There is presently 19 locations which may match your search Scott in the elephant database.

Barnett Brothers Circus (Wallace Brothers Circus)circusYork, South Carolina
Bill Newton (Lucky Bill Show, Honest Bill Show)circus
Bostock & Wombwells Menagerie (Wombwell No.2 menagerie)circusGlasgow
Charles JamrachdealerLondon
Circus Durov (Animal Theater V.L. Durov Nook)circusMoscow
Circus Franz AlthoffcircusMaintal-Dörnigheim
Circus Strassburgercircus
Clyde Beatty Circuscircus
Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers CircuscircusDeland, Florida
D Scottprivate
Josef Gärtnercircus
London ZoozooLondon
Riddles Elephant and Wildlife SanctuaryprivateGreenbrier, Arkansas
Robert Bobby Mooreprivate
Selous Game Reservewild
Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)sanctuaryHohenwald
The Royal Hanneford Canadian Circuscircus
The Scottish Zoo And Variety Circus (Scottish Zoo and Glasgow Hippodrome)zooGlasgow
Vidbels Old Tyme Circus (Alfred Vidbel)privateWindham

There are 113 elephants with keyword Scott mentioned in the database

Alice LAFwilddead x Barnum and Bailey Circus1886-00-00
Anna May (May) 605EMFwild1947dead2004-12-21 x Riddles Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary2004-05-21
Artie (Aardvark) 403LAMwild1983PC x North Carolina Zoo2007-10-26
Babe EMFwild1923dead1958 x Clyde Beatty Circus1945-00-00
Bambina EMFwild>1907dead1927 x Circus Strassburger
Barbara (Sheva) 253EMFwild1966dead2001-05-18 x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)1996-04-25
Betty Boop (Booper) 336EMFwild1972FC x Riddles Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary1991-01-06
Big Babe (101 Ranch Babe) EMFwilddead1956 x Paul Kelly1956-00-00
Billie (Billy) 290EMF1953PC x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)2006-02-09
Bimbo EMMwild1969dead x Josef Gärtner1980-00-00
Boston EMFwilddead1920 x Bill Newton (Lucky Bill Show, Honest Bill Show)1914-00-00
Bunny 161EMFwild1953dead2009-05-14 x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)1999-09-29
Carla EMFunknown1950dead1998 x Circo Americano (American Circus, Flavio Togni)
Carrie EMFwilddead1972 x Hoxie Brothers Circus1969-00-00
Chief EMMwilddead1920-00-00 x Bill Newton (Lucky Bill Show, Honest Bill Show)1916-00-00
Debbie 406EMFwild1971FC x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)2006-02-07
Delhi 285EMFwild1936dead2008-03-11 x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)2003-11-23
Diamond (Zimbabwe) 383LAMcaptive-born1980dead1994-12-31Congo x Ruby (Rafiki)Riddles Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary1993-12-21
Dicksie LAFwild1938dead1967 x London Zoo1945-00-00
Digger 404LAMwild1983dead2002-07-16 x Riddles Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary2000-04-26
Douglas LAunknowndead x Josef Gärtner
Dulary 175EMFwild1963dead2013-12-23 x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)2007-04-30
Dum-Dum EMFwilddead x Josef Gärtner
Empress (Gypsy) EMFwilddead x Harris Nickel Plate Shows1892-00-00
Eva EMFwilddead1937-06-13 x Barnett Brothers Circus (Wallace Brothers Circus)1937-00-00
Fanti (Morgan) 188LAMcaptive-born1979-05-20dead1994-12-16Macho (Tantar) x Tanya (China, Cheena)Riddles Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary1994-00-00
Fatima EMFwilddead x Circus Franz Althoff
Flora 378LAFwild1982PC x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)2004-03-02
Frieda (Freida, Taffy) 407EMFwild1966dead2015-03-09 x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)2006-02-09
Ghuni Sah (Ghunah Sah) EMFdead1906-03-10 x Wirth Circus1899-00-00
Gwold LAMwilddead1893 x London Zoo1885-00-00
Hadari 482LAFwild1980dead2017-01-02 x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)2015-09-24
Hannibal EMMwilddead1985-12-24 x Josef Gärtner
