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Elephants arriving England from 13th to 18th century

At least eleven elephants arrived in Britain during the reigns of Queen Anne and Georges I and II; some of them died soon after arrival.

There is some confusion, as to weather the Wilkins and the Berkeley elephant is the same individual. Also, a third elephant is mentioned in this time period, which may be identical; In his Memorialls, the presbyterian minister, Robert Law, recorded the wonder of seeing a ‘bonnie’ elephant in Glasgow in January, 1681:

"Anno 1680, came an elephant to Brittain, bought by the English merchants at 2000 lib. Sterling, and was sent through the island for sight to gain money; never was there any elephant seen in Scotland before, and it was brought to Glasgow, January 1681, and was seen by many; it was then eleven years old."
Robert Law

1st of August 1683 a female elephant arrived London from from the Indies (lost to trace) and later a male elephant was offered for sale at Mr Thomas Collies Brewer in Lime-House.

Arrival NameOwnerMiscDeadLast Location
1255unknown nameHenry III of EnglandA gift from Louis IX, the king of France1259Tower of London Menagerie
1623Don Diego?Arriving Portugal with ship 1622?Palazzo Venezia, Italy
167??Wilkins elephantMr Wilkins1681-06-17Dublin
1675Berkeleys elephantJohn Berkeley, 1st Baron Berkeley of StrattonArrived in Whitefriars 16751676?private owner
1683Dundee elephantAbraham SeverArrived with Sever after a tour of Europe1706Abraham Sever in Dundee
1720unknown nameprivate ownerArriving 1720-07-02 in West Smithfield, London1720West Smithfield
1730unknown nameEnglish East India CompanyDied when the ship "Marlborough" exploded1730Onboard English East India Company ship in Blackwall, UK


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*Elefanten in Zoo und Circus, EEG: Haufellner, Kurt, Schilfarth, Schweiger

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  • NameElephant collectionTypePlaceDistrictProvinceStateRegion
    Charles Jamrach menagerie
    Kept totally 1 elephants
    , 0 present (0,0)0 births0 relocated1 deathsdealerLondon
    Charles Rice
    Kept totally 1 elephants
    , 0 present (0,0)0 births1 relocated0 deathsdealerLondon
    Chipperfield organisation
    Kept totally 10 elephants
    , 0 present (0,0)0 births10 relocated0 deathsdealerHampshire
    English East India Company
    Kept totally 6 elephants
    , 0 present (0,0)0 births5 relocated1 deathsdealerLondon
    George B. Chapman
    Kept totally 11 elephants
    , 0 present (0,0)0 births11 relocated0 deathsdealerLondon
    Kept totally 1 elephants
    , 0 present (0,0)0 births1 relocated0 deathsdealerKensington, London
    Mr. Ruffin (animal dealer?)
    Kept totally 1 elephants
    , 0 present (0,0)0 births0 relocated1 deathsdealerLondon?
    Tyseley Pet Stores
    Kept totally 9 elephants
    , 0 present (0,0)0 births9 relocated0 deathsdealerBirmingham
    William Cross
    Kept totally 3 elephants
    , 0 present (0,0)0 births3 relocated0 deathsdealerLiverpool

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