Andal an Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) at Top Slip Kozhikkamuthy Elephant camp (Annaimalai)

Male ♂ Asian elephant (<em>Elephas maximus</em>) Andal at Top Slip Kozhikkamuthy Elephant camp (Annaimalai)

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Species: Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:Male ♂ 70 years old
Management:Free contact
People killed:4: 2019-12-06: Killed mahout in in Kurumbapatti Zoo, Mr P Kaliappan, 45, and trampled three people at the Meenakshi Amman Temple in Madurai in 2009
Location:Top Slip Kozhikkamuthy Elephant camp (Annaimalai)
ArrivalTop Slip Kozhikkamuthy Elephant camp (Annaimalai) 2019-12-00
from Kurumbapatti Zoological Park
Kurumbapatti Zoological Park 2009-01-00
from Theppakadu Mudumalai Forest Camp (MFC)
Theppakadu Mudumalai Forest Camp (MFC) 2009-01-28
from Koodalagar Azhagar Kovil (Alagar temple)
Born:* 1950 unknown
Document updated2011-12-13: present location added
2018-03-15: text, details added
2019: Mankiller
2009-05-07: The 58-year-old Andal, an elephant of Madurai Kallalagar Temple, was taken to the camp in the Nilgiris for treatment on January 28, where it was detected that he was affected by Elephant TB (Mycobacterium tuberculosis)

2019-12-06: Tragedy struck at the Kurumbapatti zoological park, a mini zoo situated in the foothills of Shervaroyan hills near Yercaud, about 10 km from here on Monday evening, when a female elephant trampled its mahout to death.

The 68-year-old pachyderm, Aandal, brought to the park from Alagar Kovil near Madurai in 2009, had in a sudden fit of anger, when it was being examined by a veterinary doctor, lifted aloft mahout Kaliappan standing near it, thrashed him on the floor and trampled him underneath her massive feet, forest department sources said on Tuesday. “The elephant was shifted to the Anamalai Tiger Reserve for further treatment. Officials there will take care of the elephant.

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Koehl, D., (2020). Andal, an Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) at Top Slip Kozhikkamuthy Elephant camp (Annaimalai) in India. Elephant Encyclopedia, available online retrieved 27 September 2020 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

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