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Allen Campbellprivate
Bayete Zulu Game LodgecampDurban, KwaZulu-Natalhttp://www.bayetezulu.co.za/
Brian Boswells CircuscircusKwa-Zulu Natalhttp://www.boswell.co.za/
Circus Carl Hagenbeck - Stellingen (Lorenz Hagenbeck)circusHamburg
Coventry ZoozooWhitley, Coventryhttp://www.virtualmuseum.co.uk/new%20layout/all%20the%20rest/Coventry%20zoo.htm
E. K. Fernandez CircuscircusHonoluluhttp://www.ekfernandez.com/
Gautiers MenagerieprivateFaucon, Avignon
Honolulu Zoo (Kapiolani Park Zoo)zooHonolulu, Hawaiihttp://www.honoluluzoo.org/
Jardin d´AcclimatationzooParishttp://www.jardindacclimatation.fr/
Lake Superior Zoological Gardens (Duluth Zoo)zooDuluth
Natal Zoo Lion ParkzooKwa-Zulu Natalhttp://www.natalzoo.co.za
Phulung elephant villagecamp
Sabi Sands game reserve wildhttp://sabi.krugerpark.co.za/
Seblat Elephant Conservation Center (ECC)campBengkuluhttp://www.eccbengkulu.com/
Sultan Muizz ud-Din of SuluprivateSabah, Borneohttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sultans_of_Sulu
Tsavo National Parkwildhttp://www.kws.org/tsavo-east.html
Ulu Terengganu Forest ReservewildTerengganu