India EMFunknown1959dead1997? x Josef Gärtner1997-00-00
Indiarani 2001 EMFunknowndead1926-12-23 x London Zoo1920-07-16
Inez EMFwild1928dead x Clyde Beatty Circus1944-10-12
Jack 311 EMMwild1820-07-00dead1847-06-05 x London Zoo1831-05-11
Jean EMFwilddead x Cole Brothers Circus1935-00-00
Jenny EMFwilddead x Circus Strassburger
Jenny (Butcher, Putcher) 512 EMFcaptive-born1850-07-00dead1875-07-07 x Katimeh (Betsy)London Zoo1851-04-19
Jenny (Genny) 408EMFwild1972dead2006-10-17 x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)1996-09-11
Jessie 0901 EMFwilddead1920-01-16 x London Zoo1909-01-05
Jessie 202LAMwild1980dead1994-10-25 x Riddles Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary1994-10-25
Jimbo (Baby Jimbo) 1402 EMMwilddead1917-10-24 x London Zoo1914-04-01
Joe EMMwilddead1943-10-29 x Cole Brothers Circus1935-00-00
Jumani (Diamond) EMFdead x Josef Gärtner
Jumbo 301LAMwild1861dead1885-09-15 x Barnum and Bailey Circus1882-04-09
Jung Pershad 763 EMMwilddead1896-03-08 x London Zoo1876-05-17
Kate (Katie) EMFwild1970dead1992-05-23 x Riddles Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary1991-00-00
Little Diamond EMMwilddead1927-09-30 x Bill Newton (Lucky Bill Show, Honest Bill Show)1922-00-00
Liz 292EMFwild1957dead2015-08-20 x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)2006-02-02
Lizzie LAFwilddead x Bostock & Wombwells Menagerie (Wombwell No.2 menagerie)
Lota 162EMFwild1952dead2005-02-10 x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)2004-11-17
Lottie 505EMF1963dead2010-10-10 x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)2006-01-31
Louie (Lucy, Lula Belle) 625EMFwilddead1968-09-02 x Atlanta Zoo1956-04-00
Madras EMFwild1969dead x Circo Americano (American Circus, Flavio Togni)2008-00-00
Marion (Marian) EMFwild1927dead1950-04-01 x Clyde Beatty Circus1944-00-00
Mary EMFwilddead1950-03-28 x Clyde Beatty Circus1945-00-00
Mary (Tina, Brenda) 335EMFwild1974dead2003-01-31 x Riddles Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary1997-06-20
Max (Maximus) 525LAMcaptive-born2003-04-16FCWillie x Lil FelixRiddles Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary2003-04-16
Minnie (Packy II, Talli) 506EMFwild1966FC x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)2006-01-31
Misty 295EMF1964dead2016-04-13 x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)2004-11-17
Mo Gay Ko 2302 EMFwilddead1937-08-11 x London Zoo1924-09-18
Mokala 217LAFwild1982FC x Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens2006-12-06
Mugsy 224LAFwild1983dead x Riddles Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary1986-07-31
Ned (George Ketchum) 201004 EMMcaptive-born2010-04-12FCEmmett (Tundi) x KarishmaKatowice Zoo2016-11-17
Ned (Indy, India) 275EMMcaptive-born1987-10-10dead2009-05-15Vance (Matt) x Josky (Patne)Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)2008-11-09
Nellie 0600 EMFwilddead1918-04-22 x London Zoo1906-06-19
Nosey (Tiny, Peanut) 452LAFwild1982FC x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)2017-11-10
Peggy (Eva) 389EMFwild1960FC x Riddles Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary1995-08-15
Pole Pole (Slowly) LAFwild1966dead1983-10-17 x London Zoo1968-00-00
Queenie 293EMFwild1959dead2008-03-29 x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)2006-02-02
Raj Piari 3800 EMFwilddead1939-07-15 x London Zoo1938-06-10
Rajah 4603 EMMwild1941dead1951-07-09 x London Zoo1946-07-17
Ranee 4602 EMFwild1941dead1951-07-17 x London Zoo1946-07-17
Ronnie (Maharani) 291EMF1966FC x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)2006-02-07
Rosie (Rosy) 71LAFwild1969dead2016-12-31 x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)2015-09-00
Rusty EMFwild1941dead1969 x London Zoo1951-00-00
