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5 locations has kept elephants in Portugal

There is presently 6 (1,5) living elephants in locations in Portugal in this database

Region: Portugal is in this database included in europe
Location holdings: 5 locations has kept 15 elephants in Portugal

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Elephants in locations6 (1,5) living 9 (4,4) dead
At least 13 Asian elephants were imported from Asia to Portugal during the sixteenth century, arriving at the Port of Lisbon. One of these elephants reached Rome, two Vienna, one to Madrid, and one of them arrived in Dieppe 1591, but was gifted to Queen Elizabeth in 1592, and was living its last days in the Tower menagerie.

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NameElephant collectionPlace
King Emanuel I of Portugal
(private) Kept totally 2 elephants
, 0 present (0,0) 0 births1 relocated1 deathsLisbon
King John III of Portugal
(private) Kept totally 2 elephants
, 0 present (0,0) 0 births2 relocated0 deaths
Lisbon Zoo
(zoo) Kept totally 19 elephants
, 4 present (1,3) 4 births8 relocated7 deathsLisbon
Port of Lisbon
(seaport) Kept totally 7 elephants
, 0 present (0,0) 0 births7 relocated0 deathsLisboa
Victor Hugo Cardinali circus
(circus) Kept totally 5 elephants
, 2 present (0,2) 0 births2 relocated1 deaths