Jackie II at Hawthorn Corporation

† Jackie II
ID Number:   SSP Number: 164 - 
Species: African Bush elephant
Sex and age:Female ♀ 24 years old
Dead date: 2002-11-00
Death reason: unknown: unknown after autopsy
Location:Hawthorn Corporation
ArrivalHawthorn Corporation 1987-11-01
from Benson Wild Animal Farm (Bedford Zoo)
Benson Wild Animal Farm (Bedford Zoo) 1980-08-00
from Holiday Island Animal Park (Earl Tatum)
Holiday Island Animal Park (Earl Tatum)
from Kruger National Park
Born:1978 wild in
Kruger National Park
Capture: 1980,
Document updated2009-03-19: New elephant
2010-09-29: arrival, origin
The African Jackie came thru animal broker - Earl Tatum. I believe he had imported a small group (5-7). This was the last of the group, he delivered her in August 1980.Bret Bronson, 2010

Queen & Liz plus, a 3rd elephant Ruth came to Bensons Animal Park in New Hampshire in 1963. Ruth was sold privately in 1978. Queen & Liz remained at the park until Feb. '88. They were sold, along with 'Jackie' an African, the previous fall at the park liquidation auction to Hawhtorn Corp (John Cuneo).
Bret Bronson, 2009-03-16

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