Tim at Amboseli National Park

Male ♂ African Bush elephant Tim at Amboseli National Park

† Tim
Alternative name:Big Tim
ID Number:
Species: African Bush elephant
Sex and age:Male ♂ 51 years old
Dead date: 2020-03-02?,
Death reason: age: twisted gut
Location:Amboseli National Park
ArrivalAmboseli National Park 1969-00-00
Born:1969 wild in
Amboseli National Park
Document updated2013-05-19: new record
2018-12-04: stucked in mud
TD family group

2018-12-03: stuck in the mud deep in the Kimana swamp. Helped out by rangers.

2020-03-02: One of Africa's last and largest "tuskers", Tim the elephant, died from natural causes after roaming Amboseli National Park for five decades and surviving multiple life-threatening attacks. Post-mortem results show that Tim died from a twisted gut and the only marks on his body were the imprints left by his companion who presumably tried to lift the great “tusker” back on his feet.

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