There are 80 elephants with keyword Ulu mentioned in the database

Aitong LAFwild1994-11-00wild x Tsavo National Park
Ajok LAMwild1990-05-00wild x Tsavo National Park1996-00-00
Bijlee (Ramkali, Ramu) EMF1959dead2013-06-30 x Rati Ram Maharaj Goswami
Blanche EMFwilddead1941-11-05 x Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus1939-00-00
Bunnie EMFwildFC x Carson and Barnes Circus
Bupari II EMFwild1905dead1917 x Halle Zoo1909-00-00
Castor EMwilddead1870-12-29 x Jardin d´Acclimatation
Chang 92EMFwild1972FC x Carson and Barnes Circus1995-06-00
Chuma LAMwild1987-01-00wild x Tsavo National Park1996-00-00
Chyulu LAFwild2006FC x David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Ithumba2008-06-16
Cindy EMFunknown1961dead x Coventry Zoo1971-05-21
Dika LAMwild1988-08-00wild x Tsavo National Park
Donald LAMwild1995-12-00wild x MaryTsavo National Park
Dorothy (Maryann) EMFunknowndead x Brian Boswells Circus1984-00-00
Edo LAMwild1989-03-00wild x EmilyTsavo National Park
Eleanor LAFwild1958wild x Tsavo National Park1996-06-00
Emily LAFwild1993-10-00FC x Tsavo National Park
Eve LAFwild2008-12-00wild x EmilyTsavo National Park2008-12-00
Fatuma LAFwild1952dead x Tsavo National Park1964-00-00
Hokulani T2044EMFwild1966-01-14dead1970-11-30 x Honolulu Zoo (Kapiolani Park Zoo)1966-07-22
Iqhwa LAFcaptive-born2013-09-04PCSteve (wild) x Tonga (Rambo)Vienna Zoo (Tiergarten Schönbrunn)2013-09-04
Juluka 20081 LAFcaptive-born2011-02-15FCJums x Stuvite (Stavit)Howletts Wild Animal Park2011-02-15
Jumbo (Mila, Melanie Kai, Mele Kahea) 364LAFwild1973dead2017-03-15 x San Diego Zoo2013-11-14
Kaspar (Gaspard) 0701 EMMcaptive-born1907-12-09dead1927-03-00Chang x EllenJardin d´Acclimatation1922-10-00
Katie (Little Katie) EMFwilddead1940-02-21 x Cole Brothers Circus1936-00-00
Lali LAFcaptive-born2002-11-22wild x LissaTsavo National Park2002-11-22
Lara LAFwild1999-01-00wild x LissaTsavo National Park1999-01-00
Lazima LAM2011-11-00wild x LissaTsavo National Park2011-11-00
Lewa LAMwild1997-05-00wild x Tsavo National Park2001-10-05
Lisa EMFwild1990FC x Tesso Nilo WWF-BKSDA Flying Squad camp2004-04-26
Lissa LAFwild1986-10-00wild x Tsavo National Park1996-00-00
Lominyek LAMwild1995-04-00wild x Tsavo National Park1997-02-00
Lugard LAMwild2007wild x LissaTsavo National Park2007-00-00
Lulu 61LAFwild1966PC x Performing Animal Welfare Society / ARK 2000 (PAWS)2005-03-10
Lulu 8904 EMFwild1966dead2006-09-01 x Belfast Zoo (Bellevue Gardens)1994-01-21
Lulu 23EMFwild1952dead1992-11-15 x Buffalo Zoo1953-07-06
Lulu 93EMFwild1975FC x Carson and Barnes Circus1995-06-00
Lulu LAFcaptive-bornFC x Wild Horizons Wildlife Sanctuary and Orphanage concession2008-07-20
Lulu LAFwild1982dead1992 x Circus Giovanni Althoff
Mary LAFwild1975-03-00wild x Tsavo National Park1996-00-00
Maybelle 32LAFwild1960dead2004-04-22 x San Francisco Zoo1962-05-22
Minoti EMFwild1970FC x Natal Zoo Lion Park1979-00-00
Miss Daisy 303LAFwilddead1933 x Honolulu Zoo (Kapiolani Park Zoo)1916-00-00
Mpenzi LAFwild1992-10-16wild x Tsavo National Park
Mpia LAwild2012-04-00wild x MpenziTsavo National Park
Mulika LAFwild2000-03-00FC x Tsavo National Park
Mwendi LAwild2011-11-07wild x MulikaTsavo National Park2011-11-07
Nauke EMMdead1916 x Circus Carl Hagenbeck - Stellingen (Lorenz Hagenbeck)
Ndara LAFwild2000-11-00FC x Tsavo National Park
Ndume LAMwild1989-01-00wild x Tsavo National Park2001-10-05
Neptune LAFwild2017-03-03wild x NdaraTsavo National Park2017-03-03
Nomalanga LAFwildunknown x Hwange National Park (Wankie National Park)2009-11-02
Numbi 9205 LAFwild1992FC x Vienna Zoo (Tiergarten Schönbrunn)2009-12-02
Olmeg LAMwild1987-02-00wild x Tsavo National Park2002-00-00
Pollux EMwilddead1870-12-30 x Jardin d´Acclimatation
Roma I 1803 EMFwild1905-1910dead x Circus Carl Hagenbeck - Stellingen (Lorenz Hagenbeck)1932-09-00
Sahib LAMwild1861dead1907 x Menagerie du Paris Jardin des Plantes1861-00-00
Samson LAMwild1953dead x Tsavo National Park1954-00-00
Satao LAMwild1964?dead2014-05-30 x Tsavo National Park
Satao II LAMwilddead2017-03-00 x Tsavo National Park
Sawu (Lulu) 9908 LAFwild1996FC x Dresden Zoo1999-01-13
Sobo LAFwilddead x Tsavo National Park
Sophie LAFwild1982-00-00dead x Brian Boswells Circus1985-00-00
Susie (Suzy) EMFwildFC x Carson and Barnes Circus1957-00-00
Taru LAMwild1987-08-00wild x Tsavo National Park1997-00-00
Tembi LAFwild1982-00-00FC x Brian Boswells Circus1984-00-00
Thomas LAMwildwild x Tsavo National Park
Tuluba 201000 LAMcaptive-born2010-08-06PCTusker x NumbiLa Teste Zoo du Bassin d´Arcachon2016-04-26
Tyke (Mike) 133LAFwild1974dead1994-08-20 x Hawthorn Corporation1988-07-18
Uaso LAMwild1996-05-00wild x Tsavo National Park
Ulu 20018 LAFwild1996FC x Zlin Lesna-Got Zoo (Zoologicka Garden & Chateau Zlin-Lesna)2003-04-12
unknown EMwilddead x Gautiers Menagerie
unknown EMFwilddead x Circus Carl Hagenbeck - Stellingen (Lorenz Hagenbeck)
unknown EMFwilddead x Circus Carl Hagenbeck - Stellingen (Lorenz Hagenbeck)
Wankie LAFwild1982-00-00FC x Brian Boswells Circus1985-00-00
Yatta LAFwild1999-09-00FC x Tsavo National Park
Yetu LAFwild2012-01-19wild x YattaTsavo National Park2012-01-19
Zola 202EMFwild1965FC x Carson and Barnes Circus1995-06-00
Zoulu (Zoulou) LAFdead2008-04-23 x Platschow Elefantenhof (Sonni Frankello)2007-00-00
Zulu (Zula) 159LAFwild1975dead2009-01-10 x The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee2004-02-19

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