There is presently 13 locations which may match your search Rill in the elephant database.

Audubon Zoozoo New Orleans
Carl Hagenbecks Wild Animal Circuscircus
Central Park ZoozooNew York
Dresden ZoozooDresden
George Wombwells Travelling Menageriecircus
Howletts Wild Animal ParkzooHythe, Kent
Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)privateOcala, Florida
Leon ZoozooLeon
Lincoln Park ZoozooChicago, Illinois
Port Lympne ZoozooKent
Sonepur Mela Haathi Bazaar (Harihar Kshetra Mela)dealerOrissa
Tom Packs CircuscircusSt. Louis
Wirth CircuscircusSydney

There are 131 elephants with keyword Rill mentioned in the database

Alice EMFunknown1891?dead1956-07-04 x Wirth Circus1952-12-01
Alice (Princess Alice) EMFwild1876dead1941-11-25 x Wirth Circus1908-00-00
Anna EMFwilddead x Circo Tiani1969-00-00
Annie EMFunknowndead1929-10-00 x Wirth Circus1923-00-00
Ashoka EMMcaptive-born1998-08-20dead1999-07-26Bindu x PugliPort Lympne Zoo1998-08-20
Assam 7004 EMMcaptive-born1970-03-07dead1994-06-29Moti (Mohti) x BurmaPort Lympne Zoo1977-06-27
Belah 6909 LAFwild1971dead2003-10-00 x Howletts Wild Animal Park1972-00-00
Betty EMFunknowndead1950 x Wirth Circus
Birka EMFwild1916dead1957-02-09 x Dresden Zoo1956-05-31
Birma EMFwild0dead1944-01-08 x Dresden Zoo1924-05-31
Bombay EMFwild1960dead1990-08-01 x Dresden Zoo1963-06-07
Bubbles 719EMFwild1963-11dead x Catskill Game Farm1982-05-06
Butscha EMFcaptive-borndead x MaryWirth Circus1923-04-13
Bwana 6801 LAMwild1968dead1985-03-27 x Howletts Wild Animal Park1971-00-00
Cardigan (Cardie) EMMdead1923-07-00 x Wirth Circus1902-00-00
Carla 4401 EMFcaptive-born1944-08-10dead1962-04-22Piccolo (Picolo) x Birma IIDresden Zoo1951-07-02
Chang T2136EMFwilddead1942 x Central Park Zoo1932-00-00
Coco 20001 LAMcaptive-born2000-06-14NCChisco x LauraHowletts Wild Animal Park2015-10-00
Davida (Veda) EMFwild1966dead1993-07-04 x Port Lympne Zoo1988-05-19
Dolly EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Donna 469LAFwild1984PC x Disneys Animal Kingdom2003-11-24
Dorothy T2152EMFwilddead x Central Park Zoo1932-00-00
Drumbo 9009 LAFwild1990FC x Dresden Zoo1992-05-02
Eiley (Eileen) EMFunknowndead1959 x Wirth Circus
Ellie EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Ellie Mae (Mae) 232LAFwild1985dead1991-11-05 x Audubon Zoo1991-11-05
Eloise LAFwildwild x Tarangire National Park
Etana 200800 LAFcaptive-born2008-12-13NCJums x SwanaHowletts Wild Animal Park2008-12-13
Frida EMFwilddead2011-09-06? x Quilpue Zoo (El Parque Zoológico de Quilpué)1998-00-00
Gertie EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Ghuni Sah (Ghunah Sah) EMFdead1906-03-10 x Wirth Circus1899-00-00
Gyp EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Hattie T2180EMwild1899dead x Central Park Zoo1903-00-00
Impi (Impy) 20084 LAMcaptive-born2011-06-05unknownJums x SwanaHowletts Wild Animal Park2011-06-05
Issa 9401 LAFcaptive-born1994-07-27dead2013-04-10?Yossi x Lara (Amy)Port Lympne Zoo2006-06-15
Itema 458EMFwild1917?dead1960 x Audubon Zoo1924-11-00
Jama 20048 LAFcaptive-born2006-07-17NCJums x MasaHowletts Wild Animal Park2006-07-17
Jara 20033 LAFcaptive-born2005-04-27NCJums x Tammi (Tami)Howletts Wild Animal Park2005-04-27
Jas (Jashu) 6404 LAMwild1963-01-00dead1992-04-23 x Howletts Wild Animal Park1988-10-29
