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Aaryans World SchoolprivatePunehttp://www.aaryansworldschool.com/
Bansantour Elephant rescue centre (ERC)campBansantour
Chandragupta Mauryaprivate
Circus Chipperfieldcircus
Perry Brothers circuscircushttp://www.perrybroscircus.com.au/
Wild Animals InternationalzooBryan

There are 42 elephants with keyword Ryan mentioned in the database

Baby EMFdead1963 x Fossett Brothers Circus (Fossetts Circus)
Betty 701EMFwild1963dead2007-02-09 x ARC (Murray Hill-Arlan Seidon)1999-10-15
Bowie 758EMMcaptive-born2013-08-05unknownSamson x BluebonnetFort Worth Zoo2013-08-05
Bud (Budweiser) 228LAMwild1984PC x Grants Farm1986-04-00
Camella (Kamala) EMFwild1941dead1969 x Circus Chipperfield1947-03-03
Chang 92EMFwild1972FC x Carson and Barnes Circus1995-06-00
Connie (Pinky) 105EMFwild1964dead2013-10-04? x Dickerson Park Zoo1981-11-25
Diamond (Zimbabwe) 383LAMcaptive-born1980dead1994-12-31Congo x Ruby (Rafiki)Riddles Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary1993-12-21
Dorothy (Maryann) EMFunknowndead x Brian Boswells Circus1984-00-00
Duncan 760EMMcaptive-born2014-02-08FCThai (Thailand) x ShantiHouston Zoo2014-02-08
Ginny EMFwilddead2006 x Perry Brothers circus
Izmir 201103 EMFcaptive-born2011-02-05unknownWinner x BegümcanIzmir Sasali Wildlife Park (Ýzmir Doðal Yaþam Parký)2011-02-05
Jas (Jashu) 6404 LAMwild1963-01-00dead1992-04-23 x Howletts Wild Animal Park1988-10-29
Lelia EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1947-00-00
Lisa EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1973-00-00
Litsemba 529LAFwild1990PC x Tucson Reid Park Zoo (Randolph Park Zoo)2012-03-06
Little Diamond 170LAFcaptive-born1978-03-02dead2014-06-17Louie (Old Diamond) x TotoNorth Carolina Zoo1995-05-04
Lulu 93EMFwild1975FC x Carson and Barnes Circus1995-06-00
Mary EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1947-03-03
Minyak EMFwilddead2009-12-00 x Perry Brothers circus
Mirembe LAFcaptive-born2014-06-07FCJums x Tammi (Tami)Howletts Wild Animal Park2014-06-07
Nelly (Nellie) 109EMFwild1942dead1992 x Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus (Red Unit)1968-11-00
noname 62EMMcaptive-born1973-08-04dead1973-08-07Thonglaw x HanakoPortland Zoo (Metro Washington Park Zoo)1973-08-04
Nyamandhlovu 351LAFwild1970dead1974-04-30 x San Diego Safari Park (San Diego Wild Animal Park)1971-09-18
Petely (Pete) 97EMMwild1966dead1992-06-00 x Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus (Blue Unit)1987-00-00
Poornima EMFwild1949dead2014-03-20 x Aaryans World School2014-01-17
Ryan EMMunknown2000FC x Bali Taman Safari and Marine Park2004-10-00
Saigon EMFwildFC x Perry Brothers circus
Sally EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1947-03-03
Sam (Sammy) 134EMMwild1967dead1989-11-10 x Fort Worth Zoo1986-03-20
Sheba EMFwilddead2007 x Perry Brothers circus
Shirley EMFwilddead x Circo Bell1964-00-00
Sophie EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1973-00-00
Sumek (Myow) 66EMFcaptive-born1978-03-15dead1978-04-29Packy x HanakoPortland Zoo (Metro Washington Park Zoo)1978-03-15
Sutton 201400 LAMcaptive-born2014-05-05FCSteve (wild) x FiveWest Midland Safari Park2014-05-05
Sybil EMF1964dead1971-03-01 x Emerson wild animal farm (Ralph Emerson)
Teak (Rajah) 53EMMcaptive-born1966-08-09dead1978-05-05Thonglaw x PetMorgan Berry1968-07-01
Tip EMwilddead1937-08-00 x Haag Circus1903-00-00
Tommy (King Tusk) 136EMMwild1944dead2002-12-21 x Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus - Retirement Farm1998-10-06
Tonji (Makena) 558LAFcaptive-born2007-11-07PCSdudla x Tina (Tanya)Montgomery Zoo2007-11-07
Tonka (Barbie) 256EMFcaptive-born1983-08-23FC x MinyakRingling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation2016-05-03
unknown EMMunknown1996dead2007-03-08 x New Delhi Zoo2006-00-00

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