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Circus Benneweis (Cirkus Benneweis)circusDronningmoelle
Josef Gärtnercircus
Platschow Elefantenhof (Sonni Frankello)privatePlatschow

There are 30 elephants with keyword Sonny mentioned in the database

Balumba LAFwild1988dead2004-01-06 x Platschow Elefantenhof (Sonni Frankello)1989-00-00
Bimbo EMMwild1969dead x Josef Gärtner1980-00-00
Buni EMFwild1972dead2015-06-00 x Platschow Elefantenhof (Sonni Frankello)2010-03-00
Citta LAFwild1987FC x Platschow Elefantenhof (Sonni Frankello)2004-09-00
Djajpur EMFwilddead1976 x Circus Benneweis (Cirkus Benneweis)1971-00-00
Douglas LAunknowndead x Josef Gärtner
Dum-Dum EMFwilddead x Josef Gärtner
Hannibal EMMwilddead1985-12-24 x Josef Gärtner
India EMFwild1959dead1997 x Josef Gärtner1997-00-00
Jumani (Diamond) EMFdead x Josef Gärtner
Kenya (Kenia) LAFwild1988FC x Platschow Elefantenhof (Sonni Frankello)1989-00-00
Mala LAFwild1985FC x Platschow Elefantenhof (Sonni Frankello)1988-00-00
Mocamba LAFwild1984FC x Platschow Elefantenhof (Sonni Frankello)2009-05-00
Moritz LAMwild1985dead2015-08-27 x Platschow Elefantenhof (Sonni Frankello)2004-08-00
Patra EMFwild1956FC x Platschow Elefantenhof (Sonni Frankello)2010-03-00
Sabu (Sabi) EMFwilddead x Josef Gärtner1979-00-00
Sahib LAMwild1982dead2011-03-01 x Platschow Elefantenhof (Sonni Frankello)2001-00-00
Sandra LAFwild1980FC x Platschow Elefantenhof (Sonni Frankello)2004-04-27
Siam EMFwild1968dead1994-07-22 x Circus Benneweis (Cirkus Benneweis)1968-00-00
Somali LAFwild1985FC x Platschow Elefantenhof (Sonni Frankello)2009-05-00
Soni (Sonny) EMMunknowndead x Brijuni Zoo (National Park)
Sonny 5004 EMFwild1943dead1997-06-06 x Rotterdam Zoo (Diergaarde Blijdorp)1950-07-18
Sonny 499LAMwild1982dead2001-02-21 x Popcorn Park Zoo1989-09-01
Sony (Sonny) 7015 EMMwild1970dead2010-04-02 x Brijuni Zoo (National Park)1972-00-00
Tembo LAF1986FC x Platschow Elefantenhof (Sonni Frankello)2016-10-00
Timba LAFwild1984FC x Platschow Elefantenhof (Sonni Frankello)1985-00-00
Toni (Tonny) EMFwilddead x Josef Gärtner
unknown EMFwilddead1971 x Circus Benneweis (Cirkus Benneweis)1971-00-00
Vana (Wanna Banna, Wanna Manna, EMFwildFC x Platschow Elefantenhof (Sonni Frankello)2016-06-00
Zoulu (Zoulou) LAFdead2008-04-23 x Platschow Elefantenhof (Sonni Frankello)2007-00-00

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  1. Elefantenhof in Platschow (elephant circus website)
    Elefantenhof in Platschow, Parchim, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern leben die Elefanten Citta, Kenia, Mala, Moritz, Sahib, Sandra, und Temba, mit Besitzer Sonny Frankello.

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