Jean 19EMFwild1972FC x Audubon Zoo1978-10-08
Jessie EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Jewel (Jule) EMFwilddead x Central Park Zoo1896-00-00
Jo-Dee (Jodie) EMFwilddead1950-07-16 x Wirth Circus1949-00-00
Judy 450EMFwilddead1971 x Lincoln Park Zoo1943-00-00
Julia (Julie) T2202EMFwilddead1976-12-16 x Central Park Zoo1950-00-00
Juluka 20081 LAFcaptive-born2011-02-15FCJums x Stuvite (Stavit)Howletts Wild Animal Park2011-02-15
Jumas (Justa) 9803 LAFcaptive-born1998-10-25dead2010-10-09Jums x Stuvite (Stavit)Howletts Wild Animal Park1998-10-25
Jumbo LAMwild0dead1940 x Dresden Zoo1925-00-00
Jumbo II EMdead x Wirth Circus1923-00-00
Juva LAMcaptive-born2006-09-25dead2012-12-28Jums x Stuvite (Stavit)Port Lympne Zoo2011-00-00
Kate 469EMFwild1962dead1968-07-02 x Lincoln Park Zoo1963-07-12
killed 8411 EMFcaptive-born1984-08-17dead1984-08-17Assam x PugliPort Lympne Zoo1984-08-17
Konga LAFwild0dead1991 x Dresden Zoo
Kruger 8403 LAMwild1984dead2015-10-23 x Port Lympne Zoo2006-10-04
Kunda LAMwild2012dead2012-01-31 x Mwanga Lodge2012-01-08
La Petite 8520 EMFunknown1985-00-00FC x Ramat Gan Zoo2001-01-07
Lacksemie (Lakshmi) EMFwild0dead1945-02-14 x Dresden Zoo
Lara (Amy) 7702 LAFcaptive-born1977-11-17dead2011-09-06Timbo x AtariPort Lympne Zoo2006-06-15
Lena EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Lilly (Lilli) EMFwild1860dead1911-05-00 x Dresden Zoo1863-07-08
Lizzie EMFdead1920-10-24 x Wirth Circus
Malti 648EMFcaptive-born2007-08-09dead2008-11-01Spike (Ganesha) x Maharani (Rani)Calgary Zoo2007-08-09
Manzi (Nelly?) 20075 LAFcaptive-born2010-05-18NCJums x Jumas (Justa)Howletts Wild Animal Park2010-05-18
Mary EMFwild1911dead1911-09-00 x Dresden Zoo1911-09-00
Mary 459EMFwild1945dead1961-08-04 x Audubon Zoo1953-11-09
Mary EMFdead x Wirth Circus1923-00-00
Masa 6910 LAFwild1969-12-01NC x Howletts Wild Animal Park1972-01-01
Mchumba (twin) 20078 LAMcaptive-born2011-01-24NCJums x MasaHowletts Wild Animal Park2011-01-24
Mirembe LAFcaptive-born2014-06-07FCJums x Tammi (Tami)Howletts Wild Animal Park2014-06-07
Mogli 9907 LAFwild1995FC x Dresden Zoo1999-01-13
Molly EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Mucki EMFwild1919dead1942-07-26 x Dresden Zoo1942-04-00
Nanga EMFwild1933dead1942-07-24 x Dresden Zoo1933-09-00
Nidirah (Nadirah) 546LAFcaptive-born2005-12-19PCJack (Jackson) x DonnaDisneys Animal Kingdom2005-12-19
noname LAFcaptive-born2009-06-21dead2009-06-28 x UmnaHowletts Wild Animal Park2009-06-21
Odette EMFwild0dead1945-02-14 x Dresden Zoo1942-11-16
Panya 18EMFwild1964FC x Audubon Zoo1983-10-21
Paul EMMwild1906dead1924-01-27 x Dresden Zoo1911-09-00
Peaches 12LAFwild1950dead2005-01-17 x Lincoln Park Zoo2003-04-14
Pearl 301EMFcaptive-born1988-12-07dead1991-09-02Thai (Thailand) x InduLincoln Park Zoo1991-04-25
Peggy EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Prince EMMdead x Wirth Circus
Rill EMFunknowndead x Sole Brothers Circus
Rosey 7304 LAFwild1973dead1990-09-07 x Howletts Wild Animal Park1987-08-11
Sabi 8215 LAFcaptive-born1982-05-25dead1989-09-29Bwana x MasaHowletts Wild Animal Park1982-05-25
Safari EMFwild1926dead1976-02-12 x Dresden Zoo1956-05-31