Sabu (Sabi) EMFwilddead x Josef Gärtner1979-00-00
Sally (Mo Kow Ko) 2301 EMFwilddead1941-01-17 x London Zoo1923-05-16
Samson 336LAMwild1967dead1986-04-01 x Gary Jacobson1986-03-31
Scott 201110 EMMcaptive-born2011-10-18FCEmmett (Tundi) x Azizah (Lay,Layang Layang)Katowice Zoo2016-11-17
Scotty 551LAMcaptive-born2007-03-18dead2010-05-12Jack (Jackson) x MikkiLouisville Zoo2007-03-18
Shirley 525EMFwild1948FC x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)1999-07-06
Sir Roger EMM1873dead1900-12-06 x The Scottish Zoo And Variety Circus (Scottish Zoo and Glasgow Hippodrome)1897-05-00
Sissy (Gerry II) 17EMFwild1968PC x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)2000-01-26
Solomon 225LAMwild1983dead2008-02-05 x Riddles Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary1986-07-31
stillborn 0201 EMFcaptive-born1902-08-31dead1902-08-31Palm x JennyLondon Zoo1902-08-31
stillborn 545EMFcaptive-born2003-02-01dead2003-02-01Hank (Rajah, Samuel R I, Sammy, Curley) x Mary (Tina, Brenda)Riddles Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary2003-02-01
Suffa Culli 962 EMFwild1894dead1917-12-02 x London Zoo1876-05-17
Sukari 407LAFwild1984PC x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)2015-11-04
Tange 137LAFwild1975PC x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)2004-02-19
Tarra (Fluffie) 273EMFwild1974FC x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)1995-03-15
Tina 57EMFcaptive-born1970-04-26dead2004-07-21Thonglaw x RosyTennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)2003-08-11
Tiny May EMFwild1923dead1925 x Bill Newton (Lucky Bill Show, Honest Bill Show)1925-00-00
Toby 194LAMwild1980FC x Riddles Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary1991-03-05
Toni (Tonny) EMFwilddead x Josef Gärtner
Tony EMMwilddead x Cole Brothers Circus1944-00-00
Toto LAFwild1959dead1980 x London Zoo1962-00-00
Tova 413EMFwild1969dead2015-11-15 x Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum2015-09-28
Tryphaena (Tryphoena) 1200 EMFwilddead1913-10-23 x London Zoo1912-06-24
unknown EMwilddead x The Royal Hanneford Canadian Circus
unknown EMM1810dead1820-05-31 x Garnier1814-05-00
unknown LAFwilddead x Circo Americano (American Circus, Flavio Togni)
unknown dead x Charles Jamrach
unknown 301 EMFdead1855-07-16 x London Zoo1835-08-07
unknown 842 EMMdead x London Zoo
unknown EMFdead1911 x Bostock & Wombwells Menagerie (Wombwell No.2 menagerie)
unknown (Kelvin) EMMdead1899 x The Scottish Zoo And Variety Circus (Scottish Zoo and Glasgow Hippodrome)
Venice EMFwilddead1931 x Barnett Brothers Circus (Wallace Brothers Circus)1931-00-00
Willie 184LAMwild1979dead2009-08-00 x Riddles Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary1997-06-20
Winkie II (Winky) 123EMFwild1966dead2017-05-17 x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)2000-09-12
Zulu (Zula) 159LAFwild1975dead2009-01-10 x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)2004-02-19

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There are 2 books which contain the word Scott in the database

Jumbo: This Being the True Story of the Greatest Elephant in the World

Paul Chambers

Jumbo: This Being the True Story of the Greatest Elephant in the World by Paul Chambers
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Just for Elephants

Carol Buckley

Just for Elephants by Carol Buckley
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  1. Mike Waxman (elephant home page website)
    Svenske Mike Waxman har arbetat med elefanter på Skansen och Cirkus Scott och har en trevlig sida med bilder på elefanter.

  2. Follow this link to search this site with google for keyword Scott
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