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Hamburg Zoo (Zoologischer Garten Hamburg)zooHamburg
Sonepur Mela cattle fairdealerOrissa

There are 78 elephants with keyword collapsed mentioned in the database

Sompong (Siam) EMFwild1965dead2005-06-13 x Mae Taeng Elephant Park2005-03-03
"The baby elephant" EMFwilddead1872 x P. T. Barnums Grand Traveling Museum, Menagerie, Caravan and Hippodrome
Abele (Emily) LCFwild1941dead1956-05-13 x Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus1947-06-26
Akili 20007 LAFcaptive-born2001-05-02dead2013-12-13Ndume x SimbaErfurt Zoo2013-10-16
Anka 6702 EMFwild1962dead2008-11-15 x Mallorca Safari Park (Auto Safari Reserva Africana)1997-03-05
Anton EMMwilddead x Hamburg Zoo (Zoologischer Garten Hamburg)
Aswita EMFwilddead20115-03-29 x Seblat Elephant Conservation Center (ECC)
Baan Yen (Ben Yen) EMFdead2017-03-16 x Phuket Elephant Sanctuary2016-12-14
Babe (Babylon) 481EMFwild1877dead1937-08-12 x Smithsonian National Zoological Park1934-05-16
Belle 41EMFwild1952dead1997-04-22 x Portland Zoo (Metro Washington Park Zoo)1961-10-27
Bhavani EMFwild1960dead2012-11-25 x Thekkampatti elephant rejuvenation camp2012-11-25
Bhavani EMFwild2013-07-00dead2013-10-21 x Kottor Kappukadu elephant rehabilitation centre (ERC) 2013-10-02
Bijlee (Ramkali, Ramu) EMF1959dead2013-06-30 x Rati Ram Maharaj Goswami
Boonnum EMMwilddead2005-10-12 x FAE Elephant Hospital2005-10-12
Dashi (Dagi) 6802 LAFwild1968dead2016-09-18 x Berlin-Friedrichsfelde Tierpark1969-12-17
Dolly 160LAFwild1977dead2014-03-16 x Maryland Zoo1982-04-19
Druk 6810 EMFwild1967-04-01dead2016-05-03 x Zurich Zoo1968-06-24
Erin LAFwild1969dead2003-05-00 x EchoAmboseli National Park
Gipsy (Gypsie) LAFwild1972dead1984-09-14 x Kolmarden Zoo (Kolmardens djurpark)1973-04-18
Hanako EMFwild1947dead2016-05-26 x Inokashira Park Zoo1954-03-05
Iky 5209 EMFwild1952dead2003-02-22 x Danzig Zoo (Zoo Gdansk)1997-07-19
Issa 9401 LAFcaptive-born1994-07-27dead2013-04-10?Yossi x LaraPort Lympne Zoo2006-06-15
Jenny EMFwild1970dead2002-09-10 x Amedeo Folco
Jumbaroo EMMunknown1907dead x Unknown1922-05-30
Juva LAMcaptive-born2006-09-25dead2012-12-28Jums x Stuvite (Stavit)Port Lympne Zoo2011-00-00
Kamla EMF1960dead2013-07-11 x Amber Fort elephant village (Hathi Gaon)
Kutenga 50LAFwild1964dead1991-07-31 x Philadelphia Zoo1966-06-09
Lily (Lilly, Mae We) EMFunknowndead2011-04-15 x Elephant Nature Park (Sangduen Chailert)
Lin Wang EMMwild1917dead2003-02-26 x Taipei Zoo1954-00-00
Maheswari EMFwild1930dead2015-02-09 x Trivandrum Zoo (Thiruvananthapuram Zoo)1946-00-00
Marie (Mary) 8409 LAFwild1985dead2014-02-00 x Thoiry Zoo (Parc de Thoiry)1986-06-12
Mary EMFwilddead1941-05-00 x Circus Krone
Mat Chepor EMMwild2004dead2006-06-00 x Piah Forest Reserve2004-00-00
Maude (Melba) 74EMFwild1973dead2013-11-27 x Zoo Miami (Miami Metro Zoo)2011-02-21
Mausi LAFwild1986-06-00dead2012-01-17 x Parc Paradisio (Pairi Daiza)2012-01-17
Max LAMwild1985dead2011-04-00 x La Teste Zoo du Bassin dArcachon2007-06-00
Maya EMFwild1971dead2012-02-11 x Circus Universal Renz (Alois and Daniel Renz)1980-00-00
Maya EMFwilddead1967-08-01 x Circus Barum (Circus Kreiser)1950-00-00
Mickie LAFwild1980dead2009-03-11 x Cirkus Rhodin
Moey EMFdead x Kanchanaburi Elephants World2012-08-14
