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Mary ChipperfieldcircusChilworth

There are 44 elephants with keyword Tembo mentioned in the database

Baobab LAMunknownunknown x unknown
Beira 5001 LAFwild1950dead1998-05-28 x Basel Zoo1952-11-04
Emma (Wally) 423EMFwild1971FC x Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation
Giulia EMFwild1959dead1984 x Basel Zoo1961-00-00
Hercules (Tempo) LAMwild1973dead1979? x Mary Chipperfield1977-05-00
Heri 7602 LAFwild1976FC x Basel Zoo1988-08-24
Honey (Arsali) 7LAFwild1934dead1958-09-11 x Brookfield Zoo1934-06-13
Idunda LAFwild1951dead1988-01-16 x Basel Zoo1956-00-00
Katoto LAMwild1951dead1972 x Basel Zoo1956-00-00
Kenny 6904 LAMwild1967dead1998-05-19 x Basel Zoo1984-08-02
Mahari 7701 LAFwild1977dead1999-02-19 x Basel Zoo1988-08-24
Malayka (Malajka) 7101 LAFwild1971FC x Basel Zoo1984-11-30
Mary EMFdead1947-11-26 x Basel Zoo1928-07-17
Maya 9502 LAFwild1995FC x Basel Zoo1999-01-15
Miss Jenny EMFdead1928-03-05 x Basel Zoo1919-07-09
Miss Kumbuk EMFwilddead1917-08-18 x Basel Zoo1886-04-30
Omari LAMwild1951dead1965 x Basel Zoo1956-00-00
Opal 8312 LAFwild1982FC x Colchester Zoo1998-02-28
Ota LAFcaptive-born1966-01-13dead1982-11-30Omari x IdundaBasel Zoo1972-00-00
Renee (Mbili) 182LAFwild1979PC x Toledo Zoo1982-06-28
Rosy 9503 LAFwild1995FC x Basel Zoo1999-01-15
Ruaha 5101 LAFwild1951dead2010-07-29 x Basel Zoo1956-11-01
stillborn LAFcaptive-born1992-03-20dead1992-03-20Kenny x Malayka (Malajka)Basel Zoo1992-03-20
stillborn? LAcaptive-born2004-10-04dead2004-10-04Calimero x HeriBasel Zoo2004-10-04
Sunda 6216 238EMFwild1962PC x Topeka Zoo1966-07-16
Tanya 8104 LAFwild1981FC x Colchester Zoo1985-11-02
Tembo 8310 LAMwild1983PC x Colchester Zoo1998-02-28
Tembo 5102 LAMwild1951dead1977-08-30 x Hannover Zoo1963-05-31
Tembo 8503 LAMwild1985-00-00PC x Berlin-Friedrichsfelde Tierpark1987-09-10
Tembo LAMwild1984FC x Elephant Whispers
Tembo 114LAFwild1971PC x San Diego Zoo1983-05-03
Tembo LAMwild1934dead1970-05-05 x Copenhagen Zoo (Zoologisk Have)1936-06-05
Tembo 6604 LAMwild1966dead1984-12-18 x Thoiry Zoo (Parc de Thoiry)1968-04-25
Tembo LAFwilddead1944 x Munich Zoo (Munchner Tierpark Hellabrunn)1943-00-00
Tembo 6LAFwild1930dead1943-07-14 x Brookfield Zoo1934-06-13
Tembo LAF1986FC x Platschow Elefantenhof (Sonni Frankello)2016-10-00
Tembo 144LAFwild1977PC x Cameron Park Waco Zoo1979-01-05
Tembo (AO1) 113LAFwild1971PC x Topeka Zoo1976-03-18
Tembo (Franzi) 8901 LAFwild1989PC x Rhenen Zoo (Ouwehands Dierenpark Rhenen)2011-11-24
Tembo (Loren) 181LAFwild1979dead1994-12-20 x Toledo Zoo1982-06-28
Tembo (Tempo) LAFwild1972dead1974-11-27 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1973-04-18
Tempo (Tembo, Håkon) 8201 LAMwild1982-00-00dead2008-02-27 x Aalborg Zoo (Aalborg Zoologiske Have)1985-09-13
Womba LAFwild1965dead x Mary Chipperfield1981-00-00
Zola 8206 LAFwild1982unknown x Colchester Zoo1985-11-09

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