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Carl Hagenbecks Wild Animal Circuscircus
Circus Chipperfieldcircus
Cocos Island Animal Quarantine Stationcamp
Franklin Park ZoozooBostonhttp://www.zoonewengland.org/
Great American Menageriecircus
Jumbo Foundation Elephant OrphanageorphanageLilongwe
Mary ChipperfieldcircusChilworth
Omahas Henry Doorly ZoozooOmaha, Nebraskahttp://www.omahazoo.com/
Royal Melbourne Zoological ParkzooMelbournehttp://www.zoo.org.au/MelbourneZoo
Shambala PreservesanctuaryActon, Californiahttp://www.shambala.org/
Sonepur Mela cattle fairdealerOrissa
Taronga ZoozooSydney
The Grand caravan (John Martin menagerie)circusPhiladelphia
Wallace and Co CircuscircusPeru, Indiana

There are 91 elephants with keyword Tip mentioned in the database

Alice LAFwilddead x Barnum and Bailey Circus1886-00-00
Babli EMFdead1988 x Amber Fort elephant village (Hathi Gaon)
Barack (Rocky) 656EMMcaptive-born2009-01-19FCDoc x BonnieRingling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation2012-00-00
Bastian Vinaya Chandran EMMwilddead2004 x Guruji Prashanth
Betty EMFwild1931dead1973-09-25 x Royal Melbourne Zoological Park1939-01-01
Betty EMFunknowndead1963-05-28 x Taronga Zoo1963-05-14
Boney (Bonny, Borneo) EMFwilddead x Franklin Park Zoo
Bong Su EMMwild1974-08-03PC x Royal Melbourne Zoological Park1977-02-01
Buffon EMFwilddead x Unknown
Camella (Kamala) EMFwild1941dead1969 x Circus Chipperfield1947-03-03
Cauveri EMFunknown1955dead1958-11-16 x Taronga Zoo1958-09-04
Chaba (Dokkoon) EMFcaptive-born1993FC x Royal Melbourne Zoological Park2006-11-06
Champa Kali EMFFC x Nature Safari Camp
Cheena LAFwilddead x Taronga Zoo
Chinni EMFunknown1917dead1922-05-22 x Taronga Zoo1922-05-15
Chori LAFwilddead1979-04-18 x Taronga Zoo
Cora (Kura) 500LAFwilddead2000-08-04 x Shambala Preserve
Doll EMFdead1963-05-28 x Taronga Zoo1963-05-00
Driek (Ginsberg) 323LAFwild1958dead1977-12-29 x Franklin Park Zoo1961-07-21
Dumbo LAMwild1941dead1947-07-14 x Taronga Zoo1947-01-00
Dundry (Jumbo?) EMMwilddead1923-05-14 x Taronga Zoo1918-00-00
Frida EMFwilddead2011-09-06? x Quilpue Zoo (El Parque Zoológico de Quilpué)1998-00-00
Gandhi EMMwild1912dead1968-04-19 x Taronga Zoo1950-05-15
Gung EMMunknown2000FC x Taronga Zoo2006-11-05
Haakon (Frederik) 8308 EMMcaptive-born1983-03-18dead1990-09-07Sak (Chieng Mai) x Buag Hah (Pang Yang)Givskud Zoo (Løveparken)1988-11-16
Hazel T2181EMFwild1904dead1945-09-15 x Franklin Park Zoo1939-00-00
Hercules (Tempo) LAMwild1973dead1979? x Mary Chipperfield1977-05-00
Hero EMMdead1916 x Orton Brothers Circus1915-00-00
Hyder Ali EMMcaptive-borndead x "Great Indian Elephant"Unknown
Jennie T2190EMFwild1902dead x Franklin Park Zoo1942-11-13
Jenny EMFunknown1917dead1922-05-22 x Taronga Zoo1922-05-15
Jessie EMFunknown1875dead1939-09-26 x Taronga Zoo1916-00-00
Jill EMFunknown1913dead1977-02-28 x Taronga Zoo1935-11-25
Joan EMFwild1958dead1976-07-10 x Taronga Zoo1962-11-01
Kitty 741 / T1229EMFwild1964dead1972-08-22 x Omahas Henry Doorly Zoo1972-07-00
Kulab EMFcaptive-born2000FC x Royal Melbourne Zoological Park2006-11-06
Lelia EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1947-00-00
Lisa EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1973-00-00
Luna (Nancy) 259EMFcaptive-born1984-00-00FC x Josky (Patne)Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation1989-00-00
Mali EMFcaptive-born2010-01-16FCBong Su x Chaba (Dokkoon)Royal Melbourne Zoological Park2010-01-15
Maliaka 47LAFwild1963-04dead2010-10-16 x Omahas Henry Doorly Zoo1966-08-15
Man Jai EMMcaptive-born2013-12-08FCBong Su x Chaba (Dokkoon)Royal Melbourne Zoological Park2013-12-08
Mary EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1947-03-03
Mat Chepor EMMwild2004dead2006-06-00 x Piah Forest Reserve2004-00-00
Maude (Melba) 74EMFwild1973dead2013-11-27 x Zoo Miami (Miami Metro Zoo)2011-02-21
