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Cologne Zoo (Zoo Kln)zooKln
S.O.S. Elephants of Chad elephant orphanageorphanageMayo Lmie
Sedgwick County ZoozooWichita, Kansas
Sevilla Exotic animals reserve Castillo de las GuardaszooCastillo de las Guardas (El)

There are 33 elephants with keyword Stephanie mentioned in the database

Aung Bo 200103 EMMcaptive-born2001-07-16unknownNagathan (Naing Thein, Bully) x Khaing Lwin HtooChester Zoo2012-09-21
Aung Si 200202 EMMcaptive-born2002-03-04unknownNagathan (Naing Thein, Bully) x Thiha Phyu (Thi Ha Phyu)Sevilla Exotic animals reserve Castillo de las Guardas2007-04-20
Binai LAFwild2011FC x S.O.S. Elephants of Chad elephant orphanage2012-02-12
Bindi 201210 EMFcaptive-born2012-07-25PCBindu x Shu Thu ZarCologne Zoo (Zoo Kln)2012-07-25
Bindu 7103 EMMwild1968PC x Cologne Zoo (Zoo Kln)2004-09-10
Birma II 1801 EMFwild1918dead1981-09-00 x Ruhr Zoo, Gelsenkirchen1949-00-00
Biti LAMwild2012dead2012-08-00 x S.O.S. Elephants of Chad elephant orphanage2012-00-00
Chari LCFwild2010dead2010-08-00 x S.O.S. Elephants of Chad elephant orphanage2010-00-00
Chumpol EMFunknown1983dead2012-05-02 x Cologne Zoo (Zoo Kln)2006-09-16
Cinda (Cynda, Mzuri) 117LAFwild1971dead2014-11-05 x Sedgwick County Zoo1972-09-03
Duina (Duna, Mduena) 8114 LAFwild1983PC x Fuerteventura La Lajita Oasis Park2007-12-20
Jung Bul Kne 201703? (unconfirmed) EMMcaptive-born2017-01-28FCSang Raja x Maha KumariCologne Zoo (Zoo Kln)2017-01-28
Juruad EMFunknown1989PC x Cologne Zoo (Zoo Kln)2006-09-16
Khaing Lwin Htoo 8107 EMF1981-07-22dead2006-12-12 x Cologne Zoo (Zoo Kln)2004-08-03
Kreeblamduan EMFunknown1984PC x Cologne Zoo (Zoo Kln)2006-09-16
La Min Kyaw 201604 ? (unconfirmed) EMcaptive-born2016-03-16PCBindu x Shu Thu ZarCologne Zoo (Zoo Kln)2016-03-16
Laongdaw EMFunknown1990PC x Cologne Zoo (Zoo Kln)2006-09-16
Maha Kumari 200706 EMFcaptive-born2007-05-09PCBindu x Thiha Phyu (Thi Ha Phyu)Cologne Zoo (Zoo Kln)2007-05-09
Mapalay 7118 752EMFwild1954dead1998-04-30 x Ruhr Zoo, Gelsenkirchen1971-11-03
Marlar 200606 EMFcaptive-born2006-03-30PCRadsch (Radza, Mysore) x Khaing Lwin HtooCologne Zoo (Zoo Kln)2006-03-30
Moma EMFcaptive-born2017-03-20PCSang Raja x MarlarCologne Zoo (Zoo Kln)2017-03-20
Nana EMFwild1900dead1958 x Cologne Zoo (Zoo Kln)1958-00-00
Rajendra 201105 EMMcaptive-born2011-04-08PCSang Raja x Tong KoonCologne Zoo (Zoo Kln)2011-04-08
Sang Raja 9905 EMMcaptive-born1999-03-24PCChawang (Lasah) x Sri NandongCologne Zoo (Zoo Kln)2004-09-28
Satu EMFwilddead1966 x Cologne Zoo (Zoo Kln)1963-00-00
Savani EMF1950dead2004-12-29 x Cologne Zoo (Zoo Kln)1954-00-00
Savu LCFwildFC x S.O.S. Elephants of Chad elephant orphanage2010-06-00
Shu Thu Zar 9411 EMFcaptive-born1994-06-03PCPholon x WinpapCologne Zoo (Zoo Kln)2005-09-27
Stephanie 118LAFwild1971FC x Sedgwick County Zoo1972-09-03
stillborn 200805 EMcaptive-born2008-03-11dead2008-03-11Bindu x Shu Thu ZarCologne Zoo (Zoo Kln)2008-03-11
Tanga 6602 LAFwilddead1998-01-20 x Cologne Zoo (Zoo Kln)1969-10-09
Thiha Phyu (Thi Ha Phyu) 8004 EMFwild1980-05-01PC x Cologne Zoo (Zoo Kln)2004-08-05
Tong Koon EMFunknown1984PC x Cologne Zoo (Zoo Kln)2006-09-16

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