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Amazing Animals (Jim Clubb-Sally Chipperfield)privateCotswolds
Bullens Circuscircus
Circus Chipperfieldcircus
Knysna Elephant ParkorphanageKnysna

There are 54 elephants with keyword Sally mentioned in the database

Ashanti LAFcaptive-born2006-01-17FCAmarula x ThandoraKnysna Elephant Park2006-01-20
Baby Betty EMFdead x Bullens Circus1957-00-00
Baby Sally EMFwilddead1939 x Maidstone Zoo (Sir Garrard Tyrwhitt-Drake)1938-00-00
Bafana LAMcaptive-born2010-03-00FC x NandiKnysna Elephant Park
Bibi LAFcaptive-born2009-06-20dead2009-08-06Harry x ToshaKnysna Elephant Park2009-06-20
Bonnie LAFwild1993-00-00FC x Knysna Elephant Park
Bulelo LAMwild2003-01-00FC x unknownKnysna Elephant Park2004-01-18
Bullens Alice EMFdead x Bullens Circus
Camella (Kamala) EMFwild1941dead1969 x Circus Chipperfield1947-03-03
Clyde LAMwild1993-00-00FC x Knysna Elephant Park
Fiela LAFcaptive-born2013-03-05dead2013-06-03 x ThandiKnysna Elephant Park2013-03-05
Harry LAMwild1989FC x Elephants of Eden (EOE)2012-03-22
Jabari LAFwild2003-11-00FC x unknownKnysna Elephant Park2004-01-18
Jennie EMFdead x Bullens Circus1947-00-00
Kassala EMFwild1945dead x Bullens Circus1957-12-30
Keisha LAFwild2003-12-00FC x Knysna Elephant Park2004-01-18
Lelia EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1947-00-00
Lisa EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1973-00-00
Malaika LAFwild2003-10-00FC x unknownKnysna Elephant Park2004-01-18
Mandy EMFdead x Bullens Circus
Mary EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1947-03-03
Mashudu LAMwild2007FC x Knysna Elephant Park2008-05-07
Mollie EMFunknown1944dead1957 x Bullens Circus
Nandi LAFwild1993FC x Knysna Elephant Park2002-02-11
Nate (Natan) 744EMMcaptive-born2012-12-15FCRomeo x SallyRingling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation2012-12-15
Safari LAMwilddead1996 x Knysna Elephant Park
Sally LAFwild1989FC x Knysna Elephant Park1994-10-26
Sally EMwild1956dead1964-03-22 x Chester Zoo1961-08-26
Sally 697EMFwild1947dead1967-06-23 x Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (Busch Gardens Africa)1961-07-00
Sally 249EMFwild1974FC x Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation1995-00-00
Sally 36EMFwild1967dead2003-02-12 x Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (Busch Gardens Africa)1970-12-31
Sally EMFwild1935dead1960-04-17 x Bullens Circus
Sally EMFwilddead x Belle Vue Zoological Gardens1869-00-00
Sally EMFwilddead x Unknown
Sally EMFwild1859dead1890-09-22 x Leipzig Zoo1881-00-00
Sally EMFwilddead x Edinburgh Zoo
Sally EMFdead x Johannesburg Zoo1927-00-00
Sally EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Sally 680EMFwild1927dead x Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium1951-12-31
Sally EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1947-03-03
Sally (Mo Kow Ko) 2301 EMFwilddead1941-01-17 x London Zoo1923-05-16
Satara LAMwilddead2001-11-14 x Knysna Elephant Park
Shaka LAMwild2001-06-00FC x Knysna Elephant Park2004-01-18
Shungu LAMcaptive-born2007-01-01FCHarry x ThambileKnysna Elephant Park2007-01-01
Sophie EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1973-00-00
stillborn LAcaptive-borndead x Knysna Elephant Park
stillborn LAcaptive-born2013-03-09dead2013-03-09 x NandiKnysna Elephant Park2013-03-09
Sweet Sally LAFwild2000-02-00FC x David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Voi2002-05-23
Thambile LAFwild1991FC x Knysna Elephant Park2002-02-11
Thandi LAFcaptive-born2003-10-16FC x NandiKnysna Elephant Park2003-10-16
Thato LAFwild2007FC x Knysna Elephant Park2008-05-07
Topsy EMFwild1943dead1961-10-00 x Bullens Circus
unknown EMdead1961 x Bullens Circus1961-00-00
Zara EMFdead x Bullens Circus1947-00-00

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