Mek Kapah EMFwild1973FC x Royal Melbourne Zoological Park1978-05-11
Molly (Moulmain) EMFwilddead x Franklin Park Zoo
Nellie EMFunknowndead1949-05-21 x Taronga Zoo1948-08-16
Nellie T2243EMFwild1905dead1949 x Franklin Park Zoo1948-01-15
Noi EMMFC x Surin unspecified Elephant Camp2013-04-00
noname LAFwilddead2009-10-04 x Djuma Game Reserve
noname (wild) EMMwilddead2011-12-23 x Dong Nai province
Num-Oi EMFcaptive-born2001FCNum Sek x LampoonRoyal Melbourne Zoological Park2006-11-06
Ongard EMMcaptive-born2010-09-10FCBong Su x KulabRoyal Melbourne Zoological Park2010-09-10
Paj 53LAMwild1964dead1986-05-28 x Omahas Henry Doorly Zoo1967-03-03
Pak Boon EMFunknown1992FC x Taronga Zoo2006-11-02
Pathi Harn EMMcaptive-born2010-03-10FCBong Su x PorntipWestern Plains Zoo2015-04-24
Peggy EMFwild1931dead1988-10-30 x Royal Melbourne Zoological Park1939-01-01
Penny 17LAFwild1954dead2001-09-18 x Omahas Henry Doorly Zoo1981-01-24
Perkins (Billy) 103LAMwild1970dead1994-11-12 x Omahas Henry Doorly Zoo1987-07-07
Pilate (Pilot) EMMwilddead1899-04-11 x Great Wallace Brothers1895-00-00
Porntip EMFunknown1992FC x Western Plains Zoo2015-04-24
PornTip EMFwild1973FC x Maesa Elephant Camp
Queenie EMFwild1900dead1945-06-22 x Royal Melbourne Zoological Park1902-03-03
Ranee EMFwild1955dead1998-11-29 x Taronga Zoo1962-11-01
Ranee I EMFunknown1909dead1971-07-06 x Taronga Zoo1938-11-08
Rani (Rhanee, Ranee) EMFwild1881dead1903-12-15 x Royal Melbourne Zoological Park1883-03-00
Sabu (Look Chai) 69EMMcaptive-born1982-10-01dead2012-01-11Tunga (Tonga) x HanakoPerforming Animal Welfare Society / ARK 2000 (PAWS)2010-10-00
Sally EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1947-03-03
Sanook EMMcaptive-born2013-01-17dead2013-12-03Bong Su x Num-OiRoyal Melbourne Zoological Park2013-01-17
Sarina EMFwild1933dead1971-06-06 x Taronga Zoo1938-12-04
Sells Dutch (Duchess) EMFwilddead1946 x Franklin Park Zoo1939-00-00
Sid (Sue) 251EMFwild1964dead2012 x Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation1984-00-00
Sikom EMMwild2007wild x Manas National Park
Sophie EMFwilddead x Circus Chipperfield1973-00-00
stillborn 0201 EMFcaptive-born1902-08-31dead1902-08-31Palm x JennyLondon Zoo1902-08-31
Tang Mo EMFunknown1999FC x Taronga Zoo2006-11-02
Taruca EMFunknowndead2013-09-26 x Cordoba Zoo1991-09-26
Tetchi (Teetchie) 108EMFwild1947dead1999-10-08 x Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus (Red Unit)1968-11-00
Timbo 508LAMwild1956dead2005-07-16 x Shambala Preserve1972-00-00
Tip EMwilddead1937-08-00 x Haag Circus1903-00-00
Tip (Tippoo Sahib) 692 / T2299EMMwild1871dead1894-05-11 x Central Park Zoo1888-01-00
Tippoo Sahib (Tippoo Saib) EMMwilddead1871-04-07 x Van Amburg Circus1848-00-00
Tippoo Sultan (Tippoo Saib) EMMwild1806dead1837-1838 x Purdy, Welch and Macomber Zoological Institute1837-00-00
Tiptewee EMFcaptive-born2012-06-10FC x Sopa (Sopah)Ayutthaya Royal Elephant Kraal (Wang Chang Ayutthaya Lae Paniat)2012-06-10
Tukta EMFcaptive-born2010-11-02FCGung x Pak BoonTaronga Zoo2010-11-02
unknown EMFunknowndead1956-07-04 x Taronga Zoo1947-04-22
unknown dead x Manila Zoo (Manila Zoological and Botanical Gardens)
Waddy (Irrawaddy ) EMFwilddead x Franklin Park Zoo1914-00-00
Willow EMFcaptive-born2016-06-15dead2016-08-02Putra Mas x Num-OiRoyal Melbourne Zoological Park2016-06-15
Womba LAFwild1965dead x Mary Chipperfield1981-00-00

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There are 3 books which contain the word Tip in the database

Abenteuer Zoo: Die 550 schönsten Tierparks, Aquarien und Reptilienhäuser. Der Zo

Dirk Petzold u Silke Sorge

Eyewitness: Elephant

Ian Redmond, Dave King

Eyewitness: Elephant by Ian Redmond, Dave King
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The Elephant's Secret Sense: The Hidden Life of the Wild Herds of Africa

Caitlin O'Connell

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