Kamatchi at Theppakadu elephant camp (Mudumalai)

Alternative name:Kamachi, Kamakshi
ID Number:Local id Number: 17 - 
36 in Database for Captive Elephants in Tamil Nadu - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female ♀ about 63 years old (approximate age)
Management:Free contact
Location:Theppakadu elephant camp (Mudumalai)
ArrivalTheppakadu elephant camp (Mudumalai)
Born:~1957 wild
Capture: 1960-10-20,
Offspring and year of birth:(Claimed offspring: 5)
  1. (F) Indira
Document updated2018-05-04: new record
2018-05-19: alt name
1986-1989: two case of stillborn birth were observed from female Kamachi during 1986 and 1989

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