Tummy (Tumthong) an Asian elephant at U.S.A. unspecified Location

☨ Tummy (Tumthong)
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Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female ♀ < 1, unknown age
Dead date:
Death reason: unknown:
Location:U.S.A. unspecified Location
ArrivalU.S.A. unspecified Location
from Trefflichs Bird and Animal Company
Trefflichs Bird and Animal Company 1966-11-09
from Indianapolis Zoo
Indianapolis Zoo 1964-04-25
from Trefflichs Bird and Animal Company
Born:* 1963-10 wild Cambodia
Document updated2009-12-19: New elephant RE
2011-03-03: Name RE
2014-05-27: Location RE

The North American Regional Studbook lists this elephant with a Temporary Studbook Number, lacking "supporting documentation to validate their identity."

The North American Regional Studbook lists this elephant as Lost-to-Follow up, or a "documented animal whose current location is unknown." Elephant.se will assume this elephant is dead until more information is provided or discovered.

Article and Image at ShowMe Elephants: "Washington Park Children's Zoo - Indianapolis"

This animal is presumed dead until further information proves otherwise. Unknown where she was transferred to following her return to Trefflich from Indianapolis.

Reference list

Koehl, D., (2020). Tummy (Tumthong), an Asian at U.S.A. unspecified Location in United States. Elephant Encyclopedia, available online retrieved 26 October 2020 at https://www.elephant.se/database2.php?elephant_id=5549. (archived at the Wayback machine)

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