Keke at Dallas Zoo

† Keke
ID Number:   SSP Number: 70 - 
Species: African Bush elephant (Loxodonta africana)
Sex and age:Female ♀ 40 years old
Dead date: 2008-05-11
Death reason: euthanised: congestive heart failure
Location:Dallas Zoo
ArrivedDallas Zoo 2003-09-26 from Caldwell Zoo
Caldwell Zoo 2000-11-14
from Lincoln Park Zoo
Lincoln Park Zoo 1997-09-25
from Baton Rouge Zoo
Baton Rouge Zoo 1979-10-18
from Lincoln Park Zoo
Lincoln Park Zoo 1971-08-11
from Frank Thompson (Bradenton)
Frank Thompson (Bradenton) 1970-09-16
from Lincoln Park Zoo
Lincoln Park Zoo 1970-06-06
from Frank Thompson (Bradenton)
Born:1968 wild South Africa
Capture: 1970,
Document updated2009-02-06: Previous locations, Birth, Text
2009-05-02: Cause of death
2009-07-27: Text
2010-01-31: Text
In November 2000, Binti and Keke left the Lincoln Park Zoo together after three years, headed for the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, Texas. They spent another three years together until Keke was transferred to the Dallas Zoo as a companion for their lone elephant, Jenny.

Jenny has been at the center of an animal rights fight with the zoo after the death of her exhibit mate Keke in May 2008. After nearly two weeks of treating 39 year old Keke for a severe case of intestinal colic, the older of the Dallas Zoo's two elephants passed away. The zoo made plans to send their single elephant to the AZA-accredited Africam Safari in Mexico but officials withdrew the offer. City of Dallas officials determined the new Savanna project could be completed in a timeline of under two years rather than 4-5 years as previously projected and the Zoo learned the export permit application review process could take 6 months or more. Purchased as a companion animal for the single Jenny and the first of several new elephants to reside in a new facility, the Dallas Zoo received Gypsy from private owner Chris Hamblen in March 2009. During the introduction period between the two elephants, Gypsy also made the transition from free to protected contact as per the philosophy of the Dallas Zoo.

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