Circus Carl Hagenbeck - Stellingen (Lorenz Hagenbeck)
unknown EMFwilddead x Circus Carl Hagenbeck - Stellingen (Lorenz Hagenbeck)
unknown dead x Charles Jamrach
unknown dead1836 x George Wombwells Travelling Menagerie
Vickie (Vicky, Vates) 320EMFwild1961FC x George Carden Circus International
Woodah unknowndead x John Robinson Circus1878-00-00
Zeffa EMFwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
Zip LAFwilddead1893-01-02 x Ringling Brothers Circus1890-00-00

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