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Bailey Brothers Circuscircus
Carson and Barnes CircuscircusHugo, Oklahama
Circus Chipperfieldcircus
Kilroy RanchprivateHouston, Texas

There are 53 elephants with keyword Suzie mentioned in the database

Babe T2110EMFwild1945dead x Carson and Barnes Circus1973-01-31
Becky 674EMFwild1969FC x Carson and Barnes Circus1999-08-28
Bunnie EMFwildFC x Carson and Barnes Circus
Camella (Kamala) EMFwild1941dead1969 x Circus Chipperfield1947-03-03
Chang 92EMFwild1972FC x Carson and Barnes Circus1995-06-00
Cissy 706 / T1412EMFwild1971dead x Carson and Barnes Circus1976-01-23
Dolly 359EMFwild1969dead1996-05-00 x Carson and Barnes Circus
Donna T2151EMFwilddead x Carson and Barnes Circus
Hugo 747EMMcaptive-born2011-04-25FCTommy (Mickey) x WhimpyCarson and Barnes Circus
Isa 609EMFwild1970FC x Carson and Barnes Circus1971-06-00
Isla 610EMFwild1968FC x Carson and Barnes Circus1970-00-00
Jack (Jackpot, Albert, Sahib) T3005EMMwild1968dead x Bones Craig1979-00-00
Josky EMFwilddead1968 x Carson and Barnes Circus1959-00-00
Judy 58EMFcaptive-born1970-05-13lostThonglaw x PetUnknown1978-09-17
Kay EMFwild1936dead1994-10-21 x Carson and Barnes Circus
Kelly 611EMFwild1970FC x Carson and Barnes Circus1971-06-00
Lelia EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1947-00-00
Libby EMFwildFC x Carson and Barnes Circus
Lil-e 2 404EMFwild1965dead x Carson and Barnes Circus1976-00-00
Lisa EMFwildFC x Carson and Barnes Circus1975-00-00
Lisa EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1973-00-00
Lulu 93EMFwild1975FC x Carson and Barnes Circus1995-06-00
Marie (Margie) T2076EMFwild1947dead1981-09-21 x Carson and Barnes Circus1980-00-00
Mary 588EMFwilddead x Carson and Barnes Circus1978-12-18
Mary EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1947-03-03
Minnie 617EMFwild1948FC x Carson and Barnes Circus1973-01-31
Minyak (Minjak) 3201 T2035EMFcaptive-born1932-01-29dead1964-00-00Jacky x Roma ICarson and Barnes Circus1964-00-00
Missy 225EMFwild1964dead1997-10-18 x Detroit Zoo1994-11-09
Neena (Nina) EMFwild1963dead2015-05-06 x Carson and Barnes Circus1984-00-00
Nellie EMFwilddead x Carson and Barnes Circus
Obert EMMwild1970dead1982-05-13 x Carson and Barnes Circus1971-00-00
Rajee EMFwilddead x Bailey Brothers Circus1959-00-00
Ruth (Linco) 732EMFwilddead1944 x Bailey Brothers Circus1944-00-00
Sally EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1947-03-03
Sophie EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1973-00-00
stillborn 206EMMcaptive-born1978-02-01dead1978-02-01Buke x ZolaCarson and Barnes Circus1978-02-01
stillborn 748EMFcaptive-born1996dead1996-00-00Buke x KellyCarson and Barnes Circus1996-00-00
Susi (Suzy, Suzie) 114 and T2284EMFwilddead1994 x Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus - Retirement Farm1992-00-00
Susie (Suzy) EMFwildFC x Carson and Barnes Circus1957-00-00
Suzie LAFwild1973dead1985 x Knowsley Safari Park1978-00-00
Suzie EMFwild1961dead1962-05-30 x Mills Brothers Circus1962-04-00
Suzie EMFwild1960dead1961-04-25 x Mills Brothers Circus1961-03-00
Suzie EMFwilddead1973-09-00 x Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus (Blue Unit)1972-00-00
Suzie Q (Sue) EMFwilddead1977-00-00 x Hoxie Brothers Circus1967-00-00
Suzy (Susie) 428EMFwild1951dead1988-06-22 x Portland Zoo (Metro Washington Park Zoo)1974-11-05
Tina 57EMFcaptive-born1970-04-26dead2004-07-21Thonglaw x RosyThe Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee2003-08-11
Tommy EMMunknowndead1947 x Bailey Brothers Circus1946-00-00
Toni 429LAFwild1982dead1996-11-01 x Carson and Barnes Circus1996-09-00
Tracy (Traci, Tracey) 614EMFwild1970FC x Carson and Barnes Circus1971-06-00
Val 654EMFcaptive-born2007-04-27FCTommy (Mickey) x WhimpyCarson and Barnes Circus
Viola EMFwildFC x Carson and Barnes Circus
Wanda (Annette) 228EMFwild1958dead2015-02-12 x Performing Animal Welfare Society / ARK 2000 (PAWS)2005-04-08
Zola 202EMFwild1965FC x Carson and Barnes Circus1995-06-00

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