Sally EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Sarina EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Sawu (Lulu) 9908 LAFwild1996FC x Dresden Zoo1999-01-13
Schöpfi 6004 EMFwild1958dead2010-02-03 x Dresden Zoo1960-10-07
Shara (Sara) 7801 556LAFcaptive-born1978-01-17dead2008-07-00Timbo x MotekPort Lympne Zoo2006-06-16
Shibi 7703 LAFwild1977-01-01dead2018-05-00 x Howletts Wild Animal Park1980-01-01
Sitang EMMcaptive-born2002-06-30dead2005-08-15Luka x Khaing Phyo PhyoPort Lympne Zoo
Star 6309 EMFwild1961dead1963-06-08 x Dresden Zoo1963-06-07
stillborn 200505 EMMcaptive-born2005-05-28dead2005-05-28Luka x Yu Yu YinPort Lympne Zoo2005-05-28
stillborn EMFcaptive-born2005-07-12dead2005-07-12Luka x Tin Tin HtooPort Lympne Zoo2005-07-12
stillborn 8713 EMFcaptive-born1987-12-08dead1987-12-08Bindu x RaniPort Lympne Zoo1987-12-08
stillborn EMMcaptive-born1993-06-21dead1993-06-21Bindu x Davida (Veda)Port Lympne Zoo1993-06-21
stillborn EMMcaptive-born1996-03-29dead1996-03-29Assam x PugliPort Lympne Zoo1996-03-29
stillborn (twin) 9014 EMFcaptive-born1990-06-24dead1990-06-24Bindu x Yasmin (Yasmine)Port Lympne Zoo1990-06-24
stillborn (twin) 9015 EMFcaptive-born1990-07-22dead1990-07-22Bindu x Yasmin (Yasmine)Port Lympne Zoo1990-07-22
Stuvite (Stavit) 8706 LAFcaptive-born1987-10-11dead2013-04-10Yossi x AvivaHowletts Wild Animal Park1988-10-01
Susie EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Swana 8502 LAFcaptive-born1985-07-02dead2013-04-02Bwana x MasaHowletts Wild Animal Park1985-07-02
Tammi (Tami) 8704 LAFcaptive-born1987-04-04NCYossi x Katrina (Katerina)Howletts Wild Animal Park1988-10-01
Tatima (Deteema) 74LAFwild1969dead2004-10-15 x Lincoln Park Zoo2003-04-21
Tin Tin Htoo 8311 EMFunknown1983-09-30dead2005-07-13 x Port Lympne Zoo1999-11-22
Tip (Tippoo Sahib) 692 / T2299EMMwild1871dead1894-05-11 x Central Park Zoo1888-01-00
Toby EMFdead1915 x Wirth Circus1904-00-00
Toby II EMdead x Wirth Circus
Tom Thumb T2300EMMwild1877dead x Central Park Zoo
Toto 6806 LAMwild1969dead1989-12-20 x Howletts Wild Animal Park1969-10-00
twin (stillborn) LAMcaptive-born2011-01-25dead2011-01-25Jums x MasaHowletts Wild Animal Park2011-01-25
Umna 9703 LAFcaptive-born1997-07-18dead2011-07-05Jums x SwanaHowletts Wild Animal Park1997-07-18
Unknown LAFwild0dead x Dresden Zoo
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown LAwilddead x Jumbolair (Arthur Jones)1984-00-00
unknown dead1836 x George Wombwells Travelling Menagerie
unknown LAFcaptive-born2011-01-29dead2011-03-01Jums x Tammi (Tami)Howletts Wild Animal Park2011-01-29
unknown EMFdead x Wirth Circus1953-04-01
unknown (twin) LAMwild2017-08-00wild x EloiseTarangire National Park2017-08-00
unknown (twin) LAFwild2017-08-00wild x EloiseTarangire National Park2017-08-00
Uzuri 200800 LAFcaptive-born2008-02-17NCJums x Tammi (Tami)Howletts Wild Animal Park2008-02-17

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There are 2 books which contain the word Rill in the database

The Fate of the Elephant

Douglas H. Chadwick

The Fate of the Elephant by Douglas H. Chadwick
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When Elephants Paint

Komar & Melamid, David Eggers

When Elephants Paint by Komar & Melamid, David Eggers
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