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Alfredo Rossicircus
Bjäre Industrier ABprivateKristianstad
Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)zooHamburg
Circus BlumenfeldcircusMagdeburg
Circus Chipperfieldcircus
Circus RosairecircusBillericay
Circus SarrasanicircusDresden
Derrick Rosairecircus
Knowsley Safari ParkzooMerseyside
Mark Shand (1951-2014)privateRome
Mary ChipperfieldcircusChilworth
Rosas Royal Midgets Toy TowncircusNew York
Safari WestzooSanta Rosa
Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)zooJackson Township
Syracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)zooSyracuse

There are 111 elephants with keyword Rosa mentioned in the database

Adega 6901 LAFwild1968dead2004-06-30 x Knowsley Safari Park1971-00-00
Adele EMFwilddead1932-01-13 x Circus Sarrasani
Anjuli 201500 EMFcaptive-born2015-07-13FCGajendra x YashodaCarl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)2015-07-13
Ayu Rosalina EMFcaptive-born2012-09-18FC x Susi (Suci)Sampoiniet Conservation Response Unit (CRU) 2012-09-18
Babe 25EMFwild1954dead1990-05-12 x Syracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)1985-06-06
Baby EMFwilddead1932-01-00 x Circus Sarrasani
Bambi EMFwild1967unknown x Zooparque Itatiba2009-05-01
Barbara 110LAFwild1971unknown x Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)1974-03-01
Baroda 5707 EMFwild1957-10-00dead1987 x Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)1979-00-00
Batu 769? (unconfirmed)EMMcaptive-born2015-05-12unknownDoc x MaliSyracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)2015-05-12
Beauty 9601 LAFcaptive-born1996-10-21dead2004-02-04Yossi x BahatiKnowsley Safari Park1998-11-23
Benga 8407 EMFwild1966dead1999-07-15 x Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)
Bertha 59LAFwild1969dead x Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)1974-04-12
Birka EMFwild1934dead1991-07-08 x Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)1952-10-20
Brausepaul 201807? (EEP nr N/A) EMMcaptive-born2018-05-05FCGajendra x ShilaCarl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)2018-05-05
Buba EMunknownwilddead x Circus Blumenfeld
Böse Rosa EMFwilddead x Circus Sarrasani
Camella (Kamala) EMFwild1941dead1969 x Circus Chipperfield1947-03-03
Carla EMFunknown1950dead1998 x Circo Americano (American Circus, Flavio Togni)
Cefrose LAMwild1966dead1990 x Knowsley Safari Park1971-00-00
Choto (Chota) 6501 LAFwild1967dead2004-09-19 x Knowsley Safari Park1971-00-00
Chuck 653EMMcaptive-born2008-07-15FCRex (Bimbo, Barney) x MaliSyracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)2011-11-08
Debbie 112LAFwild1971PC x Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)1974-03-01
Doc 420EMMcaptive-born1997-05-08FCCharlie x AlanaSyracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)2012-11-15
Gloria (Phrisca) 111LAFwild1971unknown x Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)1974-03-01
Hercules (Tempo) LAMwild1973dead1979? x Mary Chipperfield1977-05-00
Hussein 8712 EMMwild1972dead2012-06-15 x Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)1987-10-24
Indra (Salvana) 9609 EMFcaptive-born1996-07-01FCHussein x SaidaCarl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)2011-04-28
Jenny EMFwilddead1937 x Circus Sarrasani
Joma EMMwild1909dead x Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)1917-00-00
Joyce 462LAFwild1983PC x Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)2010-09-22
Kandy 200304 EMFcaptive-born2003-05-14FCHussein x YashodaCarl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)2003-05-14
Kanja 201602 EMMcaptive-born2016-01-11FCGajendra x KandyCarl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)2016-01-11
Kedar 635EMMcaptive-born2005-07-31dead2005-08-04Indy (Butch) x TargaSyracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)2005-07-31
Kenya (Kenga) 494LAMwild1969dead1984 x Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)1974-00-00
Kiki LAF1970dead1990 x Knowsley Safari Park1978-00-00
killed 20030 LAMcaptive-born2004-05-08dead2004-05-08Kruger x ButaKnowsley Safari Park2004-05-08
Kiri 5301 EMFwild1936dead1993-11-22 x Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)1953-00-00
Kirina 368EMFcaptive-born1995-06-20FCIndy (Butch) x RomaniSyracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)1995-06-20
Kora (Kara) 8401 LAFwild1984dead2005-05-01 x Knowsley Safari Park1993-08-10
Lai Sinh 9010 EMFunknown1990-00-00FC x Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)1994-08-30
Lelia EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1947-00-00
Lisa EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1973-00-00
Lucy 89LAFwild1971unknown x Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)1974-03-01
Mali 424EMFcaptive-born1997-02-28FCIndy (Butch) x TargaSyracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)2011-11-08
Marcella EMFwilddead1977-07-12 x Circus World1977-00-00
Mary EMFwilddead x Circus Sarrasani
Mary EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1947-03-03
Mary Ann T2317EMFwild1922dead1942 x Maryland Zoo1925-04-12
Masai 7601 LAFwild1979dead1994-11-18 x Knowsley Safari Park1993-08-09
