Ilona an Asian elephant at Karlsruhe Zoo

Female ♀ Asian  Ilona at Karlsruhe Zoo

Ilona. Heidelberg Zoo 2007. Photo: © Stefan Aspegren
☨ Ilona
Alternative name:Lone (Aalborg)
ID nr:EEP Number: 8307 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female ♀ 52 years old
Dead date: 2014-03-31
Death reason: euthanised: artrosis
Location:Karlsruhe Zoo
ArrivalKarlsruhe Zoo 2009-11-19 from Heidelberg Zoo
Heidelberg Zoo 2004-09-28
from Hannover Zoo
Hannover Zoo 1983-02-07
from Cirkus Trapez (Bernhard Casselly/Bernhard Kaselowsky)
Cirkus Trapez (Bernhard Casselly/Bernhard Kaselowsky) 1983-00-00
from Braunschweig Zoo (Arche Noah)
Braunschweig Zoo (Arche Noah)
from Grömitz Zoo (Zoo Arche Noah)
Grömitz Zoo (Zoo Arche Noah) 1979-00-00
from Aalborg Zoo (Aalborg Zoologiske Have)
Born:* 1962-11-00 wild
Document updated2009-09-02: Text
2009-11-20: transfer
2010-10-02: prev location
2014-03-31: euthanised
2020-05-09: Birth year 1969 not possible, since she was imported to Ahlborg in 1963, therefore birthyear updated to 1962-11. source: Ahlborg Zoo.
Ilona was imported 1963 by Allaborg Zoo in Denmark, relocated from there to Grömitz Zoo 1979, and from there to Braunschweig Zoo (Arche Noah). From Braunschweig Zoo she was sold to circus and toured until sold to Hannover Zoo 1983. In Hannover she was mated several times by the bull iporex, but never became pregnant.

2004: September 2004 Ilona was relocated from the Hannover Zoo to Heidelberg after the births of Califa and Farina.
In 2009, the Heidelberg Zoo's plans to rebuild their elephant exhibit rescheduled the transfer of their two Asian females Ilona and Jenny from September to Karlsruhe due to workings at the exhibit.

2014.03.31: Due to Artrosis Ilona was on painkilling medicals for many years. The last weeks the dosis had to be increased, and out from welfare grounds, a decision was taken to release her from pain.

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Koehl, D., (2020). Ilona, an Asian at Karlsruhe Zoo in Germany. Elephant Encyclopedia, available online retrieved 29 October 2020 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

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