Thiha Phyu an Asian elephant at Copenhagen Zoo

 ☨ ♀ Thiha Phyu  
Alternative name:Thi Ha Phyu
Species:Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:Female ♀ 39 years old
Id numberEEP Number: 8004
Born:* 1980-05-01 wild
Birth place:
Freight:by boat from Rangoon, Burma to Rotterdam
Dead date: 2019-12-04
Death reason: unknown:
Total: 3 babies

1. Born 1997-12-23
(dead † 2017-04-00)
Tsje Pyan EEP id: 9705

2. Born 2002-03-04
(dead † 2017-04-00)
Aung Si EEP id: 200202

3. Born 2007-05-09 Maha Kumari EEP id: 200706
Present / last location:Copenhagen Zoo, in Denmark

Date of Arrival

2019-09-13Copenhagen Zoo
from Cologne Zoo (Köln Zoo)
Cologne Zoo (Köln Zoo) 2004-08-05
from Emmen Zoo
Emmen Zoo 1988-11-08
from E.A.G. van den Brink
E.A.G. van den Brink 1988-11-00
from Yangon Zoo (Rangoon Zoo)

Document updated2009-02-09: Pvevious locations
2019-09-13: Transferred to Copenhagen
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† Thiha Phyu is a dead Female ♀ Asian elephant, (Elephas maximus), who died at Copenhagen Zoo, in Denmark, from unknown reasons in 2019-12-04, (see detailed list).


  1. (M) 1997-12-23 -- † 2017-04-00 Tsje Pyan EEP id: 9705
  2. (M) 2002-03-04 -- † 2017-04-00 Aung Si EEP id: 200202
  3. (F) 2007-05-09 Maha Kumari EEP id: 200706


Thiha Phyu was born wild 1980-05-01. and imported 1988, by boat from Rangoon, Burma to Rotterdam

Reference listKoehl, Dan, (2020). Thiha Phyu, an Asian at Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark. Elephant Encyclopedia, available online retrieved 2 December 2020 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

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