Elephants at camp locations in Zimbabwe

7 camp locations has kept elephants in Zimbabwe
There is presently 43 (14,19) living elephants in camp locations in Zimbabwe (in this database)

Region: Zimbabwe is in this database included in africaOther regions
Wild elephants:

Zimbabwe has about over 60 000wild elephants. Source:

Location holdings:

7 camp locations has kept 54 elephants in Zimbabwe

(Database tables with collection of elephants further down on the page)

Elephants in camp locations43 (14,19) living11 (7,1) dead
Sex ratio and
 Male  14 / 43 
 Female  19 / 43 
 Free contact  34 / 43 
 Protected contact  0 / 43  0%
 No contact  0 / 43  0%
 Unknown contact  0 / 43  0%
 wild  0 / 43  0%

The elephants in Zimbabwe belongs to appendix II in CITES-convention.

The lates centuries saw some export of live elephants to China:
2012: a shipment of eight elephants was sent to China from Zimbabwe

2015-07: 27 wild elephants were shipped to Chinese zoos from Zimbabwe.

2018-12-23 a group of 35 elephants were exported to China.

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  • NameElephant collectionTypePlaceDistrictProvinceStateRegion
    Adventure Zone (Safari Par Excellence)
    Kept totally 6 elephants
    , 1 present (0,1)0 births2 relocated3 deathscampVictoria Falls
    Elephant Experience Victoria Falls
    Kept totally 18 elephants
    , 10 present (4,5)3 births7 relocated1 deathscampVictoria Falls
    Mwanga Lodge
    Kept totally 1 elephants
    , 0 present (0,0)0 births0 relocated1 deathscampHarare
    The elephant camp (Wild Horizons)
    Kept totally 15 elephants
    , 13 present (6,7)2 births1 relocated1 deathscampVictoria Falls National Park
    The Elephant Company (Shearwater Adventures)
    Kept totally 23 elephants
    , 18 present (3,6)0 births2 relocated3 deathscampNakavango
    Wild Horizons Elephant Camp
    Kept totally 23 elephants
    , 1 present (1,0)3 births20 relocated2 deathscampVictoria Falls
    Zambezi Valley
    Kept totally 4 elephants
    , 0 present (0,0)4 births4 relocated0 deathscamp

    Elephants born in Zimbabwe without specified birth location

    5 elephants with records of Zimbabwe as birth or capture country.

    NameSpeciesSexOriginBirthAgeCapturePresent locationDeath date
    JimLAMwild?Camp Jabulani
    JoeLAMwild?Camp Jabulani
    SetombeLAFwild?Camp Jabulani
    NfuliLAFwild?Camp Jabulani
    MnuyatiLAFwild?Camp Jabulani

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