Chandramukhi at Kottor Kappukadu elephant rehabilitation centre (ERC)

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Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female ♀
Management:Free contact
Location:Kottor Kappukadu elephant rehabilitation centre (ERC)
ArrivalKottor Kappukadu elephant rehabilitation centre (ERC) 2012-02-11
Document updated2018-03-19: Kerala DCEK Nr
The Forest Department officials, led by Range Officer, Surjith who found ‘Chandrmukhi’ as it was separated from its herd at Chandramala near Nelliyampathy in Palakkad district on Thursday morning attempted hard to re-join the female elephant calf to its herd, but failed.

After many attempts and waiting for a day, they decided to transfer the ‘little mischievous Chandramukhi’ to the Kottur Elephant Rehabilitation Centre.

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