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Chiang Mai Night SafarizooChiang Mai
Detroit ZoozooRoyal Oak, Michigan
Syracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)zooSyracuse

There are 42 elephants with keyword Siri mentioned in the database

Babe 25EMFwild1954dead1990-05-12 x Syracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)1985-06-06
Batu 769? (unconfirmed)EMMcaptive-born2015-05-12unknownDoc x MaliSyracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)2015-05-12
Chuck 653EMMcaptive-born2008-07-15FCRex (Bimbo, Barney) x MaliSyracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)2011-11-08
Doc 420EMMcaptive-born1997-05-08FCCharlie x AlanaSyracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)2012-11-15
Jasiri (albino) LAMwild2011-12-10FC x JemimaDavid Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Nairobi nursery2013-03-27
Kedar 635EMMcaptive-born2005-07-31dead2005-08-04Indy (Butch) x TargaSyracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)2005-07-31
Kirina 368EMFcaptive-born1995-06-20FCIndy (Butch) x RomaniSyracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)1995-06-20
Kita 88EMFwild1958dead1989-12-23 x Detroit Zoo1959-05-20
Lily 743EMFcaptive-born2012-11-30FCTusko (Sobik) x Rose-Tu (twin)Portland Zoo (Metro Washington Park Zoo)2012-11-30
Linda EMFcaptive-born2001-05-17FC x Chiang Mai Night Safari2004-10-10
Mali 424EMFcaptive-born1997-02-28FCIndy (Butch) x TargaSyracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)2011-11-08
Missy 225EMFwild1964dead1997-10-18 x Detroit Zoo1994-11-09
Nam Wan (Rampung) EMFunknown2000FC x Chiang Mai Night Safari2004-10-10
Nong Ee EMFunknown1985FC x Chiang Mai Night Safari2004-08-10
Opal 8312 LAFwild1982FC x Colchester Zoo1998-02-28
Pang (Pan) EMFunknown1988FC x Chiang Mai Night Safari2004-08-10
Pang Boonmee (Naan) EMFunknowndead2011-10-30 x Doi Pha Muang Wildlife Sanctuary2001-02-10
Pang Kunyai (Grandma) EMFwilddead2008-12-07 x Chiang Mai Night Safari2007-00-00
Pang Tsoy (Joy, Nungning) EMFwilddead2008-12-08 x Chiang Mai Night Safari2007-00-00
Plai Mam EMMcaptive-born2002-03-27FC x Chiang Mai Night Safari2004-10-10
Plai Teng EMMunknown1999FC x Chiang Mai Night Safari2004-12-22
Preya 521EMFcaptive-born2000-02-10dead2003-04-12Indy (Butch) x RomaniSyracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)2000-02-10
Romani 26EMFwild1976FC x Syracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)1985-05-31
Ruth 89EMFwild1948dead1994-02-17 x Detroit Zoo
Salini EMFunknown1994FC x Chiang Mai Night Safari2004-10-10
Shara 319LAFwild1955dead1969-03-05 x Detroit Zoo1956-06-27
Siri 28EMFwild1967FC x Syracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)1985-05-31
Siri 6316 EMFwild1963-06-00dead2015-06-24 x Knies Kinderzoo2015-00-00
Siria LAwild x David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Voi
Siribeddi EMFunknowndead x Ceylon department of the commissioner of roads1847-00-00
Sirimongkol (พลายศิริมงคล) EMMcaptive-born2003FCNum Sek x RasameeSurin elephant kingdom (Ban Ta Klang elephant village)
Sirimongkol (พลายสิริมงคล) EMMunknown1974FC x Surin elephant kingdom (Ban Ta Klang elephant village)
Siriporn EMFunknown1965FC x Mae Taeng Elephant Park2004-00-00
stillborn 536EMFcaptive-born2001-05-06dead2001-05-06Indy (Butch) x TargaSyracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)2001-05-06
stillborn 305EMMcaptive-born1990-05-12dead1990-05-12Indy (Butch) x BabeSyracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)1990-05-12
stillborn 640EMFcaptive-born2006-06-08dead2006-06-08Indy (Butch) x RomaniSyracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)2006-06-08
Sukjai (Sutjai) EMFunknown2012FC x Thung Thong Sub - District Police Station2013-10-25
Surin EMFunknown1999 x Chiang Mai Night Safari2004-12-22
Targa 258EMFcaptive-born1983-11-23FCVance (Matt) x BirkaSyracuse Zoo (Rosamond Gifford Zoo)2011-11-09
Teng Oon EMMunknown1999FC x Chiang Mai Night Safari2004-12-22
Tommy (Mickey) 333EMMcaptive-born1992-05-25PCVance (Matt) x BirkaEndangered Ark Foundation
unknown EMwild2009dead2009-08-20 x Uda Walawe Elephant Transit Home (ETH)2009-08-08

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