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Bamako zoozooBamako
Ban Khiat Ngong elephant campcampPakse, Champasak
Belle Isle Nature Zoo (Safariland, Detroit Zoo)zooDetroit
Chandragupta Mauryaprivate
Chiang Mai ZoozooChiang Mai
Circus Diana Moreno (Cirque Diana Moreno Bormann)circusParis
Circus PagescircusMyakka City Florida
Detroit ZoozooRoyal Oak, Michigan
Gautiers MenagerieprivateFaucon, Avignon
Giza Zoological GardenzooCairo
Henry Vilas ZoozooMadison
Jenda SmahaprivateSarasota
Mrs. Harold H Smith JrprivateReno
Munich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)zooMunich
Rampura campcampBandipur
Wildlife SafarizooWinston

There are 87 elephants with keyword Reno mentioned in the database

Rani EMFunknown~1948FC x Rampura camp2013-03-00
Adam 4300 LAMcaptive-born1943-04-11dead1943-11-11Shari x MatadiMunich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)1943-04-11
Alice 84LAFwild1970dead2017-01-31 x Wildlife Safari1972-09-04
Aneta 569EMFwild1924dead1943-12-29 x Belle Isle Nature Zoo (Safariland, Detroit Zoo)1928-06-20
Annie T2106EMFwilddead1948-11-11 x Henry Vilas Zoo1918-07-20
Annie II T2105EMFwild1945dead1949-08-22 x Henry Vilas Zoo1948-11-18
August 3602 EMMcaptive-born1936-08-08dead1953-07-31Jacky x Nelly II (Baby)Munich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)1946-09-18
Bambi 437LAFwild1975FC x Circus Pages1991-00-00
Billy EMMwild1990unknown x Chiang Mai Zoo2009-11-05
Borneo (Buldiu) EMMwilddead1943 x Munich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)1940-00-00
Boy 1003 EMMwild1910dead1938-02-00 x Munich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)1929-00-00
Chaiyo (Chai Yo) EMFcaptive-born1998-11-19FCPlai Eak (Plai Aek) x Pang MaiChiang Mai Zoo1998-11-19
Cora EMFwilddead x Munich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)1929-00-00
Daisy 436LAFwild1975FC x Circus Pages1991-00-00
Emanti 569LAMcaptive-born2010-05-13PCMabhulane (Mabu) x Umoya (Moya)San Diego Safari Park (San Diego Wild Animal Park)2010-05-13
Gajendra 9302 EMMcaptive-born1993-04-30PC x Munich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)2017-03-29
Ganga EMFcaptive-born1998FC x Merry (Mary)Rampura camp
George 201LAMwild1981FC x Wildlife Safari1988-03-01
Jamuna Toni 200915 EMFcaptive-born2009-12-21dead2010-06-14Gajendra x PanangMunich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)2009-12-21
Joan EMFwild1958dead1976-07-10 x Taronga Zoo1962-11-01
Johnny T2196EMMwilddead x Belle Isle Nature Zoo (Safariland, Detroit Zoo)1942-00-00
Kantha (Kanthi) EMFwild1949dead2014-08-00 x Rampura camp
Kanvar 200808 EMMcaptive-born2008-07-19PCGanapati (Ganapathy) x Sami (Samicuta, Samyuktha)Planckendael Zoo2017-07-06
Karema EMFwild1963dead2016-07-05 x Giza Zoological Garden1967-00-00
Kathi 7108 EMF1968-00-00dead2006-07-09 x Munich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)1971-05-19
Kiba (Chupa) 483LAFwild1982dead2009-12-17 x Nashville Zoo1995-04-15
Kita 88EMFwild1958dead1989-12-23 x Detroit Zoo1959-05-20
Lelaba (Lelabati) EMFwilddead x Munich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)
Liz 222EMFwild1964FC x Wildlife Safari2017-03-00
Lockhart Jenny (Jennie) EMFwilddead1928-12-23 x Orton Brothers Circus1923-00-00
Lola 201111 EMFcaptive-born2011-10-28dead2012-01-21?Gajendra x PanangMunich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)2011-10-28
Louie 526LAMcaptive-born2003-04-30PCBulwagi x Renee (Mbili)Omahas Henry Doorly Zoo2017-06-23
Ludwig 201107 EMMcaptive-born2011-05-06FCGajendra x TemiMunich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)2011-05-06
Mangala 9307 EMFunknown1993-01-19FC x Munich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)1994-12-01
Matadi LAFwilddead1943 x Munich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)1931-00-00
Max 8310 EMMwild1968dead1997-04-30 x Munich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)1983-06-09
Mills B 626EMMwild1965dead x Lion Country Safari, Inc - Florida1968-06-24
Mini EMFwilddead x Munich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)
Miss Bets 560LAFcaptive-born2007-12-08FC2017-12-11Willie x AmyChaffee Zoological Gardens2015-05-00
Missy 225EMFwild1964dead1997-10-18 x Detroit Zoo1994-11-09