Meni EMFwilddead x Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)
Meri (Mary) EMFwild1905dead x Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)1917-00-00
Mogli 7405 EMFwild1967-00-00FC x Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)1974-05-24
Mogli EMFunknown1935dead x Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)
Nala 20016 LAFcaptive-born2003-04-07dead2017-10-20Kruger x Tana (Tots)Knowsley Safari Park2003-04-07
Ndovu LAFwild1968dead1983 x Knowsley Safari Park1971-00-00
Nissim 9403 LAMcaptive-born1994-12-01dead2014-06-19Yossi x Norris (Mazal)Knowsley Safari Park1998-11-23
noname EMMcaptive-born2001-11-09dead2001-11-09Hussein x ThuraCarl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)
Old Emma EMFwild1936dead x Jungleland Thousand Oaks animal farm (Louis Goebel)1948-00-00
Patty 417LAFwild1969dead1990-07-08 x Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)1974-00-00
Pikkolo (Piccolo) EMMwilddead x Circus Sarrasani
Preya 521EMFcaptive-born2000-02-10dead2003-04-12Indy (Butch) x RomaniSyracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)2000-02-10
Princess Monice EMFdead x Circus Rosaire1939-00-00
Prinzessa EMFwilddead1932-01-13 x Circus Sarrasani
Punchi EMFwild1960dead1993 x Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)1961-00-00
Puppi (Püppi) 201718? EMFcaptive-born2017-09-03dead2017-09-10Gajendra x Indra (Salvana)Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)2017-09-03
Rip 88LAMwild1971dead2011-11-26 x Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)1974-03-01
Romani 26EMFwild1976FC x Syracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)1985-05-31
Rosa 8311 LAFwild1983dead2007-11-06 x Colchester Zoo1998-02-28
Rosa LAFwild1983FC x Circus Amar
Rosa EMFwilddead1974-08-22 x Circus Knie1928-00-00
Rosa EMFunknown1889dead1907-07-29 x Amsterdam Artis Zoo1895-00-00
Rosa EMFdead x Circus Corty-Althoff1913-00-00
Rosa LAFwildwild x Kunene Region
Rosalie T2262EMFwild1961dead x San Diego Zoo1964-02-00
Rosaria LAFwild1984dead2010 x Aitana Safari park1986-00-00
Rosemary 6902 LAFwild1965dead1994-05-01 x Knowsley Safari Park1971-00-00
Sally EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1947-03-03
Shaba 8402 LAFwild1984dead2015-07-00 x Knowsley Safari Park1993-08-10
Shandra 7404 EMFwild1966-00-00FC x Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)1974-05-24
Sheila 90LAFwild1972unknown x Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)1974-03-01
Shila 200703 EMFcaptive-born2007-04-11FCHussein x Lai SinhCarl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)2007-04-11
Siri 28EMFwild1967FC x Syracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)1985-05-31
Sophie EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1973-00-00
stillborn 536EMFcaptive-born2001-05-06dead2001-05-06Indy (Butch) x TargaSyracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)2001-05-06
stillborn EMMcaptive-born1996-01-09dead1996-01-09Hussein x BengaCarl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)1996-01-09
stillborn EMMcaptive-born1996-10-17dead1996-10-17Hussein x ShandraCarl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)1996-10-17
stillborn EMMcaptive-born2003-06-22dead2003-06-22Hussein x Lai SinhCarl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)2003-06-22
stillborn 200700 LAFcaptive-born2007-07-23dead2007-07-23Kruger x Tana (Tots)Knowsley Safari Park2007-07-23
stillborn 305EMMcaptive-born1990-05-12dead1990-05-12Indy (Butch) x BabeSyracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)1990-05-12
stillborn 640EMFcaptive-born2006-06-08dead2006-06-08Indy (Butch) x RomaniSyracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)2006-06-08
stillborn 201205 EMFcaptive-born2012-04-20dead2012-04-20Nagathan (Naing Thein, Bully) x Indra (Salvana)Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)2012-04-20
Susan LAFdead x Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)1974-03-01
Suzie LAFwild1973dead1985 x Knowsley Safari Park1978-00-00
Tanya 58LAFwild1969PC x Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)1974-04-12
Targa 258EMFcaptive-born1983-11-23FCVance (Matt) x BirkaSyracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)2011-11-09
Targa 60LAFwild1969dead1994-05-00 x Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)1974-04-12
Teddy EMMwilddead1941-10-17 x World of Mirth Shows1939-00-00
Tessa LAFwild1968dead1975 x Knowsley Safari Park1971-00-00
Thumper LAMwild1965dead1984 x Knowsley Safari Park
Tina 109LAFwild1972dead1999-03-01 x Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)1974-03-01
Tonka LAMwilddead1989 x Clyde Brothers Circus (Donnie Johnson)
unknown EMwilddead x Unknown
unknown EMFwilddead1932-01-13 x Circus Sarrasani
unknown EMFwilddead x Circus Blumenfeld
unknown EMFwilddead x Circus Blumenfeld
unknown EMFwilddead x Circus Blumenfeld
unknown LAFdead1974 x Six Flags Wild Safari (Six Flags Great Adventure)1974-03-01
Venice EMFwilddead x Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)1921-00-00
Womba LAFwild1965dead x Mary Chipperfield1981-00-00
Yashoda 9007 EMFunknown1979-00-00FC x Carl Hagenbecks Tierpark (Stellingen)1990-10-11

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