Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) at
Yala Ruhunu National Park in Sri Lanka

♂ Gemunu

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Species:Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:Male ♂ 31 years old
Management:Wild elephant
Born:* 1991 wild
Birth place: in Yala Ruhunu National Park
Total: 1 babies

1. Born 2021-10-00 Unnamed
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Present / last location:Yala Ruhunu National Park, in Sri Lanka

Date of arrival

Yala Ruhunu National Park
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History of updates2018-06-12: new record

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Gemunu is a living Male ♂ Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) , located at the Yala Ruhunu National Park, in Sri Lanka.

Gemunu arrived to the Yala Ruhunu National Park unknown date, Gemunu lives together with 17 other elephants at the Yala Ruhunu National Park:

  1. 2. ♂ Arjuna
  2. 3. ♀ Biso-Menike
  3. 4. ♀ Dushya
  4. 5. ♂ Nandimithra
  5. 6. ♂ Natta Kota (Short Tail)
  6. 7. ♂ Perakum (wild)
  7. 8. ♀ Rollie
  8. 9. ♀ Sakunthala
  9. 10. ♂ Sando (wild)
  10. 11. ♀ Sapumali
  11. 12. ♀ Sudu (white) born 1993
  12. 13. ♂ Thaga
  13. 14. ♂ Thilak
  14. 15. ♀ Uma
  15. 16. ♂ Unnamed born 2021-10-00
  16. 17. ♀ Valli
  17. 18. ♀ Wanamali
and possibly other wild elephants which have no record in this database
detailed list with arrival dates etc.


Total: 1 babies

  1. (M) 2021-10-00 Unnamed


Gemunu was born wild 1991 at Yala Ruhunu National Park.

Comments / pictures

Gemunu is an Adult elephant in his twenties. Lal Anthonisz who is responsible for naming many of Yala’s tuskers say he gave the name ‘Gemunu’ on a suggestion by Sajith Premadasa himself a wildlife enthusiast.

2013-08-17: On the evening of August 17 (Saturday) news began to filter in that Gemunu, the iconic and infamous elephant of Yala National Park had been shot by someone, and was injured.

2018-02-28: The Yala National Park today confirmed that the majestic Tusker known as Gemunu in the sanctuary had lost one of its Tusks following an attack by two other single tuskers a few days ago. In February 2018 the Tusker Gemunu had lost its first tusk following a skirmish with two tuskers in the Sandun Oruwa area near the Menik Ganga. Gemunu had been attacked by the tuskers known as Sando and Perakum.

2020-01-20: The Yala National Park today confirmed that the majestic Tusker known as Gemunu in the Yala sanctuary had lost its remaining tusk following a tussle with another Tusker known as "Nandimithra", who is known to be a frequent visitor to Yala originates from the jungles of the Sithulpawwa area.

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