Chang an Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) at Carson and Barnes Circus

Female ♀ Asian elephant (<em>Elephas maximus</em>) Chang at Carson and Barnes Circus

Obert, Chang & Lulu, Presented by Tim Frisco. Royal Hanneford (Moolah Shrine) Circus 03/2009. Photo: © Ryan Easley
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Species: Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:Female ♀ 48 years old
Management:Free contact
Location:Carson and Barnes Circus
ArrivalCarson and Barnes Circus 1995-06-00
from Bucky Steele
Bucky Steele 1974-00-00
from Gene Goebel
Born:* 1972 wild Cambodia
Document updated2009-03-28: Text, Image
2009-04-25: Image
In 1995, Bucky Steele sold five of his six elephants to Carson & Barnes Circus - Zola, Lulu, and Chang with Whimpy and her son Boy. The only elephant he retained was Buke, who was killed seven years later.

In the 2007-2008 seasons, Tim Frisco worked dates with Zola, Lulu, Chang & Obert, leased to different circuses.

In the 2009 season, Tim Frisco presented elephants on the Royal Hanneford Circus leased from Carson & Barnes. He displayed a two act with Obert and Val, and later in the show presented a three act with Chang, Lulu & Obert. At the time, Obert was the only intact male on the road in America, in addition to Larry Carden's castrated bull Bo. Elephant rides were offered for $10/person before/after the show and during intermission, worked by Zola, Lulu & Chang.

Chang. Royal Hanneford Circus 03/2009. Photo: © Ryan Easley

Zola, Chang & Lulu. Royal Hanneford Circus 03/2009. Photo: © Ryan Easley

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