Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Chinnathambi at Varagaliar elephant camp

♂ Chinnathambi

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Alternative name:Chinna Thambi



Species:Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:Male ♂
Management:Free contact
Born:* wild
Birth place: in Asia unspecified location
Capture: Sarkar Kannadipur village near Madathukulam in Tirupur district
Present / last location:Varagaliar elephant camp, in India

Date of Arrival
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Varagaliar elephant camp
from Coimbatore forest division
Coimbatore forest division
from Varagaliar elephant camp
Varagaliar elephant camp 2019-01-25
from Coimbatore forest division

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Chinnathambi is a living Male ♂ Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) , located at Varagaliar elephant camp, in India.

Chinnathambi arrived Varagaliar elephant camp unknown date, relocated from Coimbatore forest division, in India.

In Varagaliar elephant camp, Chinnathambi lives together with 5 other elephants with records in this database: (detailed list)

  1. Pari born ~1980
  2. ,
  3. unknown born <2000
  4. ,
  5. unknown
  6. ,
  7. unknown
  8. ,
  9. Urigam born 2009
  10. , (see detailed list).


Chinnathambi was born wild at Asia unspecified location, captured at Sarkar Kannadipur village near Madathukulam in Tirupur district.

Comments / pictures

Chinna Thambi is a previously wild bull elephant from India, who was tamed and trained because of Human-Elephant Conflict. He was captured by forest officials in Coimbatore south Tamil Nadu and translocated to a kraal at Varakaliyar elephant camp near Topslip.

The elephant then escaped and walked more than 100 km (62 mi) back to the place from where he was captured in search of his family. This elephant was both loved and feared by the villagers. Later he was recaptured again.

2018-12-05: The Forest Department on Tuesday shifted the three kumkis from Varapalayam area to Periyathadagam to step up surveillance and monitor wild elephants. The kumkis - Cheran, Vijay and Bomman - were taken to Periyathadagam on Tuesday afternoon to prevent the wild elephants from straying out of forest. Sources in Varapalayam said that the Forest Department shifted the kumkis to Periyathadagam after Chinna Thambi, one of the elephants which the department has plans to capture and translocate from Thadagam valley, moved to the area with a herd on Tuesday.

2019-01-25: Based on the public concerns the elephant was first captured from Thadagam village on 25 January 2019 and was translocated to the Topslip tiger reserve and was released in Varakaliyaru forest area. However, in search of his family the elephant started walking back to its earlier territory and went around Udumalai and Krishnapuram area, covering over 100 km (62 mi) in three days. The forest department again returned him back to the forest area but he always walked back.

Later the tusker was captured from Sarkar Kannadipur village near Madathukulam in Tirupur district and shifted to kraal at Varakaliyar elephant camp near Topslip, where he became a tame elephant.

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Reference listKoehl, Dan, (2021). Chinnathambi, Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) located at Varagaliar elephant camp in India. Elephant Encyclopedia, available online retrieved 28 July 2021 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

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2021-07-10Chinnathambi now a case study for tn forest department - Elephant News

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