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† Moey
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Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female ♀, unknown Notice: Undefined variable: age in /customers/6/2/a/ on line 783 Notice: Undefined variable: age in /customers/6/2/a/ on line 786 maybe about years old (estimated age)
Dead date:
Death reason: :
Location:Kanchanaburi Elephants World
ArrivalKanchanaburi Elephants World 2012-08-14
Document updated2012-10-29: 

Contradictory records:

This was one of the elephants i saw starving to death when in visited elephants world. That place is a death camp for elephants in the name of sanctuary and makes me very upset.

Lena is the founder of Moey, a sick elephant. Thanks to Lena's fundraising she managed to get Moey to ElephantsWorld so she could get better and have a peaceful life. She arrived here on July 14th 2012. Like every morning, Moey's mahout Klahan went to get her from the forest. Only this time he found her dead. We are all very shocked about this. Especially because she was doing better since she arrived here. She started to eat more and become more active. She started to feel at home here at ElephantsWorld. She got closer to the other elephants and to the feeding area, becoming more cu...rious about the people here. She even sprayed us last time she was in the water. We loved watching her becoming stronger and happier. That is why her death was so shocking to us. She got an utopsy right away and we will update the rapport as soon as possible. What it looks like from the position we found her in is that she had a sudden death. Most likely a snake bite. We will know more after the results of the utopsy. What we know at the moment is that her dung looked healthy and she is laying in such a position as though she collapsed and fell through her knees by a sudden death. Although we don't know exactly at the moment what is the cause of her death, we are almost certain she did not die cause of her illness. In fact she was getting better and better lately. Moey's mahout Klahan and all of us at ElephantsWorld are all very sad. We wish a lot of strength to Lena who found Moey and gave her all to save Moey. Thanks to her fundraising, Moey was able to die in a peaceful place and enjoy some of her last days. Lena continues the fundraising for Moey as she raised almost half of the money. The rest of the money we borrowed in order to buy her. So it is very sad but after her death we still need to rais the full amount. Lena also continues to help save Doodoo. Moey's adoption baby elephant. Lena thank you so much and many many thanks to all the people that helped save Moey, giving her peace and some joy in her last living days here at ElephantsWorld. May she rest in peace...

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