Mr. Ed (Khun Chorn, Khun-Chorn, K-C) 67EMMcaptive-born1978-05-19dead2016-01-17Packy x Me-TuDickerson Park Zoo1980-02-28
Nissim 9403 LAMcaptive-born1994-12-01dead2014-06-19Yossi x Norris (Mazal)Knowsley Safari Park1998-11-23
notnamed (rogue) EMMwilddead1847 x Ceylon Department of Civil Engineering1847-00-00
Pang Kwang EMFwilddead x FAE Elephant Hospital2004-02-12
Petunia 127LAFwild1973dead2016-12-16 x Riverbanks Zoological Park2007-10-19
Pole Pole (Slowly) LAFwild1966dead1983-10-17 x London Zoo1968-00-00
Prabortana (Pabantara) EMFwildFC2010-07-22 x Dhaka Mirpur Zoo
Princess EMFwilddead2010-06-12 x Elephant Valley Project2008-11-00
Pumbi LAFwild1985?dead2012-04-03 x Pretoria Zoo1987-04-28
Ranee EMFwild1955dead1998-11-29 x Taronga Zoo1962-11-01
Rosie (Rosy) 71LAFwild1969dead2016-12-31 x The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee2015-09-00
Rupa EMFwilddead2016-10-00 x Sabha Shankar Pandey
Sabu (Look Chai) 69EMMcaptive-born1982-10-01dead2012-01-11Tunga (Tonga) x HanakoPerforming Animal Welfare Society / ARK 2000 (PAWS)2010-10-00
Saheli (Sahaily, Menika) EMFwild1989dead2012-05-01 x Islamabad Marghazar Zoo1991-00-00
Sai Roong EMFunknown1965dead x Elephant Nature Park (Sangduen Chailert)2011-05-04
Samanalaya EMMwilddead2007 x Kandy Sri Dalada Maligawa Temple of the Tooth2007-04-00
Sambo (Sombo) EMFunknown1997dead2016-04-23 x Angkor Wat elephants (Compagnie des Elphants dAngkor)
Seronga 9901 LAFwild1994dead2013-11-21 x Sigean Zoo (Rserve Africaine de Sigean)
Sian LAFwild2005-04-00dead2010-06-27 x SoilaDavid Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Nairobi nursery2006-01-00
Sidor Plaiwan EMMunknown1987dead2012-03-03 x Somchai Yoothongkham2012-01-00
Som Sri EMFdead2013-03-13 x Thai National Elephant Institute (Thai Elephant Conservation Center, TECC)2013-02-24
Sonny 499LAMwild1982dead2001-02-21 x Popcorn Park Zoo1989-09-01
Sparks Myrtle EMFwilddead1957-03-00 x Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus1932-00-00
Stuvite (Stavit) 8706 LAFcaptive-born1987-10-11dead2013-04-10Yossi x AvivaHowletts Wild Animal Park1988-10-01
Swana 8502 LAFcaptive-born1985-07-02dead2013-04-02Bwana x MasaHowletts Wild Animal Park1985-07-02
Tahnee EMFwilddead2009-12-07 x FAE Elephant Hospital
Tano LAFwild2009dead2013-05-11 x David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Nairobi nursery2013-03-15
Thong EMF1987dead2012-10-04 x FAE Elephant Hospital2012-09-30
Toto 7002 LAFwild1970dead2016-03-29 x Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park1997-11-15
Tully EMFwilddead1967-08-02 x Circus Barum (Circus Kreiser)1950-00-00
unknown dead1836 x George Wombwells Travelling Menagerie
unknown EMFdead1981-05-27 x Schloss Laxenburg
Vilja 5206 EMFwild1949dead2010-07-10 x Stuttgart Wilhelma Zoo1952-05-26
Wankie 8207 LAFwild1982dead2014-11-16 x Kronberg Zoo1984-03-13
Wankie (Wanki) 73LAFwild1969dead2005-05-01 x Hogle Zoo (Salt City Zoo)2005-05-01
Watoto 78LAFwild1969dead2014-08-22 x Woodland Park Zoo1971-07-01
Young Tusko 620EMMwild1948dead1962-08-03 x Oklahoma City Zoo1961-00-00
Zulu (Zula) 159LAFwild1975dead2009-01-10 x The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee2004-02-19

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Hannibal : The Elephant-Riding General

Joseph Tal

Hannibal : The Elephant-Riding General by Joseph Tal
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