unknown an Asian elephant at Unknown

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Species:Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age: < 1, unknown age
Id number
Status:Lost to follow-up
Born:* wild
Birth place:
Dead date:
Death reason: unknown:
Present / last location:Unknown, in Unknown

Date of Arrival

Unknown from Peter Ryhiner

Document updated2009-11-07
2020-11-07: Updated as lost to trace
Random literature

† unknown is a dead Lost to follow-up Asian elephant, (Elephas maximus), who died at Unknown, in Unknown, from unknown reasons in , (see detailed list).


unknown was born wild .

Comments / pictures

1956: Four Leopards and a baby elephant wandered about a New York cocktail party last week, an affair staged by Swissair to publicize the fact that, when and if the leopards and 20 young elephants (brought here from India by Swiss Animal Collector Peter Ryhiner via prosaic boat) were sold to European zoos, that airline would do the transporting thereto.

Reference listKoehl, Dan, (2020). unknown, an Asian at Unknown in Unknown. Elephant Encyclopedia, available online retrieved 25 November 2020 at https://www.elephant.se/database2.php?elephant_id=5252. (archived at the Wayback machine)

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