Moja 215LAFcaptive-born1982-05-24FCChico x Wankie (Wanki)Wildlife Safari2015-02-00
Moran LAMwild1964dead1983 x Munich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)1975-05-14
Naeema LAFwild1980FC x Giza Zoological Garden1983-00-00
Panang 8902 EMFcaptive-born1989-02-13FCMaxi (Maknah, Mak) x Ceyla (Ceyla-Himali)Munich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)1995-10-12
Pang Kam Noy (Noi) EMFunknowndead1996 x Chiang Mai Zoo1979-00-00
Pang Mai EMFunknown1989dead2006-11-24 x Chiang Mai Zoo1991-00-00
Paulina 570EMFwild1885dead1950-01-26 x Belle Isle Nature Zoo (Safariland, Detroit Zoo)1928-06-20
Penny 192LAFwild1979dead2017-05-04 x Riverbanks Zoological Park2001-12-10
Plai Eak (Plai Aek) EMMwilddead2008-02-25 x Chiang Mai Zoo1979-00-00
Princess T2092EMFwild1973dead1981-10-30 x Henry Vilas Zoo1974-02-13
Rani EMFwilddead1951-08-10 x Munich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)
Reno EMMFC x Sebanga-Duri Elephant Center (Riau)
Ruth 89EMFwild1948dead1994-02-17 x Detroit Zoo
Sammy 562EMMwild1908dead1938-03-05 x Belle Isle Nature Zoo (Safariland, Detroit Zoo)1933-07-10
Seppl 3501 EMMcaptive-born1935-06-18dead1946-04-25Boy x CoraMunich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)1935-06-18
Shaker LAMwilddead1995 x Giza Zoological Garden1983-00-00
Shara 319LAFwild1955dead1969-03-05 x Detroit Zoo1956-06-27
Shari LAMwilddead1945 x Munich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)1931-00-00
Sheba 566EMFwild1920dead1959-01-02 x Belle Isle Nature Zoo (Safariland, Detroit Zoo)1923-07-10
Sneeze 106LAFwild1970dead1997-12-01 x Wildlife Safari1972-09-25
Stasi 3403 EMFcaptive-born1934-12-31dead1968-12-09Boy x MiniMunich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)1934-12-31
Steffi 6812 EMFwild1966-00-00dead2018-03-07 x Munich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)1968-08-08
stillborn 200501 EMFcaptive-born2005-01-25dead2005-01-25Gajendra x PanangMunich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)2005-01-25
stillborn 3502 EMFcaptive-born1935-06-24dead1935-06-24Boy x Lelaba (Lelabati)Munich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)1935-06-24
stillborn 3503 EMFcaptive-born1935-06-27dead1935-06-27Boy x SumaMunich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)1935-06-27
stillborn 200708 EMMcaptive-born2007-10-07dead2007-10-07Gajendra x PanangMunich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)2007-10-07
stillborn (twin) 5103 EMFcaptive-born1951-07-28dead1951-07-28August x RaniMunich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)1951-07-28
stillborn (twin) 5107 EMFcaptive-born1951-08-10dead1951-08-10August x RaniMunich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)1951-08-10
Suma EMFwilddead x Munich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)
Suranimala EMMunknownFC x Pinnawala elephant orphanage
Susie 581EMFwild1949dead1964-12-04 x Belle Isle Nature Zoo (Safariland, Detroit Zoo)1952-11-01
Tanga 140LAMwild1976dead1994-11-15 x Wildlife Safari1979-05-29
Tanya II EMFwilddead1974 x Jenda Smaha1972-00-00
Tava 372LAFwild1978FC x Wildlife Safari2013-02-27
Tembo LAFwilddead1944 x Munich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)1943-00-00
Temi 200104 EMFcaptive-born2001-11-02FCAnkhor (Angkor) x KewaMunich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)2006-10-28
Thong Kwao EMFcaptive-born2003-11-14dead2006-04-04Plai Eak (Plai Aek) x Pang MaiChiang Mai Zoo2003-11-14
Tiki 85LAFwild1970dead2010-10-06 x Wildlife Safari1972-09-04
Tina 6107 EMFwild1959-00-00dead2012-06-26 x Munich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)1961-12-16
Tusko (Ned) T2242EMMwild1890dead1933-06-10 x Woodland Park Zoo1932-10-08
unknown EMwilddead x Gautiers Menagerie
unknown EMFwilddead x Giza Zoological Garden
unknown LAF2009FC x Bamako zoo
unknown (Chaitras calf?) EMMcaptive-born2009FC x ChaitraRampura camp2013-00-00
Valerie 444LAFwild1982FC x Wildlife Safari2017-03-00
Winkie II (Winky) 123EMFwild1966dead2017-05-17 x The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee2000-09-12
Winky 740 / T1056EMFwilddead1982-06-10 x Wildlife Safari1982